Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Tuesday 3rd December 2013…sunny all day!!!

Was up at 7.30am to do the usual delivery of the food to the school and was done that in time to get to the tennis courts at 9am for 2 hours of great tennis…so nice to see the sun and for it to be warm.

Afterwards I went and got little Bluey washed and cleaned it really is quite astonishing that they power wash and clean the outside of the car..vacuum and polish the inside of the car, take all the mats and wash them for only 50 pesos…not even 4 dollars.

I the went and put the car in the garage and got on the scooter and did some errands in town before going home for lunch.

As Paola's dance class is finished for the year I went and picked her up and took her to the play ground where she enjoyed herself and then we did some shopping and I got her a cooked chicken to take home for supper.

Someone did not want her photo taken today…



Check out how long her eye lash is…

But I prevailed in the end!!!


I then spent a very boring and frustrating 45 minutes on my Magic Jack phone with Sirius Radio…I had this radio in Ramona for 6 years and loved the music, sports and news stations so I had gone to their website and see they were advertising a radio for 139 dollars marked down to 39.99…..so here is how the conversation went……

me       I would lie to order the radio you have on special for 39.99 plus a year’s subscription

them   Sorry sir that radio is showing on my site at 59.99

me        Well I have the web site in front of me and that is the cost

them    That must be an old site

me        what do you mean old site it is the Sirius website

them    let me check with my supervisor

me         OK thanks

them    Sir it is coming up on our computers at 59.99

me        again I am looking at the special offer of 39.99

them   Ok let me talk to my supervisor again

me       OK

them   Ok sir we will honor that price

me       I give them my details telling them that I have a Canadian address credit card but I want the unit shipped to a USA address

them   oh we cannot do that our system won’t allow it

me      I have just made purchases with this card from Amazon, pay pal and E bay and there has ben no problem……. did not actually just do this but I have in the past

them  let me talk to my supervisor

me      I will make it easier for you let me talk to your supervisor

sup    what can I help you with today sir

me      Si I fill him in on the problem

sup     Sorry sir our system won’t allow us to do this

me      Then I guess you have lost a sale thanks for your time


This took 45 minutes with the wait for the supervisor and back wards and forwards,

So I went on Amazon and bought a slightly used unit and had it shipped to a USA address and the cost 33 dollars….GO FIGURE!!!!

At 6.30pm I went to my yoga class what a change in the temperature when the sun goes had to put on long sweats and a coat…yoga was great.

So a pretty nice day.

Yashi Koshi!!

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