Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday 29th December 2013……home and it is cold!!!

Nice to be in my own comfortable bed and had a good sleep and had breakfast watching a very exciting soccer game from England.  Then caught up on laundry detail and putting things away from the trip.

This afternoon I went to deliver the sleeping bag I had bought for Paola but there was no one home.  Next was to visit Linda and Guy and to catch up with them they have had a good holiday season but Guy refers warmer temperatures.

I then had a real quick visit with my friend Carol she is going to teach me next week all about how to use to my new Nexus 7 tablet that I bought last month in San Antonio.  On the way home I stopped to see Paola but still no one home.

So I was home around 6 and had a good supper and now going to get into the tub and take my computer into the bathroom and listen to the Canucks hockey game.

Today is my uncle Bram’s Birthday…Bram is my Dad’s younger brother and I last saw him and my Aunt Rita last year..they are doing well …so have a great day…

mmk 010_thumb[2]

This was taken in 2008!!!!

Home your Sunday was a good one.

Yashi Koshi!!!


Rick said...

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mexicokid said...

thanks les

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