Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Wednesday 3rd August 2011……Over to the north coast!!

Found out there is another Birthday celebration….my school and soccer buddy from 50 years ago…Happy Birthday Ian!!

Today started out cool and rainy and it was time to move over to the north coast but first I had to find a car wash to get some of the red dirt off Ramona the only car wash I could find Ramona was too high so I had a brain wave parked her side wards to the entrance and the hose just managed to reach then I turned her around and did the other side….saw this nice view of the bridge..

August 3rd 001

I had made reservations yesterday at an RV park and I arrived just after 11am

August 3rd 002

This is really a well run and nice park with full facilities..

August 3rd 003

August 3rd 004

August 3rd 007

Apart from the great amenities they also honour my Passport America membership…this is a membership club where the annual fees are 44 dollars and then at certain affiliated parks you get half price sites… for one night my total cost is $16….that includes power, water, clubhouse and laundry showers and Wi fi…not bad….as you can tell I prefer to be out in the wilderness but it is nice once in a while to be spoilt……this is only my 7th park in 40 days….and 4 of those were in Yellowstone!!!

About 2pm it stopped raining so I took the opportunity to get Bonita out on the road and smelling the ocean!!

August 3rd 016

Some sights along the way

August 3rd 011

August 3rd 020

August 3rd 018

August 3rd 019

When I am on Bonita I put my camera on a strap and have it around my neck which was the only reason I was able to get this quick shot!!!

August 3rd 023

I am presuming it is a fox??

Along the road I saw a sign for home made baking in this house so I stopped and went in..

August 3rd 008

So I bought a few things and next door was this sign

August 3rd 009

August 3rd 010

So I am now the proud owner of my first bag of the famous PEI potatoes

August 3rd 026$2.50 for this bag!!!

I came home and used my steamer pot to cook fresh carrots, beans and pots…and they tasted wonderful.

After getting shaved and showered it was back on Bonita to go about 30 km to this concert

August 3rd 028

August 3rd 025

August 3rd 031

August 3rd 029

August 3rd 035

This was a very entertaining show by very talented musicians all from one family Dad, his 3 sons and his daughter…I did enjoy it but to be brutally honest I would have preferred if there was not so much preaching after every song …just a comment but still a great performance.

The weather forecast is not great for tomorrow so will see what happens I am booked here for tomorrow night then Friday I am going to another Couch surfers home for at least one day….

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