Sunday, July 05, 2015

Sunday 5th July 2015…….play and rest!!!

No I did not have breakfast at Wimbledon this morning so there!!!!!  The only reason is they do not play on Sundays!!!!

I did however at 8.30 am go and play myself at the club, I still love saying that……but the weather!!!!



What the Danger Class Ratings mean:

Fires may start easily and spread quickly but there will be minimal involvement of deeper fuel layers or larger fuels.

Forest fuels are drying and there is an increased risk of surface fires starting. Carry out any forest activities with caution.

Forest fuels are very dry and the fire risk is serious. New fires may start easily, burn vigorously, and challenge fire suppression efforts. Extreme caution must be used in any forest activities. Open burning and industrial activities may be restricted.

Extremely dry forest fuels and the fire risk is very serious. New fires will start easily, spread rapidly, and challenge fire suppression efforts. General forest activities may be restricted, including open burning, industrial activities and campfires.

The skies were so gray and the air quality non existent I think I took these shots as the sun came through but the camera does not do it any justice the sun was a crimson glow…






really bad conditions with record breaking high temperatures and no sign of any respite for at least a week…having said all that tennis was really good…I am enjoying my time on the courts!!!

Did some chores afterwards and came home and messed around this afternoon till it was time for the big game…the women’s world cup final, Japan the holders versus the USA…lots of hype for this game and it was held in Vancouver in front of 54 thousand fans and what a game…I will not tell you about it but Goggle it if you wish…..I think I saw one of the best goals I have ever seen in men’s or women’s soccer and the USA were crowned true champions!!!!



I think the tournament was a huge success for Canada and FIFA especially after all the bad press the last month, record crowds and no major incidents.

Tonight a quiet night at home doing some reading and planning as I have a few road journeys coming along soon!!!

This shot was taken from the back deck where are the mountains!!!!


Yashi Kochi!!!

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Saturday 4th July 2015……Happy Birthday America!!!

I am so lucky to have so many wonderful and special American friends and I wish them all a great and festive and safe day!!!!

One of my special memories was again when I took my motor home across the country and timed myself to be here for the 4th of July celebrations and I shall never forget the event!!!

july4 060_thumb[1]


Tennis morning for me first watching Wimbledon and then off to the club to play two hours of good men’s doubles…after that home in time to watch the English ladies defeat Germany in Women’s world soccer and take home the bronze medal…


I then just took it easy at home and after dinner watched another men’s soccer game, who said I was a bit of a sports nut……


If I was American I would not vote for this man!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Friday, July 03, 2015

Friday 3rd July 2015…..dragging a bit!!!!

Well the birthday boy and his party finally wound down just after 1 o clock they were all well behaved and glad they had fun and I stumbled down to my bedroom around 1.30am but was up at 7am because I had arranged to go for a short hike with Karen and her dog Lilly, but because it is so hot Karen wanted to walk early……so I went over and we did walk into the trails close to the tennis club and little Lilly was OK.

Then went back to Karen’s house and  she made me a nice breakfast and then I went to my local bank.  All of my banking is done on line but for 15 years now I have had a lady at the bank who I have forged a good relationship with and in all of my travels if there was ever a problem I would e mail Sonya…..but she retired a short while ago and I wanted to get hooked up with some one else…and I did so that was good for me.

I then went to pick up my lunch date Irene………I think you all know about my relationship with Roy and that I was his care giver for many years to help his wife Eileen…well Irene is Eileen’s sister in law…can you imagine years ago when I used to go with them it was Irene and Eileen, I used to tease them that I would call them one and two but then they would fight who was number one……anyway Irene is 91 years old, partially blind but lives alone in a big lovely home with her dog and cat…when I got to the house the neighbor came across to me and told me that the ambulance took Irene away about one hour before I arrived… I was getting back into my car another vehicle drove up and a man got out and I introduced myself and it was Irene's grand son…he told me that earlier this morning the home help who come every morning to help with her medicine found her on the floor bleeding from a bad cut to her head and they called the ambulance….I told him if he could have time to let me know later how she is…update just had a call from the grand son and Irene suffered a very minor stroke and was stitched up and allowed home and he said she appears to be fine so that is good news I will wait till Monday and go and see her.

So then with no lunch date, what some women will do to avoid having lunch with me is unbelievable, I came home and I really wanted to take a nap but us Pearson boys do not do that so I got Boomer and off we drove about 30 minutes to here


We hiked around the falls and the scenery I think you will agree is quite lovely!!!!

Different kind of waterfall as it goes over the rocks into like a slot canyon and then turns left!!!




See the little rainbow in the shot above!!!!!




I then followed a trail that went to where the falls ended and lots of kids were swimming here….but I did not let Boomer in the water!!!



That is one big rock lodged in there!!!


It was a lovely afternoon.

Just a quiet evening at home….

Inga sent me this shot of her son Kailen, I talked about him last week, he caught this salmon with his bare hands in the river and took it home an put it on the BBQ


Yashi Kochi!!!

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Thursday 2nd July 2015…..Tennis and birthdays!!!

Today is Zach's birthday remember he is the youngest son of Heather and Kirby and he is the golfer…..he turns 19 today…more later.

Also happy birthday wishes to Inga…..

Yes the usual morning until I had to go and play tennis myself, another great two hours on the courts I really thought my knees would rebel against going from the clay courts of San Miguel to the hard courts but so far so good….whilst I am writing about tennis there seems there was a mix up at registration for the BC senior games I had asked the event organizer if they could find me a partner either woman or man as you are allowed to enter another event apart from the as I mentioned in Sunday’s blog when I played with that young 81 year old Shirley we thought we could enter as a team but it appears we were both allocated different partners so now I am playing with a lady named Trish, who I do not know and she lives 45 miles away but we are meeting a week on Saturday at a tennis mixer so will get to know her there.

I had arranged to have lunch with Fred and Ron and two of their friends…Fred and Ron live in San Miguel but are in Vancouver visiting friends and were coming over to the island for two days but unfortunately one of their friends got sick and had to cancel the trip they are hoping maybe to get over sometime this will be great to see them and Fred is one of my tennis buddies from SMA!!!

I went and did some errands in town and to the library and then came home and for a change just relaxed…..

Tonight we all went out for dinner to celebrate Zach's birthday




and also Ben’s Birthday which was a few days ago but he was away working……


It was a great meal and what a special family!!!!


It is now almost midnight and the birthday boy has some friends over and they are down stairs doing what birthday boys do…I fear I may have to sleep upstairs tonight on the couch….oh to be young again!!!!!!


I like this one below!!!!


At the start of an important trial, a small town attorney called his first witness to the stand. She seemed like a sweet, elderly woman. He approached her and asked, "Mrs. Jones, do you know me?"

She responded, "Why, yes, I do know you Mr. Williams. I've known you since you were a young boy. You've become a huge disappointment to me. You lie, you cheat on your wife, you manipulate people and talk about them behind their backs. You think you're a hot shot lawyer, when you haven't the brains to realize you never will amount to anything more than a two-bit paper pusher. Yes, I know you."

The lawyer was stunned. Not knowing what else to do he pointed across the room and asked, "Mrs. Jones, do you know the defense attorney?"

She replied, "Why, of course I do. I've known Mr. Bradley since he was a youngster, too. I used to baby-sit him for his parents. And he, also, is a real disappointment. He's lazy, bigoted, never has a nice word to say about anybody, and he drinks like a fish. He's been divorced five times, and everybody knows that his law practice is one of the shoddiest in the entire state. Yes, I know him."

The judge rapped his gavel, to quiet the tittering among the spectators in the courtroom. Once the room was silent, he called both attorneys to his bench. In a quiet, menacing voice, he warned, "If either of you asks her if she knows me, you'll be jailed for contempt!"

Yashi Kochi!!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Wednesday 1st July 2015….rabbits, rabbits, rabbits!!!!!

Today is a huge holiday in Canada and these shots were taken from my visit to the national’s capitol on my cross Canada tour in 2011…



july20evening 023_thumb

july20evening 037_thumb[1]

After watching you know what with breakfast I got my kayak loaded on the top of Heather and Kirby’s van and off to lake Cameron…I did want to go to some local islands but the sea was too wild so I decided to drive out of town about 30 minutes to Cameron Lake…and here is the kayak..of course my regular readers will know that everything I own has a name and usually a female but the kayak is a boy and aptly called “The Great one!!”   no named after me but after Wayne Gretky…..


and away we go…


This is a huge lake and on one side is the main highway to port Alberni and on the other side deep forests but when I drive the highway I have seen on the other side a trestle bridge and I wanted to see if I could explore…


in the shot above if you look closely in the center you can see a bit of the bridge..


This shot was taken later but I like it..the little beach where I had lunch, a dog fetching a ball and the bridge…



So I paddled across the lake it felt so good to be out on the water so peaceful and serene and gives me time to meditate and think about how lucky I am to have so many special friends in my life and have good health!!




I have had the kayak over ten years  and when I bought it I was working at a high school doing lunch hour supervision and I got the kids in the special needs class to paint some logos and stuff on the kayak a lot of them have worn away but this one above still is looking good.

I found a small cove on the other side of the lake to leave The Great One


I then found a track and followed it a while


looked  up and saw this


there was a rope trail cliff climb



I managed to get to the top and enjoyed the views all the while thinking about the history of these tracks and all the goods they must have carried years ago!!!




I am getting hooked on selfies!!!!!



I paddled back across the lake to here and read and had lunch!!!


I really enjoyed my time today.

Arrived home in time for the start of the second semi final between England and Japan…it was a close game and you do not have to be a sports fan to understand the feelings of the English players!!!!



By Alistair Magowan BBC Sport in Edmonton

England were knocked out of the Women's World Cup in heartbreaking fashion as Laura Bassett's injury-time own goal ensured reigning champions Japan went through to Sunday's final.

The Lionesses were attempting to reach the first World Cup final in their history and only England's second after the men's team's victory in 1966.

They looked on course to take the Olympic silver medallists to extra time after Fara Williams's penalty cancelled out Aya Miyama's spot-kick.

But as the game entered a second minute of stoppage time, Bassett diverted a rare Japanese cross over goalkeeper Karen Bardsley's head, the ball hitting the crossbar and agonisingly bouncing over the line.

There was barely time for England to respond and Bassett burst into tears at the final whistle as her team-mates sunk to the turf.

Former England forward Sue Smith

"They didn't deserve it, one mistake, it is devastating. They have to be proud of themselves, this is a horrible way to go out but England need to be happy with what they've done. In a couple of days' time, when they've reflected on it, they'll know what they've done for women's football in this country."

After making history by reaching the semi-finals for the first time, the manner of the defeat was cruel on Mark Sampson's side, who missed three good chances around the hour mark.

Kelly Simmons - the Football Association's director of women's football - said in the build-up to the game that the tournament had seen England "fall in love with the Lionesses".

But that will be of little consolation as Japan prepare to face United States in a repeat of the 2011 final, which the Japanese won on penalties.

England, meanwhile, will face Germany in Saturday's third-place play-off.

Japan players celebrate

Japan can now defend the title against the side they beat in the final in 2011

Spurred on by a telephone call from the Duke of Cambridge prior to the match, England started confidently and Jodie Taylor almost scored in the first minute.

There were early chances too for Toni Duggan, who replaced Karen Carney in the starting line-up.

Japan, who have been likened to Barcelona for their passing style, took time to find their rhythm, but after 20 minutes the pattern of the game was set with the Nadeshiko dominating possession and England looking to break on the counter attack.

As the world champions grew in confidence, they drew England out of their comfort zone and opened the scoring just after the half-hour mark.

Left-back Claire Rafferty was caught out of position and pushed Saori Ariyoshi as she bore down on goal, though the initial contact appeared to be outside the box.

Captain Miyama put the penalty confidently to Bardsley's right.

England, who came from behind to beat Norway at the last-16 stage, did not trail long, and again the goal came from the spot.

Former Chelsea striker Yuki Ogimi clipped Steph Houghton's left heel, although the contact seemed slight, and Williams scored her second penalty of the tournament.

Sampson's side looked buoyed by that response and enjoyed a period of supremacy after the break.

Duggan struck the bar from the edge of the box before substitute Ellen White drew a fine save from Ayumi Kaihori. Scott then headed wide following the resulting corner.

England's ascendancy was thrown off course by an injury to Lucy Bronze, who had to be substituted just after the introduction of the lively Mana Iwabuchi.

But they finished the stronger side and looked good to make an impact in extra time before Bassett's terrible misfortune.

Claire Rafferty of England fouls Saori Ariyoshi of Japan to concede a penalty

Japan have scored the opening goal in all six of their games at the World Cup

Fara Williams (centre) celebrates scoring from the penalty spot

Fara Williams scored her second goal of this World Cup

England and Japan players wait for a corner kick

England's height advantage made them dangerous at set-pieces

Jill Scott heads wide of goal from a corner

England wasted good chances in the second half, including a header from Jill Scott following a corner

Laura Bassett of England is comforted by team-mates

Laura Bassett was inconsolable at full-time after scoring the decisive own goal


I have played many games of soccer at a fairly high level and I was a central defender and I have also placed a few goals behind my goal keeper into my own net……. it is a lonely and desolate feeling….

A quiet night at home relaxing and enjoying the holiday!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!