Sunday, September 26, 2021

Sunday 26 th September of the nice things

About writing my blog is that on a slow day like today I can go back to the archives and see what I did at any year I choose......

This is my blog from ten years ago today, enjoy I hope.....I did!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday 26th September 2011…..a bit of everything!!

Woke up to brilliant sunshine and had a great slow and easy breakfast and read a newspaper…I didn’t realize until this morning tha tI think I was a just the tiniest bit run down yesterday and driving those Interstates didn’t help….so I checked myself into Dr.Pearson’s clinic and was given a prescription of total rest, sun and spend some money!!!

I decided that I would not drive anywhere today except to this huge Mall.

sep26 003

New Hampshire means no sales tax so I decided to treat myself I have been thinking of an I TOUCH or an I PAD, and sorry Rob, but I choose the I TOUCH…..for reasons too many to get into I went to Best Buy and got an 8GB for a total cost of $199 dollars…now if only I can find a kid to give me some lessons…will have fun messing with it anyway!!!

sep26 001

Then treated myself to the real CROCS!!!

sep26 002

I then spent the afternoon in the sun reading, sleeping and thinking quite a bit…..

I have come a long way since June and it has been really a journey I shall never forget…I have seen the most lovely sights and met people who have impacted my life and are now good friends!!!

I am getting excited of course about the cruise and then I reflect back…so should give you some history…

Go back to Sheffield England I am 21 years of age and a Police Officer for 5 years living on my own, family close by but really nothing to get excited about in my future..until I read a Police Magazine and the advert for wanting Policemen in Bermuda…so I went home found out where Bermuda is…do you really know where it is…I was surprised!!

Map picture

600 miles of the coast of Carolina…anyway 6 weeks to the day that I sent a letter to them I was in Bermuda…April 1970!!!

I had 10 years there and really enjoyed it all…playing all sports, travelling, lots of cash, a great life style, an MGB sports car and then in 1979 I met Connie!!!!!

The following year in May of 1980 we married and with her two small daughters emigrated to Canada to a small town in Alberta where her brother sponsored us…but that is for another time!!

So I had 10 years on the Island and I am so looking forward to going back!!!

My new friend Jen, who I surfed with in Halifax has put me in touch with one of her friends, Glenn and his family, they live on the outskirts of Boston and have so kindly offered to put Ramona up for the week I am gone off on the cruise, they also are going to lend me a suitcase…so again the kindness of people follows me!!!

So back to today I spent the afternoon reading and snoozing, eating and in MacDonald's sending this then it is supper and a shower and I am going to spend the night where I am and head towards Boston tomorrow.

I have studied train schedules and I think I have found the answer to seeing the city…plan is to park a little way out at a small town and get the train into the city for the day..I think this will be Wednesday……

So a little down but now back to my normal old smiling self…..thanks for all the e mails I do really appreciate them…blessings Les.

Map picture

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