Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday 17 July 2017...........Musings......

The sun finally came out this weekend and I was able to play tennis on Saturday morning and yesterday was lovely also today up till now 5.00 pm the skies have darkened and the rain is about to come down...... I have had trouble trying to write this blog as I was not able to access the New Post on Blogger...I tried all sorts of help lines without success but just now I did something I have to admit I do not know what but I think this will post!!!! Enjoyed watching Roger win another Grand slam yesterday from Wimbledon....
Hope you all have a super week best wishes.... Yashi Kochi!!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thursday 13th July may be inclined

to ask me what I am doing writing a blog at 9.30 am on a Thursday morning???

The answer would be I am doing the same thing I was doing last Tuesday morning at 9.30 am!!!!!!!

Which is???


All I will say is that little word....rain!!!!

Yesterday again the winning ways continue at poker with an 80 pesos victory!!!!

Gracie and I are going to my favorite thing is called Play readers...and a group of local performers who read a play.... tonight the play is called Motor Trade written by the famous Canadian play wright Norm Foster...all his productions I have seen have been really funny and  well it should be a good evening even better when I tell you the cost of admission is only 20 pesos it out in your currency!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Sunday 9th July 2017...another Tennis Slam!!!

Today was the 5th Tennis slam that I have organized and at 1 pm 12 players met at the courts..this theme was for Independence 4th July event and so everyone was informed they must wear red, white and blue!!!!

I usually take a lot more group photos do not know what happened this time, sorry!!

Here is Debra and Jenny, who won the prize for best dressed!!!

Diane and Mathew....
 Yours truly brightly attired!!

Unfortunately after only two hours of tennis the heavens opened and the rain poured down and we had to abandon the rest of the matches but at the time.....Jenny and Steve were ahead  on points and were awarded the first prize.......they wanted trophies I was told at the last I unselfishly awarded both Jenny and Steve each one of my old soccer trophies from like 20 years ago!!!

We had fun and it is always good to get on the courts and have some fun and slam September to celebrate Mexican Independence day!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Thursday 6th July 2017.......Hallelujah!!!!!!

Well I have not lost at poker since I came back and yesterday the winning streak was kept alive albeit only 20 pesos!!!!!!!!

You may not recognize these photos!!!!!!!

Yes the rain stopped briefly and tennis was on again  this morning....two great hours and it felt so good!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Wednesday 5th July 2017...and again!!!!!!!

A belated Happy 4th of July to all my USA readers!!!!!

Gracie and I went to a local bar for a celebration but to be frank it was not worth the money!!!..

A lot of people were there the food ran out and what was left was not very tasty...the music was so so and then the heavens opened and this huge hail storm came through...we both looked at each other and wished we had stayed home...I guess the saving grace may be we won the first raffle prize....a steak and wine at the bar, not sure we will use that.....when we got home the power was out all night!!!!

Anyway all is well and wet this morning....I have to rest now to be alert for my poker afternoon.....

Yashi Kochi!!!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Monday 3rd July 2017....Cannot be a bad day when a waterfall appears!!!

With all the heavy rains the last few days I decided to hike to the Botanical gardens to check to see if the water was going over the dam.......what do you think???

I forgot my camera so these shots are taken with my smart phone a first for me!!!

 Just amazing to think that about 9 weeks ago this was the scene here!!!!!

A huge difference!!!!

 My lunch view!!!!

 I had to cross over the dam and only one way way off with the socks and shoes!!!!
A round trip of 7 wonderful miles!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Saturday 1st July 2017.... a special day!!!!

Rabbits , Rabbits, Rabbits!!!!!!

Canada 150: What does it mean to be Canadian today?

  • From the sect

A large 3D Canada 150 sign in CalgaryImage copyrightALAMY

This week will see many full-throated renditions of "O Canada!"
The "Happy Canada Day" signs are already planted in front yards and the country is preparing to celebrate a birthday on Saturday, 150 years since British and French Canada bonded together to form a confederation.
Hanging over the ceremonies is the question of identity - the great driver of so much of today's politics.
Canada, like other countries, poses the question of who we are and how we define ourselves in a churning global world.
Some say it is insecurity, the changing face of communities, which has been a recruiter for so much of the recent anti-establishment politics and that the call to take back control of countries and borders reflects a broader unease.

Fault line

The Canadian anniversary is gathering attention because Canada is increasingly saluted by some as a champion of liberal democracy.

Justin TrudeauImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionCanadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won a landslide victory in 2015's general election

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has become a standard bearer for internationalism in stark contrast to the economic nationalism of Donald Trump.
Canada finds itself astride one of the great fault lines of modern politics.
Canadians are immensely proud of what has been carved out of wilderness and a harsh climate, but they wear their identity lightly.
When asked "What defines a Canadian?", they often answer with symbols: ice hockey, Tim Hortons coffee, wilderness, a canoe and portage, an array of singers - but the list usually comes with an ironic smile.
Canadians often define themselves by what they are not: their neighbour to the south.

