Saturday, January 19, 2019

Saturday 19th January 2019.......the weekend comes quickly!!!

It seems the problem I was having with down loading the photos on to my blog was a temporary issue.....

So yesterday I was out on the scooter and saw the line up at the Mobil station which has been the only station regularly selling gas was down to maybe thirty I quickly drove to Gracie’s house and got my car and went and got in the line up...the indicator on my dash said I had zero gas!!!!

Fortunately I was able to get to the pumps and filled her up 1050 pesos now all is good..the car is full...

..the scooter is full....

And when Gracies car comes out of the shop her car is full too...

It seems the gas situation bis getting better but after that awful explosion outside of Mexico City that killed so many people it is still not resolved!!

So the maps in the previous posts show my planned trip at the end of February which I look forward to.

Gracie and her friend Gabrielle had a joint birthday celebration at a local restaurant last night which was a lot of fun especially when the birthday cake arrived!!!

Life is seeming to return to normal after the work of the Three Kings which I so enjoyed and so grateful to many people...I have  written and thanked everyone and also put a thank you letter in this weeks local newspaper!!!

had a great game of tennis this morning and I am enjoying watching live tennis from Melbourne!!

great weather life is good and I am blessed!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Another test

Test from my casita

Friday, January 18, 2019

It seems that I can download photos at Gracie’s CASA

So maybe it is the internet an my house who knows...

Anyway these are the maps of my road trip at the end of February!!

San Miguel to Rincon

Rincon to Tucson

Tucson to Douglas..

Douglas to Chihuahua..

And then home..

Yashi Kochi!!!

Another test



8th January 2019...birthdays!!!

There are two special birthdays today!!

My longtime and wonderful friend Linda is celebrating her birthday with her family in Tucson and Emily, Gracie’s daughter, is celebrating her birthday with her new baby Isabel and &amply in New wishes and hugs to you both!!

As I mentioned a few days ago I have a long road trip coming up at the end of February.....I have to leave Mexico in order to renew my tourist visa and car permit...this I have to do every 180 days...

So the plan is to drive to Rincon de Guayabitos which is about one hour north of Puerto Vallarta and visit with my long time friends Gail and Larry and Arlene and Doug....they spend their winters at the beach there and have done so for many years and I always get a visit in with them.

Then a two day drive north to Nogales on the Arizona border where I shall overnight and then drive the short distance to Tucson and spend four days there visiting with another lovely and long time friend Linda!!!

Then it is down to Douglas another Arizona border town, get my Mexican paperwork and then cross over the next day and drive through the wonderful mountains into Chihuahua and spend the night and the next day drive back home!!

I know this is a long drive but for me that is part of the fun and adventure and I shall sure enjoy my time with my friends!!!!

I still have been able to fix the issue that I cannot download my photos to this blog...very frustrating will try to get some help over the weekend at the top heading is the message I keep getting..any ideas????

Yashi Kochi!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Thursday 17th January 2019...slow!!!

A pretty easy day for me today.......had a great game of tennis this morning under perfect weather conditions .....

Afterwards went to my foot doctor to get my callous scraped down..I say the foot doctor but I never see him his lovely assistant does the work and she is really good...she made me two more separators so I should be good for a couple of months..the cost was 250 pesos!!!!!

Spent the afternoon relaxing and spent the evening watching live tennis from Melbourne!!!!

Life is good!!!   EXCEPT I CANNOT DOWNLOAD PHOTOS!!!!!,,,

Yashi Kochi!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wednesday 16th January 2018....busy days!!!

Yesterday was Gracie’s birthday!!!!

The morning started with the usual Tuesday morning tennis get together always fun and played under lovely blue skies.....

I then bit the bullet and got on my scooter went to a friends house borrowed a two gallon gas container and scouted out the gas stations all of them were closed but Mobil said they might get gas I parked and walked to the station and was first in the people line but don’t know how long a wait it will be!!!

So I was sitting on the steps about thirty feet from the pumps with the bright red gas container in front of me

 and had waited about two hours when an American man approached me and told me that the gas attendants would not fill the container they had been instructed by the police to only fill vehicles.....I thanked  him and took my container to one of the attendants and asked if when they got gas they would fill my container and he said no....I did not have the knowledge of the language to ask him why no one would have told me that it was obvious bi was waiting for gas!!!

