Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday 23rd August 2011….an early post!!!

As nice as the weather was yesterday it is the total opposite today it is still warm but raining but this will not stop me from enjoying my day…..I had boat tour reservations for 1pm so I headed in that direction and stopped off at

aug23 001

aug23 002

aug23 004

aug23 006

aug23 007

The Arches reminded me of the other Arches Park in Moab, Utah that i visited a few years ago that is a spectacular place!!!

I just saw these buildings and thought it made a neat shot..

aug23 012

I was then entering the

aug23 013

and found the place where I get the boat tour but they had cancelled all the rides today because of the weather..there is a tour tomorrow at 10am which I may take depends on time and weather…so I decided to head to the small village of…wait for it…..Cows Head!!!!!!!

this is where the theatre is that I have reservations for..

aug23 015

aug23 017

I looked inside and it is an intimate theatre with about 80 seats and my friends Sylvia and Rod saw the same play last week and said it was a Newfie comedy and very entertaining!!

As I had a few hours to spare decided it was time again for

aug23 016so all my clothes and sheets are spic and span again…then

aug23 018

empty and fill up tanks and then

aug23 019

where I am using their Wi fi to send this post.  The libraries in NL are great when I first arrived I obtained a user name and password and now I can log into any library and can even sit outside and do e mails!!!

There is a restaurant in a large Motel next to the theatre and I checked out the menu and asked around so will treat myself to fish and chips tonight before the show.

About 15 minutes out of town I saw a nice government dock where will be a great place for Ramona to rest tonight!!!


So there you have it up to the minute!!!!

Map picture
Map picture

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