Tim Hortons outletImage copyrightTIM HORTONS
Image captionTim Hortons says eight out of 10 cups of coffee sold in Canada are served at its outlets

There is an appetite for a more positively defined Canadian identity, but for most of the time, many Canadians seem happy for it to remain largely undefined.
Mr Trudeau has offered his own take on what Canada is and how it is defined.
"This is something," he said, "we are able to do in this country, because we define a Canadian not by a skin colour or a language or a religion or a background, but by a set of values, aspirations, hopes and dreams that not just Canadians but people and the world share."

Difficult past

Canada is perhaps one of the few countries in the world where welcoming refugees is regarded as patriotic.
But as the anniversary approaches, the past intrudes.
The lead singer of The Tragically Hip, often referred to as "Canada's band", has spoken of a country incomplete.

Gord Downie is awarded the Order of Canada by Governor General David Johnston at Rideau Hall in Ottawa in June 2017Image copyrightREUTERS
Image captionTragically Hip singer Gord Downie was awarded the Order of Canada for his work with the country's indigenous people

Gord Downie asked: "What is it about this country that is not a country?"
Canada, in his view, could not be a country until it had reconciled itself to the First Nations, the indigenous people.
As we celebrate doughnuts and ice hockey, he said, we are not actually a nation, we're a country that hasn't embraced its history.
The scars of the recent past still wound: the 150,000 Inuit and Metis children who were removed from their communities between 1840 and 1996, and sent to residential schools in order to assimilate them.

1950: North American Indian children in their dormitory at a Canadian boarding school. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionIndigenous children at a residential school in 1950

Some of the First Nations want to be part of modern Canada, but many grieve for land and culture that they believe was stolen from them.
In recent years Canada has undergone immense change. Toronto is now one of the most multicultural cities in the world, although economic power still largely rests with older Canadian families.

The British connection

For much of the time, the world ignores this country and the immensity of its wilderness.
I emigrated to Canada in the 1980s. What I saw then - and it remains true - is that for many people in the world the flag is a symbol of tolerance, of refuge, and of a civilised country.
As the country looks to the future, there is the issue of the British connection and the role of head of state. On the prairies of Saskatchewan or in the increasingly diverse city of Vancouver, Britain seems far away, a distant relative.
There is speculation as to what will happen when Prince Charles inherits the throne. Will Canada welcome him as its head of state?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are welcomed in the remote hamlet of Carcross in October 2016Image copyrightPA
Image captionThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went on a royal tour of Canada in 2016, five years after they first visited the country as newly-weds.

The younger Royals have been attentive to Canada, but polls suggest Canadians will eventually vote for change.
However, changing the head of state does not seem to be an immediate priority. Indeed, many Canadians are wary of opening up the issue of identity.
Defining how a Canadian head of state was chosen or elected would be hugely sensitive, not least to the French-speaking Quebecois, who held two referendums on independence in 1980 and 1995. The majority for staying in Canada in the latter vote was wafer-thin.

Less predictable friends?

Canada has fostered its alliances - most often as a junior partner - but its closest allies have become less predictable friends.
Britain is seen by some Canadians as preoccupied with its own identity crisis, bruised by the fallout from the Brexit vote and inward looking. Similarly some consider America to be undermining the very institutions it helped create to shape international order, such as Nato.

Angela Merkel and Justin Trudeau at the Nato summit in Warsaw in July 2016Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionGermany and Canada are both recalibrating their relationships with the US and the UK

Canada, like Europe, is dropping broad hints that - as the German Chancellor Angela Merkel put it - "the times in which we could rely on others - they are somewhat over".
Recently, Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland gave what for a Canadian is an unusual assessment of where the country finds itself with regards to the United States.
"The fact that our friend and ally," she said, "has come to question the very worth of its mantle of global leadership, puts into sharp focus the need for the rest of us to set our own clear and sovereign course."
The Canada of the future may prove to have a more distinctive and assertive voice.

Everything is drying out after the huge storm last night.......

Gracie and I went out to Los Labrodas a gated a community about 15 minutes out of town for a Canada Day celebration.......the location is very lovely..but we could only see a few people and because of that and the fact the weather was a bit "iffy" we decided not to stay but I took Gracie to a great hamburger restaurant in the was really good.

This evening the heavens opened up again and another huge storm came through.....

The Internet is strange I can do this but cannot access anything Yahoo including my e mails..........

Yashi Kochi!!!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday 30th June favorite hike!!!!!

Last night Gracie and I went out  to a small piano bar where 35 people paid 200 pesos about 11 US dollars and and about 13 Canadian dollars to listen to this amazing tenor swoon the place he was just magical...
It was the best value for money anywhere!!!!

Today no rain so i decided to do a long hike to my favorite place here in SMA....

So I started from home down past the large supermarket and this view with the red showing where I am heading and what is there????

