Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday 19th December 2011….back in production!!

Without Internet for three days and how do you survive???

Just a quick catch up and then back to normal… new computer arrived and I took it to my guru for data change…Friday night for dinner was lovely…the company perfect and the music was so great!!

Saturday morning was the tennis doubles that I really enjoy…very competitive a great way to start my day…then in the afternoon to take in a rodeo…in all honesty it was not too great an affair!!

dec19 008

Saturday evening was the girl’s Posada!!!

Cultural Observance: Mexican Christmas tradition celebrating the Nine Days of La Posada (The Lodging) from 16 December to Christmas Eve. The yearly tradition commemorates the journey of Mary, Joseph, and the unborn Jesus as they traveled from Nazareth to Bethlehem looking for lodging. On each of the nine evenings, town members and choristers carry torches, banners, or paintings of The Holy Family as they walk from home to home seeking shelter. At a pre-selected house, the door opens to all with an invitation for refreshments, caroling and dancing, and scriptural readings. The celebration re-enacts the ancient journey and symbolizes the welcome of Jesus into the home and one’s heart.

It was a wonderful evening and all the girls looked lovely and I feel I must mention again…the event went on for three hours and towards the end it was a bit cool….no fights, no crying just love and smiles from everyone!!!

dec19 027Daniela at the front left!!

dec19 028

dec19 042

dec19 051Daniela again…my photos of Paola who looked beautiful sorry to say did not come out!!!!

At Casita Doris life is good it is 4 minute walk to this bright and lively market!!!

dec19 055

dec19 057

I bought small quantities of veggies and had a great supper!!

Karen and Gregg are away and have allowed me use of the TV room so over the weekend took advantage with a live soccer game from England

dec19 001

and also just a couple of hockey games!!!

Not sure which came first the tree or the house?

dec19 005

This is another entrance to my place

dec19 004

Yesterday after another great morning of tennis and then went to the main Jardin for a Christmas concert!!

dec19 070

dec19 065

Look at their faces!!!!!!

dec19 060

Robin sent me this photo from Casa Hogar a couple of days ago!!


So this morning my new computer was delivered along with instructions and some show and tell and happy to say it works really well and everything is fine!!!

So there I think we are all caught up to date.

The organization of the Christmas Party is coming along really well and it will just be a very busy week……..blessings to all Les


Martha and Terry said...

Love the photos of you with the girls! Looks like a great relationship! The goat looks happy too! Ha! Ha! - Martha

Martha and Terry said...

Love the photos of you with the girls! Looks like a great relationship! The goat looks happy too! Ha! Ha! - Martha

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