Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Tuesday 19 th July 2022…going back in time!!

 Despite all the rain last night tennis was on this morning and another great game…

This afternoon I met with my students Martha and Iliana and we always enjoy our conversations.

Tonight I met my great friends Chris and Juan and my favorite restaurant they live in Monterrey, MX but just recently purchased a home here in San Miguel…we have know each other over ten years and met at the RV park here……we had a great meal and lovely to catch up with them.

One the questions they asked was did I miss my RV……

Later on it got me thinking about my six years with Ramona, My motorhome….. the 88000 miles we were together for six years and yes at times I sure miss her and the lifestyle!!

Wordle was tough this morning!!

Stay safe and healthy!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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