See the white structure???
Now you know thanks zoom camera!!!!
On the way uop to the cross looking back at the Pressa!!!

Just a wonderful view from  the top!!

This fruit is called tuna!!!
I usually see a herd of wild horses and a white one especially that I normally pet but today only this fella!!!!
Anybody see the bridge??
Great fun going over this....
This is the view from the bridge a few more weeks with all the rains there will be this most amazing waterfall flowing down here!!!
This is the top of the waterfall not ready yet!!!
Looking down you can see where over time the force of the water has formed these ridges in the rock!!!

One the way back home saw this unusual building!!!
Could not figure out what they are making at first I thought the one on the left was a basket for the hot air balloons!!!
So here is the App that I use to chart the walk!!!!
It was a great work out and a nice peaceful time......

So tennis is scheduled for tomorrow morning but there is NO WAY!!!!

Around 6 pm the heavens opened I have never seen rain quite like it and then followed by hail stones as big as a quarter and now at 10 pm it is still raining...I looked outside my front door it is not a road anymore it is a river!!!

I feel so sorry for those people in the Campo's!!!!!!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thursday 29th June 2017...enough already!!!!

Yes I know we need rain for the crops....
Yes I know we need rain for the flowers and plants....
Yes I know we need rain for the reservoir...
Yes I know rain is important.....

BUT so is my tennis morning!!!!!!

Cancelled again and these are the views from my front door!!!

This time of the year is the rainy season so I know I have to get used to it!!!!! Just saying!!!!!

I had a really hard session with my trainer.... Joe put me through the wringer again but all good....later in the afternoon with Gracie we went to have lunch with my lovely friend Robin, always so nice to see her we have been friends for many years stretching back to the Casa Hogar days!!!!

Ashley is in another tournament this time in Alabama and won her match again today WAY TO GO GIRL!!!!

OK next tennis  is scheduled for Saturday...stay tuned!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tuesday 27th June 2017....the season has started!!!

The heavy monsoon type rains started late yesterday afternoon and kept going until the late evening so I knew the tennis game this morning would be cancelled as the clay courts just cannot get dry till late in the afternoon!!!

The rains usually go through until late July so I expect more cancellations....but the rain is so needed after such a hot and dry May!!!!!

I have some photos to down load but for some reason the computer will not scan the card!!!!

My session at the gym with Joe this afternoon was another good and hard workout!!

This afternoon a local lady who walked the Camino last year was giving a lecture and advice session and I decided I should was interesting to hear another pilgrim and their experiences and the meeting was well attended and of course it stirred up many wonderful memories for me.

This evening Gracie invited two of her friends over for dinner I BBQ some lovely  steaks we bought at Costco last week and it was a very pleasant evening!!!!

Now waiting for the rains to start!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday 26th June 2017....Sunday hike!!!

Yesterday around 11 am Gracie and I and the two dogs Einstein and Scout took of for a little road trip to La Joya which is on the road to QTO and about 45 minutes away it is a beautiful drive high into the mountains by a  series of winding roads until you get to the entrance where you pay 15 pesos and it is actually a camp site in the woods very lovely......

We let the dogs roam free and they enjoyed that...

This was funny because on the way back we met this group of scouts and they loved the dogs but they heard us calling Scout to come back and they thought that was a funny can catch Scout on the far right behind the kids!!!

 saw this boy on the village back to the highway!!!
 Back in SMA one of the narrow busy streets leading to the Jardin!!!
 and an interesting shop window!!
I am afraid my winning ways in Scrabble and cards has left me I now owe Gracie 4 dinners...she does not know  it yet but that means 4 street taco stands!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thursday 22nd June 2017............simple!!!

Weather wise every day is virtually the same around 78 degrees cooling off a little in the evenings....the sky a vibrant mix of white and blues!!!

Played another two hours of great tennis this is such a wonderful way to start the day we play from 9 am to 11 am....great friends and great exercise!!!

I went again to Joe's for my 30 minute work out on the Power he put me through the wringer a really hard session but enjoyable especially afterwards when he weighed me and I am so happy I am back to 177 pounds, my fighting weight!!!

Ashley fresh of her victory at her first Pro tennis event quickly moved south to Baton Rouge where she is playing in another similar event and today she won a great match against a 29 year old woman from Montenegro who has won thousands of dollars and played nearly 500 games on tour, she is now in to the quarter finals and plays the No.1 seed tomorrow, she is doing so well and again I tell you she is only 17 years old!!!

Last night I reported that I was too modest to tell the score of the scrabble games with Gracie now I must tell the truth it was not modesty but shame....we have been playing cards and scrabble the last few evenings and as always I throw in a small challenge with dinners on the line for the winners....well I honestly tell you that between the two  different games I now owe Gracie three dinners.......I may need to come out of retirement to pay my gaming losses!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

Monday 17 July 2017...........Musings......

The sun finally came out this weekend and I was able to play tennis on Saturday morning and yesterday was lovely also today up till now 5.00...