Saturday, July 16, 2022

Saturday 16 th July 2022…a visitor!!

 I have one great nephew…..Malc’s son Mark, is the father of Tom who is my great nephew……

Tom will be 18 years old in August and today he left England and travelled to Costa Rica where he is doing volunteer work for seven weeks and from there he is flying to Mexico City 1st September and staying the night and then he is coming to San Miguel to stay with me for two weeks……

I am looking forward to hosting him and showing him this beautiful country where I live, he knows my beans on toast are the best and is a good staple diet!!!

This continues a tradition I started years ago when Mark also came to stay with me for a few weeks when I lived in Canada.

Also Andy, Mark’s brother, came and stayed with me also on Vancouver Island…….when Andy and Mark stayed with me both of them without my knowledge returned home with tattoos………I plead the fifth!!!

It will be wonderful to show Andy my life here and I think we may do a little drive to the beach for a few days!!

Stay safe and healthy!!

Yashi Koshi!!

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