Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thursday 28th July 2016.....rain stopped play!!!

The plans for this morning went out of the window when I saw how hard it was raining....I was allowed to stay in the cottage till 11am so that was nice for me to relax a bit and I cannot check in to my place tonight till after 6.00
I was on the road and stopped at the old cit of Armagh and managed a walk in between the showers

This was a really beautiful church and my camera could not capture the colors and the glass

My next stop was in Newry with yet another wonderful church..

I had lots of time so I went to the library and did some research and planning for next far I am going back to Belfast tomorrow evening and on Saturday returning my car to the down town office and then catching a bus to Dublin Airport where I will rent a car for 9 days and tour a lot of the southern part of Ireland before returning to Dublin where I will meet my host for the house sit.....but more on that next week!!
After the library I went to a Mall where I needed to get some help on my was great in England but now I have used it a few times and the money ran out and I could not top it up....I went to the offices of EE the company I have as my server(does it sound like I know what I am talking about because I have no idea!!!) and they told me that yes the roaming  charges are huge and he advised me to go to another mall a few minutes walk away and go to a company called 3 and get one of their SIM I walked and found the shop and they told me that their SIM would not fit my phone and as I was going to Ireland on Saturday to wait till I cross the border and get a card there....I am not sure that I fully understand all of this but I will try again in Dublin on Saturday.

Around 6.00 pm I pulled into the small village of

and went to the local Pub for was very tasty home made vegetable soup and a chicken dish with CHAMP!!!!!
What is that you ask???
Champ (brúitín in Irish) is an Irish dish,[1] made by combining mashed potatoes and chopped scallions with butter and milk, and optionally, salt and pepper.[2] It is simple and inexpensive to produce. In some areas the dish is also called "poundies[3]".[citation needed]
Champ is similar to another Irish dish, colcannon, which uses kale or cabbage in place of scallions.
The word champ has also been adopted into the popular Hiberno-English phrases, to be "as thick as champ", meaning to be stupid, and to be "as ignorant as champ at a wedding", meaning to be uncultured or boorish (champ being a common everyday dish, not one befitting a banquet celebration)
Now you was a great meal!!

then went to my airbnb stay which is a large farm house in the country with a family with two young kids!!!
My room is fabulous
My own sitting room
You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know where I shall be later!!!

The view from my bedroom window.

I played a little while with the kids it was fun I have forgotten what it is to be around young fun and always asking questions children!!!

So I am hoping for clear skies tomorrow as I have a full agenda planned!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wednesday 27th July have work to do!!!

Before you read about my musings for today you need to Goggle You tube and listen to celtic Thunder's rendition of "Ireland's Call:    to get you in the mood!!!

Had a wonderful cooked breafast Joanne has been really good to me on my short stay thanks!!

I was at the causeway by 9.00 am with the intention of beating the crowds and it worked..enjoy the below.....

Finn MacCool and the Giant's Causeway

Text only version

Ulster is the most Northern of Ireland’s ancient kingdoms. Its landscape is fabulously beautiful – it has towering cliffs and rocky hills, winding rivers and scooped-out lakes that look like they could have been made by the hands of slightly crazy giants.

There are many stone tombs here, five thousand years old, made of enormous boulders that could not possibly be lifted by one man, or even a whole family of ordinary men. For many years the local people have named them “Giant’s Graves”

Stories are told of one great Irish Giant, Finn MacCool, whose most fearsome enemies were the Scottish giants. Finn was so angry, and determined to get at them, that he built a whole causeway from Ulster across the sea to Scotland. He built it of unusual six-sided cobblestones, so they would fit neatly together like a honeycomb, and they made a very pretty pavement indeed!

One day he shouted a challenge to the Scottish giant Benandonner, The Red Man, to cross the causeway and fight him. But as soon as he saw the Scot getting closer and closer on the causeway, he realised Benandonner was much, much bigger than he had imagined! Finn skidaddled back home to the Fort-of-Allen in County Kildare, and told his wife he’d picked a fight but had thought better of it now.

Finn heard the stamping feet of Benandonner from Kilcock, and when those feet got to Robertstown, Finn had to stuff five pounds of moss into each ear. Red Man’s spear was as tall and thick as a Round-Tower, and he used it to knock on the door of the Fort-of-Allen. Finn would not answer the door, so his wife shoved him in the great bath with a couple of sheets over him.

Finn’s wife, Oonagh, thought quickly. She opened the door to Benandonner saying,
“Sure it’s a pity but Finn is away hunting deer in County Kerry. Would you like to come in anyway and wait? I’ll show you into the Great Hall to sit down after your journey.”
Oonagh invited Red Man to look around the room, and showed him what she said were some of Finn’s possessions.

“Would you like to put your spear down? Just there next to Finn’s” - It was a huge fir tree with a pointed stone at the top.
“Over there is Finn’s shield.” - It was a block of building-oak as big as four chariot-wheels.
“Finn’s late for his meal. Will you eat it if I cook his favourite?”

Oonagh cooked a cake of griddle-bread – baked with the iron griddle pressed inside it. Red Man bit it hungrily, and broke three front teeth. The meat was a strip of hard fat nailed to a block of red timber; two back teeth cracked. He was given a five-gallon bucket of honey-beer to drink.
“Would you like to say hello to the baby? Wait! - I’ll have to feed her first!”

Oonagh threw a loaf of bread to the huge baby in the bath-cradle and, peeping out from a huge sheet-like dress and bonnet was Finn MacCool himself, contentedly sucking his thumb. Benandonner said he wasn’t much good with babies. The honey-beer made him feel woozy, and he asked to go outside to clear his head.

Oonagh showed Red Man out, where the gardens were scattered about with boulders as tall as the giant.
“Finn and his friends play catch with these rocks. Finn practises by throwing one over the Fort, then running round to catch it before it falls.”

Of course Red Man tried, but it was so heavy he could only just lift it above his head before dropping it. The blow only ricked his neck - luckily the Scotsman’s head was very hard. But it was also full of good sense. He thanked Oonagh for her hospitality and said he would wait no longer, but return to Scotland before the tide came in.

Finn leapt from the cradle, thanked Oonagh for her shrewdness, and chased Benandonner out of Ireland. Passing Portadown, County Antrim, Finn scooped a huge clod of earth out of the ground to fling at the retreating Scot. The hole filled up with water and became the biggest Lough in Ireland – Lough Neagh! The clod he flung missed its target and landed in the middle of the Irish Sea – it became The Isle of Man!!

And both giants tore up the Giant’s Causeway, just leaving the ragged ends at the two shores! And if you go to the North coast of Ulster, or to Staffa, the nearest isle of Scotland, you may visit them today – the ends of the beautiful causeway that is, not the giants – those giants are long since in their graves!

The Giant Story

Antrim’s Giant’s Causeway’s is a 60-million-year-old story of science. O he arrives

Giant's Causeway, County Antrim

You could take a bus to the causeway or walk on the cliff tops which I did...the shot below is where I am going to hike..
and when I got there took photos looking back to the cause way

these are good zoom shots!!!

Really incredible formations hard to believe!!!

It was a great way to start the day and the sun was out most of the time....
Then went to a place Anne had recommended to me....

Get out of the way i want to read that sign!!!
I enjoyed a beach walk!