Saturday, October 22, 2016

Friday 21st October 2016...only on the west coast!!!

Woke up to torrential rain and very dark skies!!!!

Spent the morning doing my final sorting out of stuff I need to take and i think Little Bluey will be able to handle it all!!

I called Karen this morning and told her to be ready for noon and I would pick her up  and nothing else.

She was waiting for me and thought I was taking her for lunch but instead I took her to the she had to have a large bag of popcorn!!!

I had told Karen about my big win at poker last night and who was in the line up in front of us but Eric, one of the players from last I got Karen to go to Eric and to thank him for the movie ticket.....he enjoyed the joke when he saw it as me...

We saw the new Tom Cruise movie with the star Jack Reacher from the Lee Child book...I have read and enjoyed all his books and the movie was action packed and entertaining....

As the header indicates only here could we go into the movie with the rain pounding down only to exit two hours later to brilliant sunshine!!!

I dropped Karen home and said good bye to her...we have been great friends for nearly 25 years now and have a special friendship that I cherish!!

I went and did a final shop a few items I cannot get in Mexico...Heather cooked a great supper and just a quiet night at home.....Ben's girlfriend Mia is a fabulous artist and graphic designer and I had asked her if she would paint a house sign for new new casita ..I told her what I would like on it and left it up to her to design and she did a remarkable job don't you think??
The things that are important to me and Doris my Mum's name!!!!

So my final weekend on the Island.......should be fun!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thursday 20th October Kenny Rogers sang.."You've got to know when to hold em know when to fold em""

Up bright and early this morning and at the shoe shop by 8.30 am as Little Bluey needed 4 new great service and out 40 minutes later!!!

Did some more shopping and then this afternoon took Boomer out on another long walk except this time he really loved it because he was off leash!!!
It rained quite hard and then the sun came out...

It was a nice hike to the waterfall but there is about a 70 foot drop path down to the falls that is steep and has ropes to help you down..I have been down there before but did not want to risk it with Boomer...
So you will have to enjoy these photos taken from the Internet!!

It is a beautiful fall especially after all this rain....we had fun and Boomer ran miles!!!

A nice hot bath and tonight is poker night....I have been in this poker group for about 14 years a really great set of guys and we meet for dinner first at a local pub and then 4 hours of trying to put on a better poker face than the next guy......

It was great to see them all again and really happy to report I won 28  dollars...I think they were glad for me to leave!!!

In these times of strife and trouble please take a few minutes and go to You Tube and enter
Scott Hoying blowing in the wind sit back and listen and enjoy!!!

A great day!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wednesday 19th October 2016...a little bit of everything!!!

Heather had the morning off work and

So she helped me with some things I needed and almost 90 minutes later we were back at the house and I had a great 42 inch TV, A down comforter, Fleecy Queen bed sheets, a nice pair of grey sweat pants and a warm black merino long sleeved top!!!!
Not bad eh?????

Had a a lazy afternoon watching another great Baseball Play off game from Toronto unfortunately they lost the game and the series and now their season is over and hockey takes over.

Took Boomer for his usual long walk we always do a different route around the area but always about 9 km and he loves to go even in the rain.....

I actually sat and watched the Presidential debate on TV and my only comment is that with a country with a population of close to 350 million these are the very best two candidates they can muster???

Janet and Malc set off tomorrow on their grand 50th Wedding gifts to themselves....they fly to Sydney spend three nights before boarding the exact same cruise ship I was on last year, the Noordam and sail down through Melbourne, Tasmania and to New Zealand on a 14 night cruise and then three nights in  Auckland before flying both deserve this wonderful and exciting break enjoy and I hope Malc the 17 pairs of socks and underwear you had Janet pack for you enjoy the journey!!!

Talking of trips....
So just to keep you up to date of my traveling plans....I leave on Monday and drive down to Victoria where I take the Black Ball Ferry to Port Angeles and then drive down south till I connect with Interstate 5 by Olympia and then follow that south....the ferry gets me into Port Angeles around noon and as I do not know how far I shall drive that afternoon I am not going to book any where to stay but just find a motel when I get tired.........

Hope to be around Eugene Oregon for the first stop!!

Tomorrow I will show you plans for the second day drive!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tuesday 18th October 2016......the women in my life!!!!

In my 68 plus years I have been very honored to date and have relationships with some amazing women...I even ventured down that path called matrimony but that was a wrong turn for me that ended quite quickly....

