Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday August 11th 2011……..a great evening!!!

So after all the chores were done this afternoon I drove down to the local Bakery..

aug11 003this is the bakery where Kirsten works and I stocked up on a few supplies and one of the ladies working there took me around saying you have buy this you have to buy this it is a Newfie delicacy so I finished up well stocked!!

aug11 002

I then went for a walk down to the beach

aug11 006

It was a nice walk and the rain stopped and I did enjoy the fresh air…this is Ramona’s home for the last three nights…

aug11 004

It was now 4pm and time for me to have 45 minutes of pure luxury here!!!!!

aug11 001

I do miss a good soak so this was really enjoyable!!!

When the family came home we drove down to a famous fish and chip restaurant Ches’s where I indulged myself it was great company, and great food…..and I even got a certificate for eating there as a first time guest!!!!



aug11 012

That is Kirsten next to Rick and then Ashley…both great young ladies!!!

After supper the girls went off in one vehicle to look at dresses and Rick took me on a tour of the lesser seen sights of St.John’ s very interesting we saw some really old and small houses…back at the house Robert was over and he gave me some Moose in a bottle…it really is moose preserved in a bottle ready for me to eat.


I want to thank Jude and Rick they have been awesome hosts so kind to me sharing their home , their family and their lives…..thank you!!

I leave you with one of Rick’s good lines tonight…he told me to watch out tomorrow the weather is changing it is going to be 20 degrees…….10 in the morning and 10 in the afternoon!!!!

So I leave in the morning and hope to tour most of the Island starting out here..

Map picture

My route will be to follow the pins from right to left…I will post when I can and I know this is going to be a great adventure!!!

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