Saturday, October 03, 2015




Tuesday 29th September 2015….Cruise day 1!!!!!

Had a good last sleep on the “Bank” I feel OK my eyes are just a bit blood shot…….said goodbye to Kirby he is heading away to work and Heather, bless her, finished my packing and then said good bye to Ben and Alex and Heather drove me down to the sea plane terminal for my 1.15pm departure to Vancouver.

I am travelling with my new suitcase and a new back pack and so far all is well with those.

I had options getting to the cruise ship terminal but the only one that made sense to me was to take the float plane, a 20 minute flight and it lands right next door to my ship so after 30 minutes leaving Nanaimo I was in line for check in…..everything was very smooth and easy and I was aboard by 2pm and came straight to my room….




You are not allowed candles in your room or incense but I do have a nice lavender spray and when I opened my suitcase Heather had left me some goodies including these great imitation candles that have a remote control how sweet thank you!!!

It was easy putting all my stuff away lots of cupboard and hanging space, also a safe and a small fridge which is stocked but I shall not use any of the items too expensive but nice to have a fridge in the room.

The room is small but really what else do I need a comfortable bed, a table, a desk and nice sitting chair and the shower is great!!!

I took a while before we set sail to familiarize myself with the ship


The above is the only place I will not venture into it is the only place on the ship where you can smoke!!!


No tennis court!!!




  I have found the walking deck and asked and three times around is one mile so I shall start there in the morning.

Next stop was to go to the hot tub


I had a nice soak and then came back and showered and changed and went to the buffet restaurant and had a really nice chicken dinner with rice and veggies





…I am determined not to gain weight on this trip in fact I hope to loose a few pounds and I will be tough with myself about exercise and limit my food especially the sweet stuff!!!

I then walked the decks to see what was happening…I liked this art work it is called bull in a china shop!!!


Looks to me like the back end of an elephant though!!!




A wonderful library!!



These ladies were very talented and playing light classical music shall spend some time here as the days go by.


Our first stop tomorrow Astoria!!!


At 10pm I went to the big show lounge where a Vegas type act was showing and again top notch performers… now ready for bed after a great start to my cruise on Big Bluey!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

Wednesday 30th September 2015….Cruise day 2!!!

Had a good sleep but woke up with a brainwave… now no cryptic comments!!!!

My room is lovely but small and the big bed takes away all the room


So I found my cabin steward Bundi and asked him if he could separate the beds and when I came back from breakfast!!!!


So much more room!!!

Ok so back to this morning I had some fruit and then went to an 8.30am digital camera lecture


I did learn a couple of new tips…..

I then went and had a very leisurely breakfast and did manage to see a whale very close by but not quick enough with the camera!!!


Next stop was an 11am lecture in the gym this was about body weight it was also interesting but I did feel it was more of a presentation where you have a personal trainer will evaluate you for 85 dollars and then some more training sessions.

At noon we docked in Astoria till 5.30pm I did leave with drinks and snacks from the cafeteria and walked along the sea front into town…..apart from the wonderful old bridge this town was not really exciting…






I was back on board by 4pm after walking 4 miles…..I then went to my favorite deck…deck 3!!!!!!  the walking deck!!!

Three times around deck 3 is one mile and I walked at a fast pace and did 12 laps…… felt good.

Went and cooled down with a cup of tea in my new mug..the mugs they have are so small I needed a man’s cup so I did buy one in town, so had tea and read my Kobo and relaxed before I went into the hot tub…everyone including myself complains the water is not hot enough so if a few of us will ask about it maybe they will raise it a tad…..then a nice long hot shower and to dinner.

The way the restaurants work here is that there is a surf and turf classy restaurant which costs 29 dollars a head…then there is an Italian restaurant where it costs 10 dollars a head…next is a nice restaurant called the Vista serving a variety of food but nice tables etc. and this is free and then there is the Lido which is buffet style…I will try the Vista but so far the food in the Lido is great…tonight I had roast lamb and mint sauce with rice and veggies and then fruit…I am really trying to watch what I eat and stay away from the “bad” stuff.

At 8pm went to the main stage which is tiered and very elegant and holds I would think 500 people the act tonight was a magician and a juggler, comedian and singer he was a one man show and very talented…after that, yes not finished yet….went to my favorite corner of the ship where two drop dead gorgeous Russian girls perform…one plays the piano the other the violin and it is light classical music really great!!!!

