Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saturday 13th August 2011…a much better day!!

Had a great sleep and woke up refreshed and put the woes of yesterday behind me and on the road by 9am..

aug13 001

Most of the driving today was by the coast sometimes it was like the above and sometimes like this

aug13 045

My first stop was

aug13 007

Where the fog lifted and this was the view as I had breakfast!!

aug13 008

aug13 009

Some of the scenery reminded me of the Moors of Derbyshire in England!!

aug13 012

Thanks to Natalie, the lady I met on the ferry I found the next place which was stunning!!!!

aug13 013

aug13 014

aug13 061

aug13 016

aug13 020

aug13 022

aug13 024

aug13 036

It really is an amazing thrill to be so close to so many birds and surrounded by such beauty!!!

aug13 046Everyone warns me about this but so far no sightings!!!

The times I was driving were accompanied by live soccer games from England on Satellite radio!!!!!

Around 5pm it was time to find somewhere to stop and after a few minutes scouting around came upon the wharf here

aug13 057

aug13 051

aug13 050


Now let me tell you about Newfie friendliness…

I went down to the dock to watch

aug13 054

take a photo of the catch

aug13 053

the people then told me to walk over to the other wharf and when I got there

aug13 055

The gentleman in the yellow shirt asked me how many cod fillets I wanted!!!!

WOW so I took one

aug13 056

I had it for supper now you cannot get any fresher than that and it was delicious!!!

After supper there was a knock on my door and another one of the fishermen was there and gave me this CD

aug13 060

he is on the right and he wrote and composed the music and he wanted me to have the new CD…I thanked so much and am now listening to it and it is good….

What people!!!

This photo is taken out of the door of Ramona!!!

aug13 062

I know this will be a perfect place for tonight…now movie, tea and a Newfie biscuit!!!

mao 001

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