This is not an egotistical post but I have had some fascinating experiences and I feel blessed to have met these special women but there is one that really stands out for me and I want to tell you about her....

We met in the summer of 2006 in Washington State and whether you believe in it or not to me it seemed like love at first sight....she was engaging with a delightful disposition, gorgeous to look at and she treated me like I was the only man on the planet what man could not fall for her??.

She was American so we spent many months in the States and as she loved the open road and seeing new vistas as much as I did a lot of our special times were moving around......we camped at the base of majestic mountains, by the sweet smelling forests, at secluded beaches and life was just good for both of us.

We had 6 glorious years together and really only a couple of small hiccups in that whole time....I introduced her to my family and close friends and we seemed to be set for life...but sadly there came a time in the summer of 2012 when we decided to part company..we talked for hours about the directions our lives were heading and at that point I needed to see more of the world and wanted to travel and live in a different country and she was not able to join me in these intended we ended our relationship but it ended so sweetly, no angry words, no regrets just loads and loads of happy memories.........

I moved to San Miguel to live and she stayed here in Nanaimo...and I think we have both done well in our separate lives.....

Today I decided to go visit and say hello and see how she was making out in her life and I was thrilled to see her and to know that she is doing so well.....she has a new man in her life now who treats her the way she deserves to be treated and she is totally happy  as am I.

So it was a day of mixed emotions for me ....

Say hello to my special friend!!!

My Ramona!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday 17th October 2016....well I have made up my mind!!!!

I am gonna get me one of these!!!!!!

This Boomer he is a "chick" magnet.....

Went for our long walk again this afternoon and he just attracts the ladies like crazy not since my late 20's and 30's when I was a dead ringer for George Clooney have I received so many nice and wonderful comments from ladies who jog in tight spandex!!!!!!

The first comment was from a woman who was running and stopped and told me I had an adorable face!!!!  I just smiled and said why thank you so much you are pretty cute too!!!

Next was two more joggers who told me I was adorable and I again said thank you and commented that you both look lovely too!!

Finally another lady stopped and told me that I was so well groomed and I said thank you and told her that I do try to take care of myself!!!

My ego is still on cloud nine and all thanks to just walking Boomer!!!

Kirby who is working away for a short while sent this photo of the sunset tonight in Tofino...pretty spectacular!!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday 16th October easy day!!!!

Nothing really exciting today...after breakfast I took Boomer out for another long walk about 9 km and it managed to stay dry whilst I was out...

Then went to do a little shopping and only managed to get a small Humming bird feeder but another item off my list.

The late afternoon was spent sorting through some more of my stuff and sat down to a delicious roast pork dinner that Heather had cooked.

This evening we watched a movie on was very enjoyable....see told you it was an easy day!!

A week today I start my road trip down to San Miguel arriving on the 6th November....below is a map of the route..

More details later in the week....

Storm update.....the big storm really never came and the winds have died and the stopped for the minute but the forecast for next week is more rain....

Yashi Kochi!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Saturday 15th October 2016..... sporty rainy stormy day!!!!

Started my morning by watching a live soccer game from England at 7.00 is fun watching on a 63 inch screen!!!!....afterwards I put on my rain gear got the umbrella out and took Boomer for a long walk about 9 km..he walks really well does not bother other dogs and is fun to be out with.
By 11 am the rain was coming down hard and as you can tell from the report below it is going to be a doozie of a storm!!

Conditions in the Lower Mainland are expected to rapidly deteriorate throughout the day as a powerful storm fueled by the remnants of Typhoon Songda makes its way to the Pacific Northwest, affecting the entire coast from southern British Columbia to Oregon.
According to Environment Canada’s latest update this morning, the storm is now expected to directly hit southern Vancouver Island and Metro Vancouver this evening. Previous models had the storm possibly tracking through Washington State, but that has since changed to a path through the South Coast of BC.

Our  today is taking a "classic path." Another arrow will likely be added to this diagram. Courtesy: Wolf Reid

No ordinary fall wind and rain storm

The first two storms since Wednesday were akin to typical fall storms that roll through BC, however the next storm has the makings to be the strongest storm to hit Metro Vancouver in many years.
A number of storms that pass through the Pacific Northwest every year are influenced by storm systems in the tropics, usually weaker tropical storms and tropical depressions.
But with today’s storm, it is directly enhanced by Typhoon Songda in the West Pacific when it was still a potent category 4 super typhoon. Songda ran into the jet stream, which broke up the typhoon and carried its moisture-rich and wind energy remnants.
The same jet stream is now delivering the storm to the BC South Coast at 300 km/hr at an altitude of 30,000 feet.

