Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Monday 1st August 2011….Prince Edward Island!!!

Hard for me to believe it is a new month I have been on the road now 37 days!!!

On the road by 9am and a pretty uneventful drive towards PEI I shall explore more of New Brunswick in late September on my way back.

By 11.30am I was approaching the Confederation Bridge… now not a joke like yesterday… this is the world’s longest free standing bridge over ice covered water.  You can get on to PEI by this bridge or further north by ferry the beauty of it is that you do not pay to go over you only pay when you leave the Island.

Some views of the bridge!!!

August 1 004



August 1 006

August 1 010

August 1 013

I stopped in the Visitors Centre and received some great maps and decided for my first day I would drive to the North cape on the west tip of the Island!!

It was obvious right away the flavour of the Island and the loveliness of it all and many people had told me that and also how friendly the people were…well it was time to put that to the test as I needed to fill up my fresh water tank and 3 gas stations that I stopped at had no outside water tap…so on the small side roads that I was travelling I decided to stop at the next house that looked good for me to ask to fill up the tank and before long I found the right house the man was outside cutting grass.the driveway was wide and I saw a water tap at the corner….so I  went into his yard and told him my story and of course he said sure drive on up!!!!!  A great start to the Island trip!!

August 1 014Some traffic obstacles!!

After about 80 minutes I arrived at

August 1 015

There was a huge parking area and it looked right away a great place to spend the night so here is Ramona all settled in

August 1 054

I do love the ocean and it will be nice to go to sleep with the lapping of the waves tonight.

I try and do a good walk everyday and there was a great trail here along the cliff top about 9km

August 1 016

August 1 017

August 1 019Have to like the zoom on my camera!!!  The good news about that is that I have not had to exchange it now in over a week!!!!!!

August 1 020Lots of red clay!!

August 1 023

August 1 026

August 1 027

The trail…

August 1 028

August 1 030

This area is a test site for these wind generated machines and this is the first time I have been so close to one to see the hugeness and the power and hear the noise!!

August 1 033

August 1 035

August 1 036

August 1 037

August 1 038

August 1 039

August 1 041

August 1 043

August 1 044

Back at the parking lot there was some information on the turbines..

August 1 049

August 1 048Just huge!!!

August 1 050

I am determined to put my feet in the Atlantic Ocean but I think these bodies of water are not it anyway I shall dangle my toes at every opportunity and one day soon it will be the Atlantic!!!

August 1 052

So i had a great first day, a lovely hike, a nice supper, a great view and now tea and a movie.

I shall try and post this tomorrow sometime on my journey!!!!

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Elaine said...

That is quite a bridge, isn't it? I have always found the people in PEI as well as NS very friendly, helpful and pleasant.

I remember years ago when traveling with 3 kids in tow and asking for directions in either PEI or maybe NS ( can't remember now which) and the man insisted we come home for dinner. With 3 kids, we thought this was just too much, but we did have quite a time thanking and refusing.

Try and get to one of their Community Lobster Dinners, they used to run on certain nights all summer, the last number of times we've been down have been in the fall so we've missed them. It's a wonderful experience. Just like the turkey dinners on the prairies, but with lobster instead.
Enjoying your pictures.
Elaine in BC

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