Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday 21st August 2014……..that darn rain!!!!!

Well please do not shoot the messenger but I do need to tell you what happened this morning it is a bit graphic but you know me by now I tell it like it is…..

When my Mum passed away in 1995 I asked my Brother Malc if I could have Mum’s ruby anniversary ring and of course he agreed and I put it on a chain and have worn it around my neck ever since and then when my Dad assed away I again asked for his Masonic ring and I have worn both rings with pride….


I am not fond of gold so I have the rings on a length of leather and I know this sometimes wears thin……so back to this morning I get up around 7.30am and go to the bathroom and I stand as we guys do and in the process of doing my thing and with my other hand I went to straighten my rings out and the leather holding them broke and the rings fell off Dad’s ring landed on the floor of the bathroom and you can now imagine where my Mum’s ring went…down the toilet…..I was distraught and so upset!!!!!

I did what only I could do and put my hand down and into the bowl and as luck would have it I was able to get my fingers on it and get it out….what a relief and a way to jump start my batteries to get my morning going!!!!

Well it happened because of all the rain last night the courts were too wet to play our tennis game this morning!!!

I had a leisurely breakfast and then decided to walk into town to do some errands…I like to walk and should do it more often you see so much more than when I fly by on the scooter!!

This is the track behind my casita leading into centro…


I cross this bridge every day and have never seen water in it now it is a fast flowing river…


Some of the sights


It is a little dark but this is man on his portable bicycle with a  knife sharpening machine


I have been having a problem with some tickets I ordered on line for my Brother and my bank asked for me to fax them a copy of the papers I had …my printer is not working for some reason so as I walked into town I went to the above store where they printed the forms and then faxed them for me.

I then went into one of the local markets


So many wonderful colors!!


In the market Andrea one of my students from last year has a shoe stall and I went to see her and had a visit.



On the walk home I went into the local bakery and then the butcher’s store


I really enjoyed the walk.

Back at home I took an hour and went on the roof and read my Spanish notes trying to study each day.

I then went to get Paola and took her to see the councilor and left her there and then went to deliver some things that Linda had bought for her maid Catalina…I went to her house gave her the things and met her three small and adorable Grand daughters!!!!

Next stop was at the big supermarket to get a couple of medical supplies for Rita and then dropped them off at her house before going back to get Paola and take her home.

Things are changing with her and Lotti told me that she is doing well she is no longer taking her medications and also her Mother has a boyfriend who is building an extra two bedrooms on his house and the family will move there in a few months..also Paola is now in middle school and wanted to go to the afternoon class instead of the morning which is Ok except she will not be able to go to her dance we arranged for me to take her out every Saturday afternoon..she is 13 years of age and now starting to make some of her own choices I am happy for her.

Home by 6 pm the days just fly by!!!!

So an interesting day don’t you think!!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wednesday 20th August 2014……the rain pattern!!!!

This morning was my second yoga class at 9.30am and these are a couple of shots of the historical courtyard where we use one of the rooms….



and this is taken after class


You can see it is a large class about 25 but the Instructor is very good and I signed up for a 600 pesos pass that gives me a class for only 60 pesos each!!

From here I went to see Paola and to check if she had everything she needed for school..I saw her for a few minutes and she said she had everything and starts school tomorrow.

Came home in time to shower and change and go to poker…whilst we were playing and just before it was time to come home the heavens opened again this time with the biggest hail stones I have seen in SMA lasted about 10 minutes enough to flood all the streets again for my journey home but it was made sweeter by the 175 pesos that I won.

Had to go to town to do some banking and some errands and did not get home till after 6pm…where does the day go!!!!

I am slowly beginning to process what the Camino did for me I always said I never knew why I was doing it and I am still not completely sure I know…what I do know is that I have such a wonderful life, special family and friends, the gift of incredible health and sufficient funds to live in a standard that suits me but I also realize that my life is not complete and there is something missing…this is what I need to work on.