I have since learned that it is a cultural thing I did not ask them and they did not feel obliged to tell me.....obviously disappointed I went home!!

Afterwards got some beautiful flowers for Gracie and went to her house and made mashed potatoes for a party of five.....her friend Bo had invited us and two friends to his house where he was going to cook steak and I was providing the mashed spuds and dessert...

We had a little party for Gracie followed by an evening of Mexican train!!!

It was great fun and a nice birthday day!!!

This morning I took Gracie on the scooter to pay some bills all over town and then went to poker...what can I say??? 

 Another 100 pesos in the bank!!!

I realized that now the scooter was almost out of gas so I went back to Mobil and waited in line for was about a 45 minute wait but I did fill up the I am good now.....eventually when the gas crisis is over I will take the car to get it filled!!

Tonight had a great English class my five students attended and we had a lot of fun doing interviews...playing charades and of course the usual Wednesday pay it forward and chocolates!!

For some strange reason I am not able to post the photos..will try them manana!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Monday 14th January 2019... another week!!!

For the next few weeks my gym sessions will be at 8.30 am and not at 4.30pm...although I am not a huge fan of working out so early it makes it so much easier for me to do so as when I do the late session both days I have to go almost straight to my English for a while my schedule will be a tad easier!!!

After my session this morning Gracie and I attempted to go into town and do some errands but the traffic was horrendous and I know I am almost on fumes in my car......her car is not ready yet waiting for the part to come from Guadalajara and maybe I decided we would drive back home and go buy Gracie a crash helmet which we did and now we can get around on the scooter...we both have class the same nights this week so it will all work out.

The good news is that more gas stations are open today but the bad news is the line ups are so long...

..I may in the end if her car is not ready is take mine and just get in line and wait!!

Class tonight was great their homework assignment was for them to be teacher for at least five minutes and some of the plans they came up with were really insightful and great.......

Starting to watch a bit of tennis on Tv live from Melbourne with happy memories of attending there a few years ago!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sunday 13 th January 2019......a little chore!!!

This morning Gracie and I took the dogs for a walk..we usually go to the mountains just outside of town but you know no gas!!!!!!  So we walked it was nice you always get to see things you don’t when you are driving or on the scooter.

Now a funny story......

Gracie has this beautiful home and garden...

On two smallish sections of her garden Beto, the handyman had put small white stones as a covering over one section and a partial covering over another section....this second section needed a lot more white whilst I was babysitting and housesitting I thought I would earn bonus points, not that I need them, and I bought a 30 pound bag of white stones and liberally scattered them over the second section!!

Gracie told me on Thursday that this was all her fault she never liked the white stones in the first place and she should have told now we have white stones in two sections not liked by the lady of the house...

So this afternoon I was down on my hands and knees and picking up all the white stones from the two sections!!!!

Took me a while but I defy anyone to find a white stone anywhere in the gardens....we laughed about this.

Gas gas anywhere in town today!!!!

Going to watch a movie with tea and a nice piece of carrot cake!!!

Travel update....I made plans tonight to go on a 12 day road trip as I have to leave the country in order to renew my tourist more details about that later in the week!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Saturday 12th January gas!!!

The big problem in town is the gas shortage..only really one station is open and the line up is silly.....we had it all worked out I filled up Gracie’s car because I was going to pick her at the bus station but after poker and I got in hr car to go I could not start the car the switch would not I quickly got a cab to my house to get my car key and go get my car and off to pick her up which was Ok except I did not have much gas in my car....

Anyway I did get her...her car which is full of gas is in the repair shop for the car is almost on empty..but I do have gas in the scooter so it is not really a problem right now.....but it is a serious situation and I heard the President now closed all the will see what happens!!!!

Have a great weekend !!!

Love the Irish!!!

Yashi Kochi!

Saturday 19th January 2019.......the weekend comes quickly!!!

It seems the problem I was having with down loading the photos on to my blog was a temporary issue..... So yesterday I was out on the scoo...