Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Tuesday 2nd August 2011…an exploring day!!!

I couldn’t get Internet yesterday so this is a report of Tuesday’s fun!!!

Will post again tonight….cheers Les

Yet again another great spot for the night and so nice to wake up to seeing the ocean!!!

Today was going to be an exploring day on my drive back towards the centre of the Island…..I took all the back roads and see for yourself if it was worth it!!!

aug2222222222222 001One of the tour books I have tells me that these working horses, look how strong he is, uses a plough to dredge up Irish peat moss from the ocean which is then used for fertilizer and other foods.  Didn’t find any of them working but there are lots of horses in the fields.

aug2222222222222 002

Also a lot of beautiful churches it seems every small village has one.

aug2222222222222 004

Came to a little harbour where these guys gave me a lobster lesson…I now know a little bit more about the lobster industry!!

aug2222222222222 027

aug2222222222222 025

Found this hidden gem of a beach by taking a very narrow road…

aug2222222222222 006

aug2222222222222 010

aug2222222222222 019You should know by now that X is Ramona!!

I cannot stand it when you go down side roads and come to this deserted beach and you think you have it all to yourself only to go around the corner and see it packed!!!!!

aug2222222222222 009

aug2222222222222 016

aug2222222222222 028

Some very interesting rock formations!!

aug2222222222222 036

aug2222222222222 041

aug2222222222222 038I was just playing with this shot and had the camera on the rock but I think it turned out different!!

aug2222222222222 044At the opposite end of the beach this formation..

aug2222222222222 049

aug2222222222222 051

I enjoyed my time here and think I walked at least 7km.

aug2222222222222 053

aug2222222222222 054

aug2222222222222 055

Some more scenes along the way!!

aug2222222222222 061

aug2222222222222 065

aug2222222222222 060

It was almost 5pm and I had picked out what i thought may be a good place to stop although I was only guessing but I found my way to this dirt lane

aug2222222222222 070

and I think I was right had the whole place to myself

aug2222222222222 074

aug2222222222222 076

aug2222222222222 079

If you look very closely at the above photo way in the distance to the right hand side is the Confederation Bridge!!

aug2222222222222 072

As soon as I was settled a howling thunderstorm and lightening broke out so I brought the slide out in and it lasted over one hour but now peaceful again and amazing cloud formations…

sunsets 002

sunsets 004

sunsets 001

I feel so lucky to be able witness vistas like these!!!

Today was a great day hope yours was too!!!!!!

aug2222222222222 083

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