High winds, heavy rain, and lightning

The federal weather agency expects strong southeast winds of 60 km/hr to 100 km/hr to develop ahead of the storm in the South Coast late this afternoon, with winds strongest in Metro Vancouver from 9 pm to 2 am. Winds will then shift to southwesterly behind the low.
Some areas, such as the west coast of Vancouver Island and even parts of the Strait of Georgia, could see hurricane-force gusts of 120 km/hr.
“The third in a series of strong storms will approach the coast this afternoon with winds rising late this afternoon and reaching warning level this evening,” reads a statement by Environment Canada.
“The storm which carries energy and moisture from the remnants of Typhoon Songda is forecast to cross southern Vancouver Island this evening and then move onto the Sunshine Coast tonight.”
Over 50 mm of rain is expected to fall on Metro Vancouver, Howe Sound, and the eastern side of Vancouver Island.

Model guidance in this afternoon is VERY concerning. Be prepared by 3-4 pm this evening. Brown = Hurricane force gusts (> 120 km/h) 
Lightning storms from this storm system is possible later today and tomorrow.
“This system is compact in size, and convective in nature and thus thunderstorms may be associated at times today, and especially behind the system tomorrow,” continues the statement.
“As such, rainfall totals are harder to estimate than winds with this system. More rainfall warnings may be issued as Environment Canada meteorologists track the system through today and Sunday.”

Localized flooding and power outages possible

Low-lying areas could be particularly vulnerable to flooding given that the ground is saturated with water from the first two storms. Flooding is also possible from leaves that were blown down from the last two storms, as leaves can clog up drains and pipes.
And as most trees are still largely leafed, more branches or even entire trees could topple down. Most storm-related power outages in BC are caused by branches and trees falling onto hydro lines.
Washouts could also occur near rivers, creeks, and culverts, and mountainside slopes could become unstable, increasing the possibility of rockslides and landslides.
Shorelines near Vancouver should be avoided as very large waves, aided by storm surge, can be expected.

There were dozens of weather-related flight delays at Vancouver International Airport yesterday. YVR is advising passengers traveling today and tomorrow to check their airline before heading out to the airport.

This afternoon Heather and I ventured out for a couple of hours....on my Face book which I still do not like or use I saw that an old friend Cynthia who lives in Vancouver was at a local hotel today selling her brand of ladies clothing.
I have known Cynthia for many years now we used to work together as noon hour supervisors at a local high school, she is lovely petite and was always dressed so nicely and a kind and gentle disposition and especially since she is the Mum to triplets boys!!!!
I have not seen her for years but we stay in touch at times by e mail so when I found out she would be in town I wanted to go and say we went to the hotel and sure enough there was the lady I have always called Cute Mum!!!
 Boy I sure need a face coach to teach me how to smile and not be all teeth!!!!!

We had a nice chat and was lovely to connect with her!!
From there we drove to the other side of town to a Tire store and i got a quote for new shoes for Little Bluey and then off to a care home also in the same area.

Long time readers of my blog know of my relationship with Eileen and Roy and that I took care of him for a few hours a day for almost 6 years.....sadly both of them are now passed away but I also met Eileen's sister in law Irene and we also became friends and when I returned to the Island I always took the both of them out for lunch it was so fun  having Irene and Eileen as dinner dates got to complicated so I called them one and two!!!
I last visited Irene a year ago before I left on the cruise and yesterday I went to her home only to find a for sale sign there....I checked with the neighbor and found that Irene was now in a care I wanted to see her so that is where Heather and  went next...

Doesn't she look lovely...was great to see her and I think that being in the care home is the best thing for her!!!

On the way home we stopped at a few stores and then home for a nice cuppa....
I watched part of a live hockey game before I went to Karen's house..she cooked a lovely dinner and then treated me to a night at the Theater...the local company was performing Neil Simon's play Lost in Yonkers!!
Taken from the website!!
After the death of their mother, two teen aged boys are sent to live with their formidable grandmother in Yonkers, New York. What happens next in this unusual family involving their father, an uncle and two aunts is both funny and heartrending. Neil Simon's play is filled with laughter, tears and insight, yet another testament to his extraordinary talent.

It was a really well acted play very poignant and mixed emotions......a great way to spend a nice day even though the weather was best described as Yucky!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!