Friday, September 02, 2011

Thursday 1st September 2011…..rabbit, rabbits, rabbits!!!

My Mum always told me the first chance I had on the first of the month to say the above it would bring me good luck!!!!!

The usual morning and then off at 9am to find the waterfalls that I had read about in a Magazine and saved the article.

It was about a 20 minute drive from where I overnighted but way out on the back roads

sep1 001


….found a place for my girl to park!!

sep1 002

sep1 003

The article said the trail was a bit uneven very steep about one km and ropes needed on the last drop to the falls….I found out all of this was true!!!

sep1 005

sep1 007

sep1 008

It was well worth the trouble the falls were quite lovely especially this early in the morning!!!

sep1 009

sep1 011

sep1 012

I found another short trail which took to to the top of the falls…

sep1 024

sep1 026

It was a great way to start the first day of the month….

Back on the road my next stop was the harbour at Mabou for lunch..

sep1 027

sep1 028

In town I found the Red Shoe Pub which is owned by the famous musical family the Rankin's.  Found out David Rankin is performing tonight at 10pm……so then found a great spot by the water that will be good for an overnight stop and close enough for me to walk to the pub!

I then moved down the road a few more miles to the town of Port Hood where the ocean is reported to be the warmest in Nova Scotia…

sep1 029

I think you can tell what kind of afternoon it is going to be!!!

sep1 038Now back in your chair ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sep1 030

I did have a swim and it was not in my humble opinion warm!!!!!!!

sep1 036

sep1 040

Then found this great place to have supper and get cleaned up before heading back to the pub for the concert.

sep1 044

sep1 041

Even had my own apple tree!!

sep1 042

Went and parked at my overnight spot…pretty nice I think!!!

Tanjin 007

Tanjin 018

Tanjin 023

Tanjin 006

Tanjin 012

Then walked a few minutes to the pub..

Tanjin 030

and was entertained for over one hour for 6 dollars…to be honest it was nice to hear country signing for a change and not a fiddle in sight!!!

Tanjin 034

Down for the night….good wishes to all my readers!!!!


Croft said...

I tried your rabbits thing and the stock market tanked! I might need to borrow a few pesos when we see you in Mexico!

mexicokid said...

no problem I have some of the old money left you can have 3 million!!!!

Croft said...

That will help a little. Thanks! Just don't fall off any more cliffs, we like the old Les.

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