Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday 29th July 2014....on the road again!!!!

It is either 1pm 8pm or 9pm depending where you are I am somewhere over the eastern tip of Canada in a full plane but with extra leg which just enabled me to spill a whole glass of ice water down my leg and feet good job I am wearing shorts!!!!
So my final morning was a good one said my fond farewells to Janet and Malc drove me to Manchester airport in just under 2 hours and dropped me off and we both agreed it was just a fabulous few months and it will be June of 2016 when I see them again when I come over for their 50th wedding anniversary!!!!
Everything was easy at the airport and the first flight to Iceland arrived on time and i had two hours in Iceland and it was good to be here again and the week I spent in the beginning of May seems a long time ago....I boarded this flight which lands in Seattle in another 4 hours a total of 7 hours in the air...It has been a good flight and I watched a movie that I started on the inward trip but arrived before it ended so I now know what happened......after I write this going to read my book and my newspaper and that should be it.......from the airport I take the fast tram to about 5 minutes from Deb's house where my car is parked and Deb has invited me to stay the night so I am and then plan to start the drive south tomorrow morning heading to Santa Barbara to see Stella and Caron and their families hopefully arriving on Thursday before heading off to see Linda and Guy in Tucson.
Having this time and space gives me some time to reflect on the last 4 months that I have been on the road especially my 6 weeks on the Camino...I am just a little bit concerned because the red welts have returned to my arm and wrist and I am not sure what that means it does not hurt or itch but it is ugly.......the more I think of it i am convinced those bites were the cause of my discomfort the day I walked into Santiago and felt so unwell.
Those weeks are really quite hard to describe to anyone who has not walked the Camino because really how do you describe taking yourself out of your comfort zone out of your wonderful life style and land in a foreign country with just a back pack and a couple of pair of shorts, socks and shirts and walk for 5 weeks not knowing where you will eat, sleep or drink that night..........walking mile after mile seeing no one it is a feeling that did not bother me and as everyone who had told me about the Camino providing......it really DID!!!!!  Never once was I was worried about any of those things.......only once for a day was I worried about shin splints.....and at no time did I ever consider that I would not finish the journey of 535 miles...I just give thanks that my body never let me down not once and I was amazed at how strong i felt.
The emotional side of the journey was another story.....I will not get into all the personal and deep feelings that came over me but suffice it to say I know I am not the same man at the end of this journey that started out in April.... I have made changes in my thinking and i have made changes in my behavior and i think the outcome is a better, more caring and compassionate man.......I shall never forget those 6 weeks the friends I met, the pilgrims I passed and exchanged a few words, the incredible kindness of complete and total strangers and the beautiful scenery that I saw..........so when asked the question now why did I do it I think the answer has to be found in those nine words I heard the second day of my walk...."Like life when it is time it will happen"...things needed to happen for me!!!!
My family have supported me in every move I make and I know Janet and Malc sometimes shake their heads at my choices I know I am a free spirit but i never make it my intention to hurt anyone and i try to smile and say hello to strangers everyday and just be thankful and happy and positive.  These weeks I have gotten closer to all my family every one of them and I delight in spending the time I did with Tom......he is a great kid and the future for him is at his feet.....I also enjoyed being around Andy he is always smiling and his heart is huge.......Sam and Daz are like peas in a pod they are just made for each other..thanks Sam for the things you did for me.....Claire and Mark are forging a wonderful life for them and Tom...well done!!!
To See my Aunt and Uncle again was a joy they look so well and keep so active.....
Shelia and Peter my Mother's side of the family I really enjoyed our visit together and to see Caroline and Charly again!!!
Margaret and Ian we always squeeze in a visit and I enjoyed this one as always.
On Vancouver Island my BANK FAMILY are the best thanks for opening your hearts, family and home to me yet again.....
All my friends you know who you are it was such a joy to see you again and thanks for always being there for me......this is a risk naming names and please if I did miss anyone forgive me!!!!
I think I have rambled on long enough...
Now Tuesday morning early and I am in McDonald's
 I could not get internet at Deb's house last night.....the remainder of the flight was uneventful and easily got the rapid transit to near the house and chatted with Deb for a while and she works early so she went to bed.....so a great journey home now hit the road jack!!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday 27th July 2014...Day 112!!