Then it was off for my night time cuppa and one cookie and then the library to write this…

So you can see it is a busy life style…they give you the night before the program for the next day and really there is something on every hour I have already chosen my things for tomorrow…

Yashi Kochi!!!

Thursday 1st October 2015…cruise day3!!!!

Did you all remember to say 3 times rabbits????

I have not mentioned it but I am still not firing on all cylinders just feel a little off but still doing OK!!!

I sleep well because it is pitch black in my room……today is our first full day at sea and the night before they leave a program of the next day’s activities in your room and believe me there is a lot happening all day and night….so I pick the things I want to see and do and today it started with a presentation of the port stops and the package tours the cruise line offers I shall  not get any of these as I have done all my own but it was good to see some of the places especially the smaller south pacific islands that are not huge on tourism.

From there I went to a lecture on the history of California which I found very interesting.

Then at noon I went to one of the dining rooms where there was a meet and greet for all the singles on board…..welllllllll…….there are 24 of us and really how do I say this……not my type…. majority much older and bigger than myself…..there is one lady from England a few years younger than me..I actually met her at the gym presentation yesterday..she is nice and active and I asked her if she wanted to join the tour I bought in Hilo and she said she would and then another couple contacted me by e mail wanting to join so I have the three that I need.  Anyway glad I went but really they were not my type.

This afternoon I got myself a nice cup of tea found an outside lounge chair and sunbathed and read…yes the weather is lovely!!!

Then it was time for my deck 3 visit……another 12 laps which felt good.

Tonight is formal night but I am not going to go just do not feel like dressing up but I went to where I normally eat that is casual dress and then into the big theater where the local ship’s crew put on a wonderful energetic show.

I am amazed at how the time goes by……

So my feelings so far are that I like this ship

I like Bundi my steward.

I like the food.

I like planning for the next day.

I like the fact I can walk 4 miles every day.

I am lucky and blessed.

I miss my friends.

I miss internet but a break is good for me!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Friday 2nd October 2015..Cruise day 4!!!

It is of course pitch black in my room so I sleep not knowing what time it is and I am sleeping in till around 8am and then my full day begins…today I went for a light breakfast yogurt, cereal and fruit and then off to deck 3!!!!

Did the 12 laps(4 miles) and there were quite a few people doing the same thing and happy to report I passed most of them as  I walk at a good clip.

Finished in time to get cleaned up and off to the lecture hall for a very interesting and informative talk on the US and Mexican war I had no idea that Mexico owned so much land even up to Oregon!!!

It really is good to have so many diversified things to do and see and take part in apart from the bingo and movie trivia!!!!

Then it was time for tea and read and finish my novel on my Kobo in the library!!!


This is all go off then to the lecture hall again for a talk on the moon and again another wonderful learning experience.

I figured now it was relaxation time so found a deck chair pulled it close to the rail and slept an hour away!!!


I got so tired out sleeping I had to invigorate myself with tea and one cookie before I headed here


I did speak to the cruise director yesterday about increasing the temperature in the hot tubs it was only luke warm and I thought that would be the end of it but pleasantly surprised today to find they were indeed hotter so I enjoyed the soak.

Over dinner tonight of chicken and veggies I did some planning for tomorrow….we arrive in San Diego at 8am till 5.30pm and I have  car hired and then about a 20 minute drive to La Jolla where I have booked a 3 hour mountain bike tour it sounds on the brochure on the internet to be a great time we will see.

Then off to the piano lounge to have 20 minutes of listening to those amazing ladies piano and violin before I went to the main theatre where I thoroughly enjoyed the female stand up comic she was brilliant…finally home at 10.30pm and now going to get my stuff ready for tomorrow……these are hard days at sea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Saturday 3rd October 2015..Cruise day5!!!

I was up at 6am this morning and I knew from the Captain’s message from the night before that we would be docking in San Diego 2 hours ahead of our 10am estimated time of arrival…so I went out side and saw the day break and the ship coming into port!!



So the original plan was to get off the ship at 10am walk 4 blocks to where I had a car hired and then drive about 15 minutes to La Jolla where I had booked a 3 hour mountain bike tour starting at 1pm and then get back into town drop off the car and hopefully get back to the ship before last call at 5.30pm!!!

