Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday22nd August 2011……lost a day!!!

Whoever said it was going to be sunny today well…….somehow I lost a day I could have sworn today is Sunday!!!!

Slept well as always and on the road by 8.30am

monday 011

and decided that climbing 670 steps before breakfast was a good way to start the day!!

monday 006

monday 003

The above is the last of the view because this very thick fog rolled in.

monday 007

monday 008

The view from the summit was quite impressive as you can tell from the photo below…..the view of the lighthouse, the boat on the rocks, the birds on the Island!!!!!!

monday 009

Back on the road after breakfast and the view wasn’t much better!!

monday 012

I have not driven in fog like this since I was in England and remember driving with Mum and Dad and he had me walking outside in front of the car with a torch, flashlight for you North American readers!!!

Did spot this bird right by the highway..

monday 013

Arrived at the ferry terminal by 12 noon and was happy to see that my 10 dollar reservation fee was taken off the price of the fare!!!!

This boat was in the harbour

monday 015

It did clear up a little on the journey over back to Newfoundland!!

By the time we docked the sun was out in full force and I drove for about one hour and then decided it was time for some down time so found this great spot down a gravel road close to the ocean

aug22 001

this section was too rough to get right to the ocean but I am happy where I am.

Went for a great long walk on the rocky beach

aug22 004

aug22 005

My only companion..

aug22 007

aug22 008

Spot Ramona time again!!

aug22 010

Now it was time for

aug22 016

then just sit back relax and watch Mother nature at work!!!

aug22 021

aug22 022

aug22 029

aug22 027I like this shot!!

aug22 036

Had a good supper a nice hot shower and now the tea and movie time and perhaps because I am cute and funny …a cookie..



DO NOT forget it is my blog and I can dream all I want!!!

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