Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday 31st August 2011…another month flashes by!!

Try to find a new way to start the blog but….. yet again another good sleep and a good day and this is what my overnight stay looks like in daylight!!

aug31 001

aug31 002

Had a lovely breakfast of ham and tomato omelette, toast, tea and read a newspaper…I like morning like this!!

Then it was time for another waterfall about 3 minutes from where I am parked is this

aug31 003

aug31 004

So off I went the trail was easy

aug31 007

and the waterfalls although small and slow were very serene!!

aug31 009

aug31 012

I was taking note of how I walk or hike and i realize that at times i do not always pick up my feet and that i am sure is what happened to me on Saturday.

Back on the Cabot Trail and I must say this route has been very spectacular with great vistas!!!

aug31 014

aug31 015

Soon I was entering the French Arcadian town of

aug31 017

A pretty town where I walked a while

aug31 021

found this great bakery

aug31 019


aug31 020

Propane is hard to find but I did pass a Coop selling it so stopped and filled up and also filled the water tank too.

aug31 022

On the way out of town is this funky yard with lots of these

aug31 024

Of course could not pass this one by

aug31 026

Thinking about the moose from last night I did receive a lovely e mail from my Brother thanking me for naming the Moose after him but he requests that from now on he wants to be known as Malcolm down the middle!!!   This is in reference to his golf Tee shots that always go down the middle…….now if you believe that one you are banished from the blog for life!!!

Around 3pm I pulled into the small town of Margaree Forks where there is a hike I want to do tomorrow.  At the Visitors centre I also found out there is a ceilidh at 8pm in the Barn…I had read about this so excited to go there later. 

I stopped at the little park by the library

aug31 030

did some reading and made supper and had a piece of one of the meat pies I had just bought and it was good….

This is how I keep my perly’s so white!!!

aug31 031

All cleaned up and off to the concert!!

As true to the info I received it was in a Barn!!!

comvert 001

comvert 003

comvert 009

The venue was packed and we were all treated to two hours of wonderful Cape Breton music from 4 fine musicians.

I came back to the library to spend the night…so goodbye August hello September!!

Map picture
Map picture

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