Thursday, August 04, 2011

Thursday 4th August 2011….my first Ceilidh!!!!! You will have to Google that!!

My nephew Andy sent me this photo of Tom from yesterday in his new soccer uniform…

tom2I have the same shirt Tom….

Sara has been spending the week in Alberta with her family celebrating her Mother’s Birthday and she sent me this photo of her Mum and all her kids…..Sara is standing next to her twin brother!!

Jean and the 7Days-1Wow what a family!!!

I didn’t mention it last night but I almost had a very traumatic and dangerous experience…the concert that I went to last night was 38 km away and the roads to get there are quite narrow, very dark and only houses every few hundreds yards apart and obviously no street lights….all was OK on the ride there it was still light and I had no fear of driving back my lights are good and I knew the way what I didn’t realize was that I was low on gas!!!!..I was taken aback when I set out to come home at 10pm and saw the gas gauge was approaching the red empty line and 38km to go….I really didn’t think I had enough gas to get back and wondered what I should do…stop and try a house to ask for gas…ask for a ride……I decided I would go on and see how far I got and if I did run out that I would be close to a farmhouse…this was very risky because if I stopped in the middle of nowhere here I am dressed in black no flash light…….anyway it was a harrowing journey and I kept thinking the next hill this is it BUT would you believe I rounded the last corner before home and I was still motoring!!!!  Made it home and very fortunate and happy to see Ramona.

This morning I was sure Bonita would not start but start she did so I drove her towards the nearest gas station about 1 km away fully expecting her to stop but no she got me to the gas station..I am totally thankful to have such good Angels on my side!!!

OK enough back to this morning…..had a great sleep woke up to a sunny but cool morning so I decided after breakfast to get packed up and do a mystery tour on Bonita….

I like cows… on a quiet day, if I ever get one, I will tell you about the cows I used to own!!!!

august4 001

This was the first place I came across

august4 003

and i walked on some lovely beaches!!

august4 004

august4 010

august4 013

august4 020

Stopped for lunch and could not believe that there was a penguin on the beach!!!!!

august4 015

The English readers will know what I mean!!!!!!!!

august4 022

This little church was tucked away in the forest..

august4 026

august4 027mmmm good!!

august4 028

It was a nice adventure and I arrived back at 3pm and spent about an hour doing chores including washing and preparing dinner

august4 029

and doing some cleaning inside and out of Ramona and then read and sunbathed for a while….had a great supper and Gail you will be happy to know I took all your advice and the beans, carrots and potatoes turned out perfectly in the steamer!!

Showered and got ready to go to my first Ceilidh…did you look it up yet??

It was on the same way as I went last night except only 20km so made sure I had a full tank of gas…

august4 043

august4 044

august4 032

august4 036

The small hall was packed not an empty seat anywhere and after the first few bars of the the first song everyone was stamping their feet and hand clapping…they were incredible musicians!!!

This young lady tapped but was too fast for my camera!!!

august4 041

Intermission was served in the basement…

august4 047

august4 049

It was probably the best 10 dollars worth of entertainment I have had for years…just a great evening looking forward to more of these kind of evenings….the ride back was uneventful!!!

Tomorrow I leave here and go about 30 km to a lady couch surfing host who lives on 4 acres so will post tomorrow if I can…….

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