Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday 17th August 2011………I C E B E R G S !!!!!

It rained all night and when I set off this morning at 8am still raining…

aug17 001

aug17 004

The coastline I was travelling through looked to be interesting and I shall stop on the way back and check out all the nooks and crannies…but I wanted to keep going and by mid afternoon it did start to clear up!!

aug17 009

aug17 010

By 3pm I was pulling into

aug17 012

aug17 011

I got Ramona settled but I do have a problem I noticed when I stopped for gas a plastic tubing was hanging underneath the door step..I tied it up and stopped at a service place where a mechanic looked at it got underneath and told me it was just the plastic covering for the wire for the electric door step and he got a couple of those ties and strapped them all together and off I went.  I thought everything was OK till I got to the RV park and filled up my water tank like I always do and as soon as I turned on the water pump water came spewing out of the nozzle outside where I fill up the tank…I have no idea if the two problems are connected but will have to try and find someone in town to help me out…..anyway…


Took Bonita off and went into town and here we go!!!!!!!

aug17 014

aug17 015

aug17 016

aug17 019

aug17 022

Bonita and me our first glimpse of an iceberg!!!

aug17 028

aug17 026

aug17 030

I came back and celebrated with beans on toast!!!!   And yes they were Heinz!!!

aug17 034

It was just awesome to see these floating monsters and tomorrow I am going on a boat trip so really looking forward to this….I shall stay here a couple of days and do touring on Bonita and try to get someone to fix my water problem!!!!

So how many icebergs did you see today???????


VERA said...

Looks like things are going well..
How about those big moose...any luck..????

mexicokid said...

Icebergs 100's moose 0...maybe on the way back!!!

Croft said...

It is hard to guess anything about the water problem... It sounds like the tank is being pressurized somehow. Is there still a problem after you put the cap back on where you fill the tank? I can't imagine there being a connection with the stair wires but the general rule when something goes wrong is to look at what you did last.

If you have not already, try a can of Bush's beans from the USA. I love beans and think Bush's has the edge on Heinz.

mexicokid said...

thanks Croft I think I will try and drain the tank and then re fill it..I do have Bushs beans too and I think for once you and i agree cheers Les

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