Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday 16th August 2011….road trip!!

I am just leaving my overnight stop which was perfect and off to Vera's for breakfast and then heading west before turning and going north …I am going to the northern tip of the Island and then I want to take the ferry to go into Labrador at least for one day to say I have been.  I think it will be a fantastic week of travelling and hopefully will see a real Moose, see that huge Iceberg and will be on the look out for whales…..today is cloudy and cool a good day for a long drive.  I will post when I can but I think this is sort of back country type adventure but will see……best wishes to all my readers and I hope I am entertaining you for a few minutes each day….I know ladies you want more photos of me in my shorts!!!!  What can I say!!!!

Map picture

My destination!!!

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