Thursday, June 23, 2022

Thursday 23 rd June 2022….Memory lane!!!

 This This is what I did seven years ago today!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday 23rd June 2015….off to the mainland!!!

This was the day to go to Vancouver for the soccer game and I spent the morning doing some shopping and then Zach drove me down to the ferry terminal and I bought a ticket as a foot passenger on the ferry because I am a slightly old man I get 50% off so a good deal………the journey is about 90 minutes and this is the mainland where the ship comes in to dock… 



Walked right out of the terminal and the express bus into down town Vancouver is right there


Another discount for being old…I love it…….about a 35 minute ride in a packed bus


and I was down town…just a few shots on the walk to the stadium!!!



This was really impressive…

I am not use to seeing high rises!!!




It was very easy to get to the stadium but I was two hours early but right across the street I saw a YWCA with a nice patio with chairs out front…there was no sitting there so I went in and asked if I could and the lady told me of course do you want the internet password….so I sat in this nice chair on the street looking out over the stadium, did a few e mails, read my book, ate the sandwich and snack I had brought for myself as you cannot take food or drink into the stadium instead you have to buy their 10 dollar hot dog or 4 dollar drink(no thank you) and then watched the fans arrive…




A very festive and happy time and I think the number of fans were split evenly….out side the stadium is this wonderful tribute to Terry Fox…if you are not Canadian you may not know of him and his story and I beg you to Google him and read about inspirational life……seeing this statue made me smile because in my class in San Miguel when I was teaching English I remember printing off an article about him and bringing it to class and we talked about him..they were so thrilled to learn of him!!!!!


I also love this shot below


I used to enjoy taking shots like this of Daniela and Paola when they were younger because this is how they walked down the streets!!!!

I have the same seat as last time, a good seat and got ready for the game!!!





The celebration of the first goal!!!


The second half was more entertaining but the Netherlands never looked like they could win and in the end Japan move on with a 2-1 victory.

After the game I had directions to the apartment I had booked for the night and it took me about 40 minutes to walk…


Views from one of the bridges that I crossed…


Michelle my hostess is very nice as is my room..



I am going to explore a little tomorrow before taking the ferry back to the island….

Happy Birthday to Ben, Heather and Kirby’s oldest son, 23 years today!!!!!

Yashi Kochi

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