Friday, December 16, 2011

10am tennis was the first order of today and as always enjoyed the two is such a great way to start a day playing in the sun.

After tennis I stopped at the shipping office and happy to see my new computer had arrived..thanks Gail and Larry!!!!

I then had a free afternoon which I spent mainly on the sun deck with my book, some snacks and watching the humming birds.....I haven't had a relaxing time like that since I arrived in SMA!!!

I then went and met with Joana who is going to put all my files and data on to the new computer I will get it back on Monday when she will sit with me and go over the computer and the workings.

Tonight I took my lovely tennis partner Carolyn out for dinner to my favourite restaurant Hecho's in Mexico...the food there is really great and of course I had my usual country fried steak..I know keep all the comments to yourselves!!!! The main highlight apart from the company was the music...4 local musicians with the leader playing the violin....awesome is the only word to describe how they play was really a great night out!!!

I am back using Gregg's computer so hoping this comes through.

By choice I have a crazy busy weekend coming up...hope yours is wonderful too!!!

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