Saturday, August 13, 2011

Friday 12th August 2011……Day 49 and the first not so great day!!

Reluctantly left Jude and Rick’s this morning it really was a wonderful stay and was on the road and after about 40km arrived at

aug12 001

which is

aug12 003

How neat that I live near the most westerly point and now at the very far end!!

aug12 008

aug12 011

aug12 014

The weather changes here by the minute..the fog drifted in and out all day with one sunny stretch in between….

It was neat to be here and feel the power of the ocean, hear the fog horns and know the danger out on these waters.

Three or four people recommended the next stop to me…

aug12 023

It was advertised as a 2 hour whale watching and bird sanctuary tour and it cost me 55 dollars!!

I think those that know me know that I am very laid back and easy going but this cruise really got to me..the boat

aug12 024

was full about 60 people and we left and travelled for about 35 minutes to Gull Island and slowed and went down one side of the Island and saw the nesting colonies of gulls and puffins (sorry Janet no photos).  We then travelled another 20 minutes and rounded another bird Island. The boat then turned around and came back to the harbour.  Their was a young lady doing a narrative and she also sang three songs..she did give lots of information on the birds…at the end she said if you enjoyed the tour tell your friends if you didn’t shut up!!!  She then said of course she was joking and to feel free to say if you have concerns.

Well you know me I got off the boat and asked one of the crew who I could talk to to register a complaint and the man said that I would be the best person as I own the company.  I very politely told him I felt like I had been taken for 55 dollars…I told him his company had been recommended by at least three people but I thought I was going out on a whale watching tour as well as visiting the bird sanctuary.  He was on the boat so he knows what I was saying I also told him that the word WHALE was not mentioned once.  I said I know the whales don’t just automatically pop up when a tour boat goes by but not to mention that you were looking for whales by sight and radio and no mention of it I felt cheated.  He was obviously taken back but told me that they were looking for whales and there were none around…so why did you not inform us?  No answer… now I just wanted to leave and as a small business owner in my past life if it had been me I would have offered a refund , a T shirt something to pacify the customer and have him leaving with not a bad taste…..but I was offered nothing……so I feel very disappointed and hence in a small protest no photos !!!

I then drove a few more miles to a kayak company that had also been recommended, Stan Cook’s Kayaks where I spoke to Mrs.Cook and inquired about the kayak trips and she was just great and told me that the whales were not around and on their trips they had not seen whales for over a week and as much as she would like my business she would not feel right taking me out today…..what a different attitude and I told her I appreciated her honesty.

I then continued around the peninsular but most of the time it was like this

aug12 039

but there were breaks along the way..

aug12 036

aug12 020

aug12 022

aug12 037

Interesting sign!!

aug12 042

aug12 043

It was getting dusk and time for me to find somewhere to stop and here I am in the parking lot of the municipal building of Mount Carmel.

aug12 046

I had supper and that was a disappointment too I had bought a small beef roast in a vacuum sealed bag that just needed a few minutes in the micro wave but it was so tough!!!!

So plan B I had some nice toast and jam!!!

Now tea and a movie……I do want to share everything the good days and the not so and it this was the first day that was not a 10…..BUT no worries I am still a happy camper!!!

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