Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday 21st July 2014....Day 106!!!

Monday morning boy how the days fly by..this morning Malc has his golf and Janet works in the Salvation Army Thrift store and my "job" was babysitting Tom!!!!!
Mark brought him around at 9am and he had something to eat and played on the computer then at 10 am we walked to the local soccer field and played some one on one he has the good Pearson trait of good right footers!!!!  We had fun and he is a great kid very well mannered and interesting and talkative!!!

From there it was off to the tennis court where he also has a good swing do you think any on these traits come from ME?????

So after all this running around it was onto a bus for lunch at McD's

and then took him back home after 1pm.....I really enjoyed being with Tom and getting to know him!!!!
I came back home had a quick drink then took the bus to town to do some shopping and back to the tattoo place and they are going to do me a tat on Wednesday so stay tuned!!!
Bought these at the local sports store

so now set to start walking again!!
Home in time for supper and then us boys went out to a live soccer game the local Professional team played another local semi professional team and it was a great evening you could get close to the players and it was a beautiful evening but silly me forgot to take my camera!!!
So again the days just fly by!!!!
Have a nice evening....
Yashi Kochi!!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday 2th July 2014...Day 105!!!!

Good Sunday morning to you I do not like to admit it but I did not have a good sleep and it was my own fault I am a fat lazy pig!!!!!  I ate way too much last night for supper then snacks when we got home won't do that again and I have asked Janet for no more Wingies(do you know how hard that was to do) tomorrow I buy new shoes and get out there and walk again.
Enjoyed a quiet time reading the newspaper and then Sam and Darren came and picked me up as they had invited me to go with them to their church and I wanted to go and had a very wonderful time...this church is relatively new to S & D but I could tell they are well accepted and everyone very friendly towards me and the minister spoke really well I enjoyed myself thanks Sam and Darren!!!
After church we came home and Janet had cooked a wonderful typical Yorkshire Sunday lunch, roast beef, Yorkshire puddings , potatoes 4 kinds of veggies just a great spread I do not know how she does it!!!!!
Afterwards Janet and Sam and I went for a walk around the village it is really a nice village with so much green space.

This was a nice shot for me because this morning I received an e mail from Steve in SMA he is the person that schedules the Tuesday and Thursdays tennis games and he was asking me what dates I would be available in August...I have missed my tennis and our courts are in better shape than these!!!

Came home and Andy, Malc and I watched the end of the British golf championship which was fun of course Malc was filling us in on what shot he would have taken and what stick he would have used!!!!
Before we knew it time was almost 8pm and we spent the evening relaxing and talking.......
So another wonderful day with my family!!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday 19th July 2014....lost track of what day it is!!!!

The three of us had a lazy morning and Janet was kind enough to cook me what i wanted for breakfast which this morning was a bacon and egg sandwich but I have never seen a frying pan so small!!!!

We planned to take a drive this afternoon to a bird sanctuary on the cliff tops about 45 minutes away but the weather was really changeable but we left around poured with rain but cleared up as we approached the town of Bridlington

which is a sea side town where I came often as a young boy and i used to rent a fishing rod and fish off this pier....

My Brother made me go and have his shot taken.....

We then stopped at another sea side town and had a cup of tea whilst it rained

and decided that because of the weather not to go to the bird sanctuary so we drove towards home and J & M knew of a great fish and chip restaurant and we stopped for dinner and it was a full meal deal and really some of the best food I have tasted.

From there we went for a short visit to Sam and Darren's house and happy to look at their photographs (all 640 of them!!!!!) of their recent trip to Vancouver and Alberta their first time there and they really liked it...........and we were home for 9pm so another lovely day and quite a lazy one for me I shall get more active next week I promise!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday 18th July 2014...........I am back!!!!

OK hands up how many of you really missed the blog yesterday????  Good reason which i will get into later......So let's take you back to my last morning in Santiago had breakfast and packed up but look at the weather

I walked from the apartment 5 minutes where I caught the bus to the airport real easy and the flight was no problem at all.
I had done some research and booked a train from Gatwick airport to Kings Cross train station

where i took another train to Doncaster my birth city and also from this station 45 years ago i said good bye to my parents as I left as a young man for Bermuda.

