Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tuesday 30th August 2011……yes YES YES!!!!!!!

Another great sleep and another great sunny morning…..Lawrence was around the yard and I said my goodbyes and thanked him for his hospitality and on the road by 8am….I was heading to Pleasant Bay on the west coast and the mecca for whale watching!!

Arrived at 9am and this company was the most recommended

aug30 001

there were 2 options the cabin cruiser trip or this one

aug30 003

and with my discount the cost was 35 dollars…

So 8 of us set out and I was sitting next to a nice young couple from New York…..they provided you with rain jackets, life jackets of course and of great interest to me a dry bag for my camera!!!

I snapped these before I put the camera away.

aug30 008

aug30 007

Captain Ron was a good driver and guide and the boat goes fast and rides the waves and I don’t think I needed the gravel that I took before we left……it was rough but a lot of fun but no whales!!!!

Capt.Ron drove us around for nearly three hours over 35 miles but not even a sniff!!!

Back at the office he said he was so sorry he could not remember the last time he had not seen whales and he offered us all a full refund!!!  What a difference from the last whale watching trip I took. I enjoyed the morning and I just asked for 20 dollars back and they were happy to give that to me that so I left with a good feeling and enjoyed the ride.

The Cabot Trail is sure a beautiful drive…

aug30 010

but you never know what is around the next corner!!

aug30 011

In the afternoon I went to the base of the Skyline Trail said to be the best in the National Park….the parking lot was jammed full and I thought I don’t need this so I went a couple of miles down the road and parked for a couple of hours and read my book and at 5.30pm went back to the trail head this time only a few cars there.

aug30 012

aug30 013

Disturb them!!!!!!!!!!!   I just want to SEE THEM!!!!

The trail was like thisaug30 017

then like this

aug30 018

then like this

aug30 019

I passed a lot of people coming back and then I got out to the head land where there was a board walk…here I met the couple that I had sat next to on the boat this morning and we had a nice chat and off they went back.

I walked right to the end of the boardwalk and it was quite stunning, the views, the tranquillity, the peacefulness….

aug30 036

aug30 022

aug30 034

aug30 027

The road in the distance!!

aug30 024

I sat for a while and just let my mind wonder and thought about my trip so far and how special everyday has been and how lucky I am to be able to do this.

I figured I better start back before it got back and along the trail ahead I was surprised to see the couple I had seen earlier, the girl was waving for me to come….

wait for it


will it finally happen


could it be????


Permit me to introduce Mally THE MOOSE!!!!!!!!!

aug30 041

Yes I know I look like George Clooney…Mally is on the left!!!!!!!

aug30 042

He was just there grazing away not bothering us!!!!!

aug30 043

aug30 049

We were all thrilled and watched for nearly 20 minutes!!!!


So I was a happy boy as I drove away and about 10 minutes later found this great parking spot in a turn off on the ocean top.

aug30 053

So now showered and just had strawberries and yogurt and then some rice pudding and now movie time….

I hope Mally is as happy as me!!!!!!!!!!


PS     Mally is the nick name of my handsome and incredible golfing Brother!!!!!


Sara said...

What are you doing standing so close to a moose? If I see you standing next to a bear I will be calling the psychiatric transport team.
There was a cougar attack near Ukulet and the child is in hospital. Be careful out there.

Kevin and Ruth said...

Nice! Now THAT'S a moose!

mexicokid said...

come come Sara....does he look like a mean Mally??? but thanks for the advice I think you join other folks in your assesment of my choices!!! Reminds me Kevin of the moose you saw on the trails around here!!!les

Esther said...

Wow, great rack! You know how to pick em!
You do seem a bit close though...I wouldn't be getting that close to an elk that's for sure!

Rod and Sylvia said...

Nice Moose! And a nice hike. Good for you.

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