Friday, August 19, 2011


the mechanic was awesome he looked at the problem and thought lets take off the grey lever and behind there was a stop value that was stuck…he released it and the water stopped…it appears to be the problem so now the taps work they way they always have…I am so thankful life goes on as it should…..he would not charge me for his expertise and time but rest assured he got a huge tip!!!!

The Newfies are the BEST!!!


Croft said...

Wow! A mechanic who does not charge! Must be a Newfoundland thing!

I am happy got it fixed. Now you will be able to flush the toilet... oh yes... I remember...

Rod and Sylvia said...

Good to hear that you got it fixed, especially at that price.
By the way, there's moose in L'anse aux Meadows. The pics will be in the post late tonight!

mexicokid said...

Don't go there with the toilet Croft!!!!!!OK Rod keep the moose there for me tomorrow cheers L

Croft said...

I have to tread VERY carefully here to avoid being banned from the Blog for yet another week. However, if you see Les standing beside his "fully self contained" motorhome doing a little cross-legged dance please know it is NOT simply because there is a problem with his water system...... May I just say that when Les decides to sell Ramona she will be advertised as having at least one unused convenience.... I dare say no more as I feel I am on the verge of serious retribution.

Friday 18th August 2017...The question answered!!!!

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