Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Wednesday 4th December 2013..sunny days continue!!

Another beautiful sunny morning and after breakfast I went into town to pay some bills and do some errands and then coming home to do my lesson plan for tonight and then I went out for a quick visit with Linda and Guy…they also love the warm weather and thanks for the present..they bought me a great small travel cooler…..

Next stop was for the poker…….. and when will this winning streak end….not today!!!  I know some of my readers laughed when I said I won the grand amount of 5 pesos last week…well today I was a big winner 470 pesos about 38 dollars!!!!!!   No tacos tonight for me….steak!!!

Home for a quick bite to eat and then off to my English class I was surprised that the other level students were in my class again but we had a good time it was all conversation and reading…I know they enjoy the class and of course we finished with a game of 20 questions with chocolate as the reward…another great evening!!!!

Yashi Koshi!!!!

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