Thursday, October 27, 2022

Thursday 27th October 2022…Family news

 Last night I made a small altar in my casita to honor my nephew Andy, who sadly passed away last year a couple of days before Christmas and I want to share it with you!

I also want to explain what the items are in the photograph…..first of all is the First Nations print of the whale…..When Andy finished university years ago he came to Vancouver Island to visit me for about seven weeks and he really loved Roy Henry Vickers the artist who made this print, much to his Mum’s chagrin, Janet I swear I did not know,  he also got a tattoo of a whale on his shoulder.

We went to his gallery and I bought Andy this print……

When I was over visiting my family in the summer my brother, Malc told me that the print that Andy loved was now in Malc’s house and he asked if I wanted to have it and of course I said yes and I brought it back with me and I have it on my wall…..

Ok now on the table on the left are two photos of Janet and the three kids and the next one of Janet and Andy.

The next little thing is a clay replica of a pizza, Andy loved his pizza!!!

Let me interject here and tell you about the students in my English class….I had class tonight and I showed them this photo and explained all about Andy and when I told them that he loved pizza and that is why I bought the little clay pizza…..well they laughed at me and said that is not a pizza it is a dish of Mole!!…So I said well Andy would not eat Mole but he did love pizza………Then Diana one of my students asked if she could be excused from class for a few minutes and of course I said yes for sure……..she returned a few minutes later and handed me the clay replica of a slice of pizza, gave it to me and said this is for Andy!!

You have no idea just how much I was touched and blessed at her thoughtfulness!!!

So back to the to the Mole is one of the candy skulls, a tradition of the Mexican people, and then a candy dog because Andy loved dogs and he used to walk neighbor’s dogs.

Then candles and Marigold flowers to light the way…….

It is Andy’s birthday on the 7 th November so I will keep the altar till then!!

Today is also the celebration of my Dad’s birthday he would have been 103 today!!!    He was a great man and a fabulous Father always supportive of Malc and myself especially at out football matches!!

The two other photos are of my Dad and his Great Grandson Tom and the other of Andy, Me and Malc doing what Pearson men do well…drink tea whilst watching a football game!!

Stay safe and healthy!!

Yashi Kochi!!

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