Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday 28th August 2011…best sit down with a cup of tea this is a long one!!!

First of all thanks Robin for sending this to me…


Isn’t that a million dollars smile my Daniela has??

….first of all forgot to mention that the father/son duo last night are cousins of the famous Rankin family from Nova Scotia.

Ok Saturday morning woke up feeling great and ready to see the highest waterfall in Nova Scotia.  I had planned my route and took a small detour which would take me to I think the shortest ferry ride in Canada.

ahy27 005

ahy27 004

ahy27 006

2 minutes and $5.25 cost but when I checked out the ramp onto the ferry I decided that it was too steep and the scooter rack would bottom out and I didn’t need that…so turned around and took a different route and was soon on the

ahy27 007

ahy27 008

Looks good so far…

I had read about this…ahy27 010

The highest waterfalls in Nova Scotia…the trail was listed as hard and 9.5km one way!!!!

So with lots to drink and munch on and with clear sunny skies off I went at 10am.

the first couple of km were on nice trails

ahy27 012

ahy27 013

Then the trail became a combination of mud, rocks and tree stumps and it was impossible to keep up a good pace….also it really is in the forest trees every where….there were a few times when the trail came by the side of the river

ahy27 017


and twice I had to cross a small section of the river.

ahy27 019

Imagine my joy when I came upon this

ahy27 015

Was today going to be the day??

Now during my mis-spent youth when I wasn’t playing soccer, chasing girls I was watching the Lone Ranger and Tonto on TV…..yes we had a TV back then…anyway I remember Tonto when he came across things he would put his ear to the ground and listen and be able to tell what was coming or what direction…so I thought I would give it a try couldn’t hear anything but I did get moose poop in my ear but no worries because I always carry a Q –tip……OK just kidding but that is a big poop but no sighting…..

I was completely drenched but had no watch so don’t know how long I had been hiking but I could hear the falls and then there they were!!!

ahy27 021

ahy27 022

I could not get any closer as the spray was splashing me already and have to keep my camera DRY!!!

It was a great sight and to hear the thunder of the water…just lovely…..

Stopped and had lunch and felt good to tackle the hard journey back.

I really was getting tired of seeing tree after tree so decided to had some excitement to my return journey.

Now for those of you out there,  I know who you are,  say to yourself that Pearson kid is so silly doing the things he does at his age and without a cell phone!!  If this is you please skip the next few lines!!!!


The excitement was that I don’t know if I tripped on my laces, doubt it, hit a tree stump, maybe or just slipped in the mud but I made an immediate right turn and fell over the embankment…I did a complete head over heels and landedahy27 024 thank goodness hard on my backpack and with my legs either side of a broken down tree stump!!


ahy27 025

Picture my legs one below and one above this stump.

After I landed and was firmly saved from going any further I broke out in the most gut splitting laugh..can you imagine doing a head over heels and getting 8.6 for artistic merit….when I stopped laughing I surveyed my injuries….the back pack was filthy but saved my back…my wrist a little jammed and a few cuts and scrapes!!

aug28 033aug28 032aug28 031

In all seriousness I know how this could have turned out…I had passed no one on the trail at all although I did pass a couple coming my way about 10 minutes later….I know the Angels were with me yet again this could have been a disaster!!!  I have promised myself by the end of the year I will have either a cell phone for each country or a Spot locator!!!

ahy27 026

Anyway the rest of the journey was uneventful and I arrived back at Ramona 6 hours later and almost 20km!!!!  This hike rates as one of the toughest I have done!!!

I got cleaned up had a cup of tea and continued along the Cabot Trail to Ingonish a small town where I saw this sign on the local church hall

ahy27 034

It looked like a good spot for Ramona to spend the night in the parking lot there.

ahy27 031

So I had a great shower and supper and then walked the 40 feet to the concert!!!

ahy27 033

Another musical treat the lady on the far right is one I saw a few weeks ago at another concert and the man playing the flute is related to another famous musical family the McNeill’s!!!

It was a great day and I iced my shoulder and wrist that were a little sore!!!!

Now Sunday morning had a great sleep and was just a little stiff and the wrist a little sore but otherwise OK.

I decided because of Hurricane Irene I would find somewhere to spend the day and night and after about 30 miles of these kind of views

aug28 001aug28 005


aug28 008


aug28 011

came across this

aug28 013an appropriate name to ride out a storm!!

I got Ramona settled in I am going to move the bench and the trees are not as close as they look!!

aug28 012

It was beautiful sunny and warm so got Bonita ready for a little trip!!

aug28 016

Just some gorgeous beaches!!

aug28 017

aug28 022

I love that on Bonita I can take these little crazy paths and find hidden gems like this secluded beach!!

aug28 038

I had a gentle walk of about 4km it was very soothing!!

aug28 042

aug28 034

I had a funny feeling that today was going to be the MOOSE day and I was thrilled to see these tracks

aug28 026who would have thought a moose on the beach but as I rounded a corner there it was my very first MOOSE!!!!





aug28 027

Don’t forget my BLOG!!!

aug28 023

Came back to Ramona at 3pm and it was still lovely out so decided it was time for chores…did laundry, sweeping, washing floors and shower, cupboards and sorting out outside storage…then cooked some fresh pots and carrots and corn and had a great supper and enough for tomorrow…..

It is now 10pm and dry and not windy the latest on the storm is that we should expect winds and rain but not as bad as first reported…I shall bring in the slide out before I go to bed and tomorrow depending on weather may stay here one more night or move on towards Meat Cove!!

Map picture

I am close to Neil's Harbour…..thanks for reading and I hope I entertained you somewhat…blessings Les


Rod and Sylvia said...

We're glad you're OK. You must have been watched over...Nice Moose by the way.

Esther said...

You are a lucky guy. Hiking alone is never a good thing, glad you're safe!

mexicokid said...

I know Esther but where is Steve when you need him?? Painting decks!! Sylvia and Rod yes the Angels were there again did you get strong winds last night? Glad you liked the moose!!

Rod and Sylvia said...

It has been windy here, but as I've said, I think it was windier in NFLD! We also took in our slides, as the toppers flap in the breeze quite a bit, but the trailer survived quite nicely.

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