As we docked earlier by 2 hours I got off and went to the car hire Avis, they were happy to give me the car early I have a nice 4 door small Honda and got easy directions to La Jolla and I was outside the bike office at 9.15am…..I went in and asked if it was possible for me to get on the 10am tour and explained about my tight schedule…the nice young lady told me that the tour was sold out but she would check with the owner and she came back and told me that they by law are limited to the numbers on each tour but they had a new guide who was just starting out and had done 5 tours already but needed more experience so they sent Matt and myself out just the two of us how great was that.


So join us on our bike tour through some beautiful and very expensive real estate and beaches!!!






oh darn my camera acting up yet again!!!


This was an interesting little bay


Matt told me that a few years ago the town put in some money to build this wall and bay for the kids to have a safe and protected area to swim in and three days after it was opened these guys moved in



There is also a base close by where they train the Navy seals!!!!


Ok back to the tour




I enjoyed the tour and Matt was a fine guide plus I  did not have to worry about time…..

I am now in Starbucks and decided that whilst I have time I would do these first few days of the blog!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday 28th September 2015…well the time has come!!!

Last night I felt a little bug coming on and today I was not firing on all cylinders…..stayed home till 4.30pm and just took things easy did some last minute stuff…I was supposed to play tennis at 1.30pm and then again at 4.30pm but I cancelled the first game but did  play in the second and glad I did…. it did me good to work out I think although not happy the strings broke again in my racquet!!!!

Came and got cleaned up and Heather had prepared a lovely farewell meal…Ben’s girlfriend Mia made a wonderful strawberry dessert and the Notley’s came over and it was a really nice send off.

Heather always writes on the mirrors and windows…



It was a great evening but I crashed at 9.30pm and had to go to bed hopefully I will feel Ok in the morning!

So this is it my last post till November 5th when I shall be in Wellington New Zealand…..thanks to all my readers  and thanks for all the good wishes e mail!!!!

Another adventure starts……..

Yashi Kochi!!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday 27th September 2015… promised suitcase packed!!!

Well another good sleep and this morning it was time to tackle this


Heather came to the rescue and asked if she could help and she did it all on her own I am so happy what a job!!!


and I still have room!!!!

Boomer and I went on a long hike  to


It is lovely walking around the point…



I have decided if and when I grow up and settle down I will get a dog…Boomer is a “chick”  magnet!!!  At least 4 women stopped and their words were…Oh how beautiful!!!!  of course I asked if they were referring to me or the dog and they all said of course the DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








We walked 13 km and Boomer was great!!!!!

Tonight Heather cooked a lovely dinner and then I had a long soak in the tub!!!

This is a brief summary of my stops on the ship

Astoria Oregon where I am going to go on the free river walk and trolley ride.

San Diego I have booked a mountain bike 3 hour ride.

Hilo Hawaii I have booked a private 5 hour tour to Volcano National Park and some waterfalls….this is with a man who comes really well recommended and he just takes 4 people on his tours so I paid for the whole thing now I have to fine 3 others on the ship willing to join me I think that will not be a problem.

Honolulu I have booked a small compact car for the day to see some volcanoes and waterfalls.

Apia I plan to hire a taxi and visit about 7 waterfalls.

Suva will be a walking tour to some swim holes.

Lautoka I have hired a scooter for the day.

Tadine another walking tour on my own to some more water holes this will be a short stop as this is the only stop where we get tendered into the port.

Sydney and Melbourne I will just tour the city as I shall be coming back here in January.

Hobart I have hired a car for the whole day to see a National park and some historic buildings.

Then there are 5 stops in New Zealand before I dis embark in Wellington on 5th November.

Sounds like fun right???








Was not able to get any photos of the eclipse tonight but it was awesome!!!!




A supermoon lunar eclipse will put on a show tonight -- marking the first time the spectacle has occurred in more than three decades.

A supermoon occurs when a full moon happens when it is at the closest point in its elliptical orbit around Earth, making the full moon appear up to 14 percent larger and brighter than usual. A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes into Earth's shadow, often turning a blood red color.

What Makes a Full Moon So Special

The coincidence of events is so rare it won't be seen again until 2033, making it a can't-miss event tonight for sky gazers. As an added bonus, it will appear in prime time for many in the United States, meaning there's no need to set your alarm for the middle of the night.



Yashi Kochi!!!