Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Tuesday 15th October 2019..a stroll down memory lane.....

In this day 11 years ago this was my blog post..

Corfu - Day 6 - Wednesday 15th Oct.

Today was a quiet time day and I slept in till about 9am!!  Spent the morning reading and relaxing and just enjoying being in a lovely country surrounded by wonderful scenery, spectacular oceans and being with my family.

The afternoon was beach time..hhhhhg 003 you can see that Sam as the Psame athletic prowess as her Dad and Uncle!!hhhhhg 012 hhhhhg 017

hhhhhg 022

Wimbledon Champions 1949!!!!




After all this exertion it was time for a dip in the Ionian Sea

Sam waving good bye

hhhhhg 034 


before she swims home back to

Come on Mally SMILE!!

hhhhhg 035

That is much better!!hhhhhg 036






Ladies please be sitting and holding on tight for these next two photos……hhhhhg 045

Come on just pucker up!!

hhhhhg 046

I love this photo of Sam and me..

 hhhhhg 048Put your own caption to this one..hhhhhg 051

Just as I was leaving the beach to come back to the apartment I was happy to see and take this photo..hhhhhg 057

and saved what I think are great photos till last..hhhhhg 027 hhhhhg 010

In the evening we went out into the village for supperlllp 006 and were entertained by our Greek waiters

lllp 005 and of course had a lovely meal but the Pearson boys were getting antsy for soccer, so watched a live broadcast from Belarus of the England soccer game.lllp 008

Tomorrow our last full day here we have decided to hire a car and go into the city of Corfu for the day.

Another day in paradise….take care…

Yashi Kochi!!

Monday, October 14, 2019

Monday 14 th October 2019...Happy Thanksgiving!!!

A happy and wonderful Thanksgiving to my  special Canadian friends!!

Spent most of the morning doing paper work for the Three Kings and then I went into Centro to pick up another donation and to do some banking and shopping.

I stopped at this local restaurant as they were offering

Got a take away,,

This afternoon I relaxed before I went to my gym session at 4.30pm..Aaron put me through it again and he did tell me that I was doing really well and he sees a difference and improvement in my training!!

I quickly got cleaned up and went the 100 yards to my English class....

As it was a special day I invited my good friend Kristen to come to class again and do some crafts with my students.

Kristen has come to class many times before and tonight after introductions were made we went outside to the patio where there were bigger tables .

She had brought all the materials and she had them all painting and decorating a small pumpkin...

Let the photos speak for themselves!!!!

Everyone had a great time and it is a wonderful lesson for them to hear a different accent and to have some fun with a take home product at the end!!

Thanks so much Kristen!!

My turkey dinner was awesome with enough left for maΓ±ana!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sunday 13 th October 2019... a busy day....again!!!

Wow that was a busy day!!!

Started out slow and easy with perfect views of the clouds in the valley..very Holloweenish!!!!!!

Then after breakfast I decided to move stuff around in my casita..I do love living here and the place is fabulous a tad small but perfect for me but there is only so much I can do and without having a pan artistic or designer bone in my body I just moved a few things around....

I like the new look!!!

I have to keep on top of all the donations coming in for Three Kings Toy drive..

You can donate hereπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


...making sure I have a list of all who  donate and amounts and time table if I am to meet them to collect their donations...the drive is going extremely well!!

I then called my Brother Malc and Janet in England and by surprise their three children and Grandson were over so I got to have a quick chat with everyone!!

I then decided to take little πŸ›΅ out into the country again.....come along for the ride!!

Some great views...

In Atononilco is the World Heritage church..

...always a busy place and I stopped at this stall an bought a home made hand made elephant..

Now it can add to my collection!!

Then it was off to the Pressa for a nice hike along the shoreline...it looks beautiful but unfortunately the water is not clean...

An unusual road side tribute..

And what all boys like to do on a Sunday afternoon...

Was home in time for the sun going down...

Tonight is....

While the Full Hunter’s Moon will reach peak fullness on Sunday, October 13, 2019, the Moon will appear full for roughly three days, from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

It’s the only night in the month when the Moon is in the sky all night long—visible in the sky at sunset and setting around sunrise the next day!

Because the Hunter’s Moon rises from the horizon around sunset, it may appear bigger and more orange—how perfect for the fall season! But don’t be fooled by the “Moon Illusion,” which makes the Moon appear larger than it really is!

There is a champion in The house!!!!

Rain and lightning aside, #14 Ashley Lahey's week in Tulsa culminated into gold on Sunday evening as she took down the #4 Alexa Graham of North Carolina for the second time in three weeks.
The first set was all Lahey, taking the set by a score of 6-4 under the lights at the Case Tennis Center. Graham was not going down without a fight, however, as the second set went neck-and-neck until Lahey capitalized on her sixth match point and ran away with the 7-5 win for the tournament title.
It is the third time the two have played each other in 2019, as the first match in May resulted in a Lahey loss, bumping her out of NCAA Singles Championship contention. The last matchup saw Lahey grab a commanding win as she beat Graham two weeks ago in the Oracle/ITA Masters quarterfinals.
Lahey has gone undefeated this season, after winning both the Oracle/ITA Masters and the Women's Collegiate Invitational over the past two weeks. The ITA All-American Championships title is her third straight championship in three tournaments.

This amazing young woman just keeps on winning!!!

Way to go Ashley!!

Yashi Kochi!

Tuesday 15th October 2019..a stroll down memory lane.....

In this day 11 years ago this was my blog post.. Corfu - Day 6 - Wednesday 15th Oct. Today was a quiet time day and I slept in till about 9a...