I also feel that walking every day for sometimes 6 or 7 hours a day without seeing anyone was therapy for me I do enjoy the solitude and it gave me time to think and look back and also look to the future.  I also feel less stressed, not that I had much stress before and I also firmly believe that any major changes that I make will be made clear to me perhaps by looking at the tattoo on my ankle for the arrow pointing the way!!!

As you can tell I am still confused about it all  and I know as the weeks go by I will have more clarity but for now one day at a time……blessings to you all!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday 19th August 2014……blink and the day is gone!!!

After all the rain we had last night I never thought the courts would be dry but they were  and I was at Weber’s by 9am…the sun was shining and it was a great 2 hours it always is…after tennis I went and bought a few things in the market and was home just before noon.

Caught up on some e mails and had a light lunch and then went to visit Rita at her beautiful casa…I have known Rita for a few years now and she is one of my hero's……she suffers the same health issues as Guy and needs to be on oxygen 24 hours a day but she always wears a smile and her attitude is wonderful…one of my Camino thoughts was that I need to spend more time with my friends so Rita and I have a standing Tuesday afternoon “date”…..she made a terrific  banana bread and we sat and talked she is so wise and then we played a new card game which was a lot of fun…it was a special afternoon thanks Rita.

I came home and it was so nice I decided to put on the hiking shoes and go into the canyons you know how much I enjoy my time there…….it is a good workout because from my casita till I reach the top of the canyon wall is all up hill but the views are lovely…..with all the rain the water is still pouring over the dam wall.





You can see the dark clouds moving in!!


These flowers are on the back side of my front door they sure have blossomed since I left!!!

I was home about 45 minutes before the heavens opened the thunder and lightening strikes and the torrential rain …


This is from my front door you cannot tell here how hard it is raining…


The X is the main church in the town center!!!

This is taken from my bedroom window of the road outside…


This was sent to me by Pierre from the hike we took on Sunday….with me is a lady I had not met before from Italy!!!

EastPk Los PicachosAug 17'14 001

I had a light supper…. a long bath and now tea and some television…….that day went by so fast!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday 18th August 2014…..a new week!!!

Now it is time to settle into my routine as things are falling into place …Sara told me of the yoga class she went to last winter and I went there this morning and enjoyed the class…it was for one hour and similar to the classes I took last year the teacher is Alejandro and there was about 20 in the class… the times and dates are perfect for me Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9.30am –10.30am so that does not interfere with my Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday tennis and I can still go for my long hike after class on Friday…so that is sorted.

My English teaching classes start on 1st September and I am doing the same as last year Monday and Wednesday from 6.00m till 7.30m   so throw in Wednesday afternoon poker and Sunday morning hike …also my Saturday afternoons with Paola and I think that is a busy enough schedule!!!

After class came home for some lunch and to clean my casita as you know what Monday means Patti comes to clean it was good to see her again she has worked for me a little whilst I have been away and she does a great job and I trust her I am sure she smiles when she comes in and sees my casita so neat!!!!!

I then went to the lake behind L & G’s casa I usually go hiking here once a month but with all the rain I was just blown away by the level of the lake….


Usually the level is way beyond this tree..there is a small bridge beyond this tree that is completely unseen.


Never seen it like this before


Just behind these trees is the track….check out the castle in the background who owns that and the story behind it varies from Cartels, to government is huge and really looks like a castle!!

I then went and met my friend Carol and we caught up with all our stories and I thanked her again for her recommendations of taking sea salts and magnesium when I was suffering a little on the Camino!!! Great to see you again!!!

Came home and went to the roof and relaxed with my book and now going to have left overs for supper and then a quiet evening at home is on the agenda!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday 17th August 2014…..hiking day!!!

Well if the only exercise I got yesterday was my fingers changing channels on the remote today was totally different as Sunday is my Hiking group day and I was at the gas station in town at 8am to meet the group….

We split into groups to do different hikes and I opted to join the long hike group which consisted of a lady named Eleanor and a really nice guy Pierre, who was our leader.

We went in his car about 25 minutes out of town and started the hike in the Campo of La Compano….the day was perfect sunny and bright with some low cloud coverage!!!