On the train to Doncaster i was sat next to a very nice lady who wanted to chat and know my story and then when she found out about my travels wanted to hear everything she told me her husband will not fly so i think she was enjoying my tales anyway the almost two hours went by fast and I picked up my stuff said good bye and outside the station Malc was there and we drove back home to Cottingham where I realized when i went into my back pack that my Nexus was still on the train.
I had been telling Malc about everything going so smoothly 6 weeks of a different hotel room and never leaving anything and here I get home and the very last leg i do something so silly.
We drove down to the train station and spoke to one of the staff and the actual train was still in the station and i went on board but no Nexus so I made a rport and as we were leaving they told me i was in luck the computer had been found and was in their office and i could pick it up even in Engand the camino no Nexus last night so no blog and no refunds so don't ask!!!!
My first sleep at home was a great long one and this morning whilst Malc was playing golf, he insists he is playing so well these days we have to call him "Mally own the middle" for those of you not familiar with the game  down the middle infers his shots off the tee are going down the middle of the green but of course he still will not take me to his golf club i think he thinks I am not refined could he think that!!!!!!!!
Janet and I had breakfast and caught up with all the family news. I then took the bus into town and retrieved my Nexus with many thanks did a bit of shopping and went to the tattoo parlor where my great plans for a tat were squashed by the owner she told me first of all they will not put tattoos and any part of the hands or fingers, soft tissue and does not do well and also they will do any tattoos in yellow the color does not look good and then fades and really looks like a discolored body part I told her i appreciated her honesty now i have to re think because the yellow arrow really means something to me..any suggestions???
Just relaxed in the afternoon before Janet and I went to pick up Tom this was his last day of school and he won lots of awards two for good behaviour obviously a trait he picked up from me!!!!
Andy was over and Sam and Clair and Mark came and we all had tea and sat around and chatted it was nice!!!!!
Janet made a fabulous my kind of dinner tonight and here we are it is almost 10pm already!!!
The swelling and colour on my wrist has gone down and I feel really good.
Wish you all a great weekend!!!!
yashi Kochi!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday 16th July 2014...Day 101!!!!

Well this is the day exactly 6 weeks ago that I arrived in Irun crossed briefly over the non existent border with France and commenced my first step on my Camino...the first step of what must have been many thousands and now that journey is closing......this is my last full day in Santiago and it started really easily with some tea and breakfast I look at what I have to pack for tomorrow and will take me maybe half a minute, did you read that Malcolm!!!!!!
The weather is just beautiful sunny and about 80 degrees and I ventured out at 10am to the cathedral...I could show you the photos I took and the history I learned from renting the self guide audio stick but please to the old favorite Google and look at the sites for the church and read them it it a fascinating place of God steeped in history......I would guesstimate there was over 3000 thousand people milling around and I enjoyed the tour and learning so much then I sat in the front row and waited 55 minutes for the noon Mass to thoughts went all over the map but all came back to one thing my goal 4 years ago was to start walking in Irun and finish up here...if it was a tennis or soccer match the game stats would read something like this........35 days, 3km by taxi, 26 km by bus, 844km /534 miles by foot......number  of problems none....number of blessings countless......cost of the Camino   ..priceless!!!!  The Mass was moving even though it was all in Spanish and the highlight for many came when they swung the incense(read about it) I really have never seen anything quite like it barreling through the air at speeds of up to 80km this was the best photo i could get and i quite like it!!!

I then came home went on the terrace and read/slept/drank/ate/slept/read you get the picture......
Around 7pm i went back into the old town and treated myself to a T shirt a tea mug and a few odds and ends and just savored in the town, the people and the wonderful unforgettable journey i have undertaken.
There is no doubt in my mind that I will not ever walk another Camino just as strong as the feeling that I shall never ever forget this one.....the work is there for me to do i return a different man than the one that started out .....let's stay together and see how this all works out.,
I cannot close this chapter without again telling you in such sincerity that i have the best family in the world because of my traveling for over 45 years we have not always been geographically close but in the heart where it counts we are thick!!!
I also happen to be blessed with the best friends in the world and again because of the gipsy feelings in my blood we do not get together very often but when we do we just sit and carry on as if nothing happened how did one man become so lucky to have so many friends in so many wonderful places???
Granny Pearson was right and I will"Count my blessings name them one by one"
Thank you did you enjoy the journey???
End of the things I learned but do not worry I am still learning...thank you to every single one of you who took the time to open your computer and my blog!!!!
Blessings les
Yashi Kochi!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday 15th July 2014......Day 100!!!

You see the Camino chnged my life already how else can you explain that I survived an evening without watching a soccer, tennis, hockey, tiddly winks game!!!!
Today was the day of the road trip wanna come?????

OK you get the tour we are going to Muxia

that and Finestre were considered by the Pilgrims of old to be the ends of the earth, the most western points in Spain!!!

I packed up Wolf and that felt really strange after six days of not packing him up!!!!  Had drinks and sandwiches and set out for the bus station at was a 20 minute walk and located the bus for the 2 hour and 8 Euro trip and we left by 8.45am.....I had a good seat plenty of room on the bus even though it was filled with half pilgrims and half locals and it did make lots of stops in small villages for the local folk.
Arrived in Muxia around 11am and went to the tourist office and planned my three hours by walking out to the cliffs where the beautiful monastary is located it must be the year of the scaffold!!!!!

