Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday 15th August 2011…another Newfie Welcome!!!

Yet another morning waking up to sunshine!!!  Had a lovely breakfast of French toast and again on the road by 9am…small roads for a while

aug15 001

then onto the Trans Canada highway!!

Whilst I am in NL I want to see the big three, whales, moose and icebergs…well so far I have only seen one moose and that was this morning!!!

aug15 002I know it doesn’t look real BUT!!!!

Just shortly after noon I was pulling into the town of

aug15 003

where I had made arrangements to do another couch surfing stay and I soon found the home of my hostess Vera…was welcomed warmly with tea, cheese and sandwiches and we sat and got to know each other.  Vera is very lovely and kind and her little house is so cool.  She asked me if I wanted to go for a ride and we drove around the rest of the afternoon to quaint little villages that I never would have seen on my own…here are a few photos!!

aug15 005

aug15 009

aug15 006

aug15 007

We stopped at this small family restaurant and had wonderful fish and chips and Vera thank you I wanted to buy but you insisted   …even take home dessert!!

Back at Vera’s house I was able to get cleaned up and did a small load of laundry and then we sat and exchanged travel stories.  Vera has lived in many countries and had great stories……because her driveway is quite narrow I am parked about half a mile away in a secluded spot and am going back to the house for breakfast before I head out in the morning.

What a lovely way to spend the day and I am amazed once again at the kindness of the people I meet!!!

Map picture

I received this e mail today from Robin in San Miguel



Daniela and Paola imagine Niagara Falls!

Afterward, one asked the other, "Should I take this or should you?"

The other answered, "I kept the most recent one, so this one is for you!"

Love and blessings,


So may day was a great one hope yours was too…blessings Les

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