Sunday, July 03, 2022

Sunday 3 rd July 2022…tennis day!!

 Today was tennis watching day……..really enjoyed watching three matches from Wimbledon!!!

So here is the good and the bad of professional sports, in my humble opinion!!

The first match was a hot and heated affair between two extremely talented players Tsitsipas and Kyrgios…

The  whole match was played with an edge and both players deserved to be ejected from the contest for their arrogant, rude and nasty behavior and both of them should be made to watch the victory speech of the amazing German player after her victory……..

Then they should be made to watch the match between two rising stars Alcaraz and Sinner who when Sinner collide and fell at the net Alcaraz came over to him and game him a fist bump!!

I think the rainy season has slowly started we had heavy rain most of last night…I love this season as it makes the rivers and waterfalls flow….I went to check one out this afternoon and it is just slowly starting to flow!

Wordle….did well today!!

Stay safe and healthy!!

Yashi Kochi!!

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