Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wednesday 24th August 2011…..a sort of a moose sighting!!!

Slept like a baby and woke up to find sunny clear skies but howling wind….I went to the parking lot for the boat tour only to find the tours had been cancelled Plan B…like always I never have  a plan B  …but I did see the turn off off for this

aug 24 009


and took it and  thought this kind of hike before breakfast will be good for me!!!

aug 24 010

A lot of the hike was on boardwalks because of the boggy terrain…enjoy the photos..

aug 24 012

aug 24 013

aug 24 014

aug 24 016

aug 24 019

aug 24 020

aug 24 023

aug 24 017

Now I am not an outdoorsman BUT that has to be a Moose paw!!!!  So can I consider this a Moose sighting??


I really enjoyed the hike and as you know waterfalls are high on my fun list of things to see….

The sun continues to shine and the wind died down and I continued my drive

aug 24 007

aug 24 008

aug 24 004

aug 24 005

The Canadian flag is flying at half mast to honour Jack Layton who lost his battle with cancer a couple of days ago….he was a well respected politician who passed away much too soon at the age of 61!!!

……I didn’t mention this before but I have been having a bit of battery/electrical/solar problem and checked into a dealership and found this great older RV techie

aug 24 031

who checked all the systems and found that everything was working well and properly.  He did find a couple of the clamps were a bit loose on the battery terminals but he told me that the batteries probably should be replaced…this is the same advice the solar guys told me in April.  So the techie here suggests that every 4 days or so I check into an RV park and re charge the batteries and then next month when I go in to the States in New Hampshire, no sales tax, get new ones….so that is what I shall do.  He did a thorough job  and I was happy to pay him the 50 dollars… to find a techie that good out here was shear luck!!

I stopped off in Pasadena and checked e mails at the library then continued my drive towards the ferry terminal.

Stopped here for some R & R and finished my novel.

aug 24 033

Back on the road I was still getting teased

aug 24 034

Not knowing the area I checked my maps and scouted out a place to stay for the evening…a good choice I think!!

aug 24 035I am right behind those buildings on the left!!

aug 24 036

aug 24 037

Had a good supper of fresh corn and potatoes and a pork chop…..nice sunset again

aug 24 038

aug 24 043

aug 24 049


Map picture

The top pin is the Port where i leave tomorrow afternoon to Sydney in NS

Time for tea…..another lovely day!!

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