Pierre told us that it was not a long hike distance wise maybe 16 km but the first stage of the hike was all up and we would reach a height of 9200 feet, SMA is about 6200 feet so it was going to be a work out….we started climbing right away


I used my panoramic option on my camera for this shot below


Many animals on the trails


The views were clear and quite amazing, the air so clear and fresh!!!!


This was another ridge we were heading for!!



That is the campo where we started out!!!


I saw this blue cross from a long way away and before you know it I was at the cross!!!








Again the campo below…what a great hike we were back at the start point about 5 hours later it was just a perfect way to be in God’s beautiful wilderness!!!

I went into the grocery store on the way home and was back by 3 o clock!!!!

had a cuppa and sent some e mails that I needed to send before I started to cook my supper and afterwards had a great long hot tub soak!!!!

To end a special day watched the finals of the Tennis from Cincinnati and Roger won!!!!!!

WOW been back one week it has been a busy week with some emotions going up and down but it feels good to be back and into my life in SMA!!!!

I received this shot from Jane my Camino stuff artist a rough draft of a photo collage!!!



Yashi Kochi!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday 16th August 2014…SSSSSports day!!!

You were warned in yesterday’s blog..I have no shame and absolutely no guilty bones in my body in reporting the following……hey before you get out of sorts with me ask yourself this question..did you just walk 535 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It started around 7.30am with breakfast whilst watching a good live soccer game from England.  This game finished just in time for me to get changed and dash down to the tennis courts…….my first game since April and it was a great sunny morning and good to see the guys again and 2 hours of fun!!!



Home in time to watch another live game from England and managed to squeeze in some lunch before I went to the sun terrace to read for an hour and back downstairs to watch some live women’s tennis followed by live women’s soccer from Canada………Had to have a break getting square eyes so walked a couple of blocks to a local pizza store that Caron and John recommended and ordered a large pizza to be delivered which it was about 20 minutes later!!


It was really good and now half of it is in the freezer for snacks during the week.

Now watching Canada in the women’s world cup under 20’s from Edmonton and when that is finished going to watch live tennis Roanic the Canadian star who I do not not care for against my hero Roger!!!!!!If you have to ask Roger who… need to get a tennis life!!!!!

Wow I am already tired from writing all this..gotta run the game is getting interesting!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday 15th August 2014…….wet again!!!!

I spent the morning getting every little job done in my casita and now I finally can say it all is done all that remains is to get my Camino stuff finished but more on that later.

I next put on my hiking shoes and went walking into town to do some errands I always enjoy walking through town as I see so much more than when I fly by on little Blackie…came home for lunch and then went to CafĂ© Monet where I had arranged to meet a lady who is a graphic artist and designer her name is Jane and she is going to work on my Camino items… you know no where in this 59 year old body(SSHHHH) is there an artistic bone …..we talked and I brought my things with me and I like Jane’s ideas and I have hired her to do the work so enough said till you see the finished product in a few weeks!!!!


My next stop was to visit Lotti who is Paola's councilor and I needed to talk to her about Paola and also talked about some aspects of my life…..this was a productive meeting and as per yesterday came home in the rain although not as hard as yesterday!!!!

At the end of my street there was this group gathered and I found out it was a Government truck delivering food packages to the local residents!!!!


I then went about 70 yards away to the local hairdresser and had a great 35 pesos haircut!!!


So after being home a few days and settled back into my SMA life I realize that I have so much to be thankful for and I am truly blessed…..the Camino opened my eyes to my resent life style and in which direction I am going…I do need to make some changes.

Tomorrow is scheduled for my first tennis game and as long as it does not rain overnight I think the courts will be open….. and I may as well warn you now that tomorrow is the opening game of the English soccer season so expect to read quite often”I watched a live soccer game from England today”   sometimes even 2 games in one day!!!!

Wish you all a great weekend and I want to tell you I sent 45 minutes today sitting on my couch reading my blog about my journey what a lucky man I am!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!