Sunday, June 12, 2022

Sunday 12 th June 2022….Last day!!

I knew once I broadcasted that Malc had not won a Wordle yet he would prevail and true to form he did, his first victory with 3 attempts, Janet followed with 4 and I was a distant five attempts…..

I did my last morning walking in and around the village and said goodbye to the horses that I had seen every day for five weeks!!

The birds in the back yard!!!

This afternoon the three of us took a small road trip to the sea side town of Hornsea where Malc and I used to spend our summers on the beach as kids!!!!

I was treated to a lovely Sunday dinner at a garden centre, the dinner was great……Janet and Malc walked left on the beach and I walked right and I enjoyed picking up some really colorful stones from the beach!!!

So my time here as come to an end and it has been a very special reunion and I have so enjoyed all this time with my family and I have to thank everyone for being so kind to me especially Janet and Malc such wonderful hospitality and love!!!

I leave in the morning on the 10.30 train to London and then my flight to Madrid and then a two hour lay over and then a direct flight from Madrid to Mexico City arriving Tuesday morning at 5 am….

Stay safe and healthy!!

Yashi Kochi!! 

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