Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tuesday 16th August 2011….I AM CUTE!!!!

Had a lovely breakfast and said my goodbyes and thanks to Vera and on the road just before 10am and it was raining so a good day for a long drive!!

aug16 001

Most of the trip today was on the Trans Canada Highway a well maintained road…

aug16 004still seeing the signs!!!

In the afternoon i needed to get gas and propane…finding propane was becoming a bit of a problem as the gas stations don’t have the right connections but after several tries I did find a place and boy was it expensive 34 dollars for 19 litres!!!!

I then stopped and got 150 dollars of gas not like in BC where you have to pay before you pump here you put the gas in and then go inside and pay.  So when I went inside to pay the young girl about 20 years old only charged me 145 dollars so I said to her it was 150 on the pump…she just smiled at me and said I gave you a discount..I said thanks and why and wait for it……..are you ready??



So I strutted back to Ramona and was on my way with a huge smile on my face!!!

The rain continued as I entered

aug16 005Gros Morne National Park.

It was about 5pm and I had driven 265 miles and decided enough for one day…I found this place to spend the night

aug16 006

aug16 007

I used my steamer for fresh potatoes and cabbage and had a piece of Costco chicken pot pie and home made gravy…it was good…you know by know what I do in the evenings.

The road from here to the tip of the Island is the same road back so I had to decide whether to stop and see sights on the way up or do them on the way back and I have decided to go straight through and catch them on the way back this will put me at the top tomorrow where I know from checking in at the Visitors service centre the icebergs and whales are still there as is that huge iceberg which they have named the Petermann Ice Island…you can take a three hour boat tour up there and this was the record of their sightings yesterday…..

80 icebergs

25 humpback whales

6 fin whales

75 plus dolphins

So my chances are good!!!

The last couple of days have been birthdays for three of my lovely friends…..Heather of the Quilted Duck fame……my wonderful “Big Sister” Allison and not forgetting the Mexican Train Queen and special friend Barb…so Happy Birthday LADIES!!!!


Sara said...

Aw those Newfie lassies know how to impress. I get discounts all the time for the same reason:-)

mexicokid said...

do I go on your blog and make nasty comments??// I am a little bit cute!!!!

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