Some lovely coast line....

Climbed up this small hill to get a panoramic viewpoint!!!

The found this rock called Pedra de Abalar or rocking stone

which is if legend is true used to determine the guilt or innocence of people accused of serious crimes!!

I then found the perfect resting place put Wolf down and thanked him he had carried me and my possessions around for 35 days without one hitch.

I then took the laces out of my shoes I told you a week or so ago what plans I have for my laces(if you forgot go search the blog or wait till I get back to SMA) and laid my shoes down next to me, then my towel, then my two pair of socks, then my sandwich box, my spoon, my cup and my face cloth......You probably think I am nuts and it is so hard to explain but all these items were a huge part of me all this time we all became family so I thanked each one of them for the job they had done and one by one threw them into the ocean..
there goes my cup and nw here comes my shoe

....I then stood up and sang at the top of my voice Amazing Grace and the tears flowed and flowed and flowed!!!
There was something about the ocean for me and seeing things that I had treasured especially those shoes float away it seemed to take all those questions I had had with them......I feel finally almost (I have the Cathedral tomorrow)at peace.....people always asked me why I am doing the Camino and my stock answer was I really don't know perhaps when I have finished i can tell you ...well I know the answers to those questions I know exactly why I did it and I know exactly what it has given me unfortunately these are thoughts and feelings that I cannot write about!
Back to the rocks..the tears of joy ceased and I packed up what little stuff I had left and walked back down to the bus station and at 2.30pm back on the bus and home by 5pm.
I enjoyed this day and my evening was a good one doing the usual.
Tomorrow is my last full day and I intend to do a self guided tour of the Cathedral and go to the noon mass and then come home and go out on the terrace and read and relax and then in the evening go do a little bit of shopping have not bought a thing yet......I fly back to London on Thursday noon.
Thanks for sharing and I know at times I open myself up but i have always been that way but this walk thing it does something to you!!!!!!
Things I learned today.
Yashi Kochi!!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday 14th July 2014....Day 99!!

Broken record man back with reports of a good sleep till 8.30am after a long shower I sat and assessed my body (now calm down ladies!!!!!) toes, feet ankles and legs all have no sign of wear and tear and because i have been creaming them twice a day they feel like a babies you know what........I feel really strong again and know if needed I could go out and hike at least 35km no problem!!!!!
So medically I am in wonderful shape......emotionally well...........i feel happy, a tiny bit proud of what i have just accomplished, relaxed but as yet no feelings about that church!!!!!
The Camino did provide me with answers for some personal issues and it has changed me in subtle  ways.....I feel that I am a better prepared man going back to SMA and i also feel that I have lots left to give and I intend to do that....
So when I look at the whole picture I figure that I am a blessed man with friends who care about me and I have challenges to face and look forward to them and I am embracing everyday.
Again I want to thank you and you know who you are for doing what you have done for me especially the last 35 days!!!!!
In January in SMA I was invited to dinner  at Jecka's house and she had a couple from England visiting her she wanted  me to meet and I met Mal and Tom and they were just the loveliest couple and small world their son and DIL and Grandson live very close to Santiago...anyway we have kept in touch and when we realized we would all be here at the same time we arranged to meet today so M & T took the train into town where I met them and we walked up into the old city found a nice restaurant with outside tables and had lunch, drinks and chatted for 4 hours

It was really nice they wanted to know all about my Camino and were genuinely interested and I found as i was telling some stories i was getting tears in my eyes just talking about them, tears of joy, so I take that as a good sign!!!!!!!!!
Anyway we had a great visit thanks for taking the time away from your family to come visit with me!!
After they left it was about 4pm and i decided to go and get my the passport that i kept telling about getting stamped every place i stayed i had to show that and in return got a very lovely document signed and stamped.
I then decided it was time to go to the Cathedral  which is huge...I walked around marveled at it's beauty and realized that I needed to see it when i was more prepared and there is an audio tour stick you can rent so I will do that on Wednesday.  One negative observation is that I saw about 7 confessionals with Priests in them waiting for "clients"..the doors were open and they were just sitting there reading and looking bored.
I got home around 7pm had supper a shower and got my stuff ready for tomorrow I am taking the bus to the coast to do a ceremony with some of my gear.....forgot to tell you that i wanted to give my Mexico shirt that I walked in most days to Eliza and I did and she loved it, she is also back home in Poland I just heard from her now.  The rest of my stuff I have plans for tomorrow.
Things I learned today.
There are so many just plain and simple nice people in my world!!
I like the sunshine.
I am so waiting to try one of Janet'swingies!!!!!

You are all the best!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!!