Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday 19th August 2011…a thankful day!!

I left the RV park at 9am and went to the mechanics where I had arranged for them to do an oil change…I had my own oil and filter and they charged me 28 dollars and I was happy.  From there I went to the service shop I went to yesterday and they told me to bring Ramona in … the service manager came out and I explained the problem.  He thought about it for a while and tried a few things and then said lets take off the valve stem which he did and inside of that was a small return stop thingie..he pressed that and said I think that was your problem that thingie was stuck…so he turned on the water pump   NO WATER SPEWING OUT!!!!…..he told me that perhaps with all the travelling the thingie (he didn’t call it a thingie) had worked loose and then jammed so if it happens again I will know what to do.

I went inside to pay and the man would not take any money he told me he was happy to get me back on the road…how pleased and grateful was I?  Well him and his wife will have a nice supper tonight!!!

How does my luck continue to be so good I am always meeting wonderful people!!!

So now I am so relieved I went to Goose Cove to seek out Ed the Fisherman.

Here is the story when i came into town two days ago I went to the whale watching office and tried to get a cruise that day but they were full booked that day and all of the next but could get me in today so I made a reservation.

I then went up to the lighthouse for berg photos and got talking to two Dutch ladies who told me about Ed and how good he was and that they gave him 20 dollars each and they saw so many whales…the lady gave me Ed’s number.  So I thought the whaling company is obviously making lots of money I will go with Ed so I went back and cancelled my reservation.

I went to see him yesterday but with the huge winds he told me to come back today so here I am on Ed’s boat…

aug19 080

aug19 006

aug19 012

I didn’t know what to expect but this was a big boat.  Ed was very interesting and if only I could understand what he was saying…..I did learn that he was single, no children and lived in Goose Cove all his life as a fisherman and he was very proud and happy with his life…..some berg shots!!

But first another little contest…spot Ramona!!!!


aug19 007

aug19 009

aug19 016

Ed was telling me that when he brought the two Dutch ladies out the humpbacks were everywhere but he thinks the storm may have driven them out into open water.  We could see dolphins around and two actually swam by the boat which was delightful to see but hard to snap a photo…

aug19 027

Soon we saw the blows…..

aug19 030

aug19 032

aug19 034

A minke whale!!!!!

aug19 037

aug19 038

aug19 040

I was just so happy to be in the same vicinity as these magnificent creatures….we looked for hump backs and I think Ed was more dis appointed than me but I had a wonderful time…

aug19 050

aug19 058Is that George Clooney???

aug19 061

aug19 065

aug19 068

Almost three hours later we were back into the harbour..

aug19 078

I thanked Ed so much for his time, his gas and most of all his stories and gave him 50 dollars he told me he had enjoyed my company and again sorry for not seeing so many whales and he gave me back 30 dollars saying 20 was plenty…I cannot imagine the cost for the fuel he burned…..yet another wonderful encounter!!

I then came into town and stopped behind the gas station to fill up my water tank and there was another RVer doing the same thing so I parked and got out and talked to him…his name was Les from Leeds England about 35 miles from where I hail…what a small world..his wife Margaret invited me in for a cuppa and I returned the favour by giving them a can of Heinz beans…their rig they brought over from England

aug19 082

they have been on the road for almost 5 years and have been everywhere what an interesting time that was!!

I then drove back up to the lighthouse at the end of town where I will spend the night and did some hiking on the trails around the area…just a few more bergs photos OK??

aug19 083Ramona is saying what are those white things!!!!

aug19 085

aug19 088

aug19 089

aug19 092

aug19 093

aug19 098

aug19 099

aug19 101

aug19 102

aug19 104

aug19 100That's where I am heading the top of that hill!!!

aug19 108Find Ramona here!!!!

aug19 113

So here I am doing this blog and there is a knock on the door and a lady is there saying you inspired us to come here to see the icebergs!!!!  She is from Cobble Hill 2 minutes from where Sara lives and they read my blog and were not going to come to the top of the Island but after seeing my blog photos they decided they had to come…small world again!!!!

So I shall go to the library and post this them come back here for the night…I keep hearing sounds of icebergs pieces falling off… what a great ending to an all round smashing day!!!


Croft said...

What a great spot you have found! Great photos again as usual. Enjoy every minute of it.

mexicokid said...

it is not only the sights and sounds i have heard about 5 bergs breaking off now but sharing the joy of the locals!!!!L

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