Friday, August 26, 2011

Thursday 25th August 2011…you will learn much here today!!

First of all did you know that sea gulls wake up at 6.43am??  Not 6.45am or 7am but 6.43am.

Did you know that immediately after waking up at 6.43am sea gulls make this very loud screeching noise, or gawking noise or whatever noise sea gulls make?

Then did you know that after waking up at 6.43am and making the above described noise they sit on the closest vehicle possible?

So you don’t have to be Einstein to know how may day started!!!

BUT… was a beautiful, hot and sunny morning!!!

I drove about 20 minutes and found this little village called Cape Ray with usual lighthouse

aug15 001

and the most gorgeous beach!!

aug15 005


Stopped for breakfast

aug15 004

with the view from dining room table!!

aug15 002

After breakfast in just my shorts I hiked the whole length of the beach

aug15 008

aug15 010

Could these be baby Moose paw prints??

aug15 013

aug15 014

aug15 017

aug15 019

aug15 011

aug15 023

It was a wonderful way to spend my last few hours in NL.

So I am on way to the ferry terminal on the Trans Canada Highway and I round this bend and WHOAAAAAA!  Right on the lane in front of me…


at last a MOOSE!!!!!

Soon I arrived at the ferry terminal

aug15 024

and we left on time at 4.30pm.

aug15 026

aug15 025

aug15 027

aug15 028

aug15 030

So ends nearly three magical weeks on this Island.  Thank you to all the kind people I met especially Jude and Rick, you opened up your home and hearts to a virtual stranger…thanks!!   My couch surfing friend Vera who could not have been more hospitable and to Natalie for all the touristy stuff!!

I saw some incredible sights and the memory of the icebergs will forever stay with me… an aside

THERE ARE NO MOOSE IN NEWFOUNDLAND!!!  The above photo and story was poetic licence…remember it is my blog….

I hope to post this from the ferry but the Internet is very slow.

I now look forward to exploring all of Nova Scotia starting this weekend with the Cabot Trail……hope you enjoyed this trip too!!!!

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