Where did the time go my last full day in England ....since I returned from Spain every day sunny and lovely and today was no exception!!!
A full day planned starting with me going with Janet and Malc to

As you know we were raised in the Army and J & M have been very prominent in the church and their social and caring activities.....
I love the sign on the overhead board

Not a great believer in Nike but do like their slogan!!!

We came home and virtually turned around and went here

for a 2pm lunch.
Janet had wanted to cook dinner for the whole family and it would have been delicious but I am happy I persuaded her to let me treat everyone for dinner way too hot and too much work but the real reason is that I did not want to wash all the dishes!!!!
It was a great meal lovely food and to have everyone there to sit and relax was perfect for my last meal.
After dinner we all came back here and sat out in the garden laughed told stories and got the kind neighbour to take a full Pearson family portrait!!!

The Pearson Boys!!!!

Tom and me Uncle Big les.....Tom and I have spent quite a bit of time together and for us to get to know each other he is a great kid with a wonderful future ahead of him he made me a wrist bracelet and he has already sent me an e mail wishing me a safe journey!!!

It was all way too much for Darren!!!

Now I have received some e mails from some of my female viewers telling me that it is lovely to see photos of my family and the beautiful vistas around East Yorkshire but we need to see some photos of me....you know me i do not like to upset my female readers!!!

We stayed outside till after 8pm and then said goodbye to everyone!!!!
I packed had a bath and washed my last dish and now ready for bed.
What a wonderful time I have had since I arrived in May my family ROCK!!!!
Thank you to you all for all your support during my Camino and best wishes and e mails!!!!
I leave at 9.30am in the morning for Manchester airport and fly to Iceland almost 3 hours change planes and then a 7 hour flight to Seattle arriving 6pm local time....I sent Iceland air an e mail asking if it was possible to get an aisle seat in the exit row with extra leg room and they replied that it was and assigned me a seat so that will be great...
Hopefully blog tomorrow night from Seattle!!!
Thanks Paula for sending this....

Yashi Kochi!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday 26thJuly 2014...Day 111!!!

How many times can I guy say woke up to a beautiful sunny day but it happened again!!!
Today Janet and Malc and I were off for the day to the sea side this time the town of Scarborough about a one hour's drive away.
Lots of  vehicles on the road and we parked at a park and ride and took the bus a little way before we got off and walked down to the ocean front.

Janet and Malc

Isn't love grand!!!!!!

The headland where we were going to walk around...

Janet and Malc said they had never seen the beach and town so busy but it was just the perfect day for the beach.....we stopped and had a drink and  a sandwich on the front and then continued walking and saw this carnival which so reminded me of Mexico!!!

It has been brought to my attention that some of my readers are not happy with my "faulty" camera always taking photos of scantily dressed young ladies and I do plead innocent look what happened this afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We then watched a mock air sea rescue along the busy beach!!

Continued around the bend to the second beach and a wonderful view of the castle which sits high overlooking the two bays!!!!

We reckon we walked about 4 miles and thought we all deserved a welcome ice cream cone and a sit watching all the holiday makers.
Then a bus to the town centre and another bus back to the car and it made a great day out.
J & M treated me to supper at the same restaurant we went to last week thanks it was lovely and finally on the way home stopped at the supermarket so I could buy a few last minute food items that I cannot get in Mexico and home by 8.30pm...so a really nice day thanks!!!!
Tomorrow is my last full day in England hard to believe the time has gone by so quickly but it has been so great to be with my family......
Have a great Sunday come back tomorrow to see the group family photo that I want to take tomorrow!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday 25th July 2014...Day 110!!

Just another great sunny morning and we Tom all day today Claire dropped him off at 8.30am and Malc had already gone to golf so after breakfast Janet and I took him to see if we could get him a birthday gift he wants a cricket bat but we could not find one.  Then Janet dropped us off at the tennis courts and we hit balls this time he had a bigger racquet and he did really well....here he is showing off his Mexican soccer shirt

and here I made him a Camino Pilgrim

and here a great over head!!

We walked home had lunch and then in the afternoon the Pearson boys went to play badminton..Malc, Andy, Tom and myself!!!

We played for an hour and had some really good games and I got up a good sweat and realized how much I miss my tennis games in SMA!!!

Back home and into the lounge chair for me and we were all a bit weary!!!


Tom still full of energy.
A quiet evening at home and another wonderful day!!!
Now a job for you have a few minutes of foot stomping...go to You tube and search for Celtic Thunder singing"a place in the choir" and enjoy!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday 24th July 2014....Day 109!!!

Well a surprise this morning my lovely Brother bringing me tea in bed.....see he has forgiven me for those things I said about him a couple of days ago!!

This morning we spent sort of cleaning up and fixing some lunch, well Janet did all of it as my Aunt Rita and Uncle Bram came to visit!!!

It was so nice to have them over Bram is my Dad's younger Brother although Bram is now 87 years but both he and Rita look great and still are very active and healthy......

We had a great visit and Janet prepared a fabulous lunch and the stories were flowing fast and furious.......It is so strange to sit and be with Bram because he looks, acts , talks, mannerisms everything like my Dad!!!!
Great to see you both!!!!
Later in the afternoon Malc and Andy and I went to play snooker we had fun and the kid showed us up by spanking us obviously a miss spent youth!!!

A nice supper and a quiet evening at home we sat outside in the garden till almost 8pm just such lovely weather.

So my tattoo looks good I think and already the significance of it is important in my life....

The count down is on to my departure on Monday...stay tuned!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday 23 July 2014...Day 108!!!

Another beautiful sunny morning and i was off to town for my tattoo

The owner decided he would do the yellow arrow with a black border it did not take long to do and hurt a little but I like it and shall always remember why it is there and how those arrows meant something really special to me....
I did not tell the full story about me losing my Nexus on the train last week...the lovely lady who i was sat next to for the journey and we talked the whole time I found out from the lost and found office handed it in and I wanted to go see if I could find her and leave her some flowers.
She did tell me some personal information and I know it was a huge long shot but I took a bus(yes used Mally's pass) to the small town where she lives about 45 minutes away...I went into the post office, the bakery, the fruit shop and the council office but no one seemed to know her.  My last stop was the dental office because I knew the lady who handed in the Nexus her daughter was working in a dental office but no luck there either but they did take my number just in case...so I was sorry i could not find her but know that i was grateful to her.
Bet you did not knw Little Bluey has an English cousin and I am sure you all know her name!!!

The town where she lives is called Howden and it is a neat little town with a wonderful 12th century church!!

and the Camino is never far away!!!!

Took the bus home and sunbathed for an hour which was nice and as always Janet made a wonderful supper and tonight was an evening of relaxation and tending to my tattoo be ready for a photo tomorrow!!
Yashi Kochi!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday 22nd July 2014...Day 107!!

Today is your lucky day!!!!!  You get to go on another of the world famous Pearson escorted tours don't bother sending any tips(right!!!!) but do grab a cup or glass of you favorite beverage and come long but first we have to imagine that today we are my lovely Brother Malc because we are using his bus pass which gives us free transportation so today I have to add 4 years 45 pounds and loose my George Clooney looks!!!  Now Linda calm down before you give me grief I am just joshing with you we all now our Mally is great young handsome and svelte Bro to me!!!!
Unfortunately J & M had to go to a funeral this morning so they dropped me off in the lovely town of Beverley where I caught a bus to Bridlington

and then I walked all around the coast and into Flamborough.

So come along enjoy the walk and the wonderful views.......

This is where we are heading all around those cliffs!!

If anyone had asked me to describe the Camino route to them I would have brought them on this hike it was so Camino like...paths on the ocean

and wait for it ...yes

the ARROWS!!!!

My mind kept flooding back to the 35 days I was there!!!!

the area is famous for the birds

and the lighthouse

you must agree some great sights what a lovely part of England!!!

I must try and do something with this Camera when I get back to the States I wonder if Best Buy will check it out or exchange it...always had trouble with cameras..this one now has the habit of every once in a while taking it's own photo without my knowledge it did it again this morning!!!!

Well I caught the bus back from Flamborough to Bridlington and then back to Hull
Nice courts on the way home..

and finally arriving home just gone 7pm and I walked 17km glad to report new shoes feel great and it was just so wonderful to be out again 13 days since I last put my back pack on and I think Wolf missed me......the bite on my wrist has finally gone and thinking back I am sure that those three bites had something to do with the way I felt so bad on that last day coming into Santiago.

So the weather for today and the forecast all week is sunny and about 78 degrees!!!!

Hope you enjoyed your outing I know i did...stay tuned for tomorrow tattoo day!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!