Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday 18th December 2013…Day 3!!!

I gave G & L a break from my company this morning and had breakfast at home and did some laundry and then I was set by 9am for a morning hike…it was already getting hot and I took plenty of water….I first went into the next small town and hiked up to the hill where there is a beautiful cross and the view is quite lovely…..then saw these buildings and the colors remind me of Guanajuato….notice something…….there are no photographs…yes I did take my new camera and yes I did take some great shots but as I found out later I think the camera got over heated or the moisture or something anyway when I turned it on later the screen was all blurry…my long time readers will remember back in 2011 I went through 5 cameras in 4 months but that is another story……anyway when I came home I took out the battery and the sim card and hopefully overnight it will be OK.

I digress..back to the hike ..I then went into town and onto the beach and then tried to find a friend of Paula and Jerry who lives in town but could not find the address…came home 2 hours later and I was drenched with sweat so just took my hiking shoes off and straight into the shower fully clothed.

I hope I can post the photos tomorrow of this morning’s nice hike.

I got cleaned up and went on my patio and spent a lovely hour just reading and thinking and being thankful for so many things in my life.

As I mentioned last night no sunsets here so we had arranged with  G & L to find a sunset so I picked them up and we drove south about 20 miles to the small town of San pancho..where we found this wonderful restaurant on the beach and I walked and enjoyed the sights and I also borrowed G & L’s camera


What did I have my eye on!!!


It really was a lovely beach and ocean


but the waves were quite rough


Some spectacular homes too


I tried to go for a swim but wisely for once in my life decided it was just too rough for me…


Mr.Bermuda    1972!!!!!!


Boy could the two of us tell some stories!!!

The sad part about the late afternoon was that the clouds came in and the sun went away and we were geared for a great sunset but now resigned to no sunset so we had supper


As you guess I did not eat this Larry did…..but then the sun peaked through for about 30 seconds and Gail managed to get these shots!!




We drove home in the dark and I was back home before 8pm…it was a lovely afternoon thanks G & L for supper.

I do love being at the beach, the ocean and all that comes with it but I also miss my home of SMA!!!!

Blessings ….les

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