Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday 29th August 2011…survived the night!!!

It is now 10am and a beautiful sunny day but with strong winds….it blew a little during the night but no rain.  I have checked the forecast and for the next 7 days where I am headed it looks to be sunny and pleasant.  So I think it is safe to head up to Meat Cove and check out the most northern tip of Nova Scotia…as usual will post when I can.  Thanks for all the e mails wishing me luck in the storm and condolences for my injury…… for those who questioned yesterday’s moose sighting…a fear a blog banning coming!!!!!


Croft said...

Watch which States you are heading for Les. Many of them (Vermont, New York, etc) report lots of flooding. Watching CNN should give you a pretty good idea.

mexicokid said...

Thanks it will be another couple of weeks yet cheers L

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