Thursday, July 14, 2022

Thursday 14 th July 2022…a shot to remember!!!

 Definition of 'blow your own horn'

to boast about yourself. The British expression is blow your own trumpet.

Well let me tell you about tennis this morning…..out at the lovely clay courts at Webers, playing with three amazing players, Naomi, Diane and Antonio and just having so much fun and a very competitive game…..

I pride myself on having good reflexes at the net and I enjoy standing very close to the net waiting for a chance to pounce on a loose ball…..this morning in a rally I made a shot which without doubt was the best shot I have ever hit and honestly Nadal could not have done it better…it was a ball that came at me quickly and a bit behind me and down to my feet and I just instinctively spun around flicked out my racket and connected with the ball ever so slightly it went up hit the net and bounced over for a winner…….nobody was more surprised than me.

I know I never will be able to make a shot like that ever again so I am going to live it up today……

Sorry for boasting and sharing!!,

This afternoon I went to my cardiologist for my annual check up and the great news is all is well and he doesn’t want to see me for another year!!

I then went to the botanical gardens for a hike and to have my lunch…the water here is also covered in invasive plants what a shame it used to look so beautiful, still is but…..

Got lucky again with Wordle!!

Blaze has a birthday she is two years old today and she has been a very faithful companion!!!

Stay safe and healthy!!

 Yashi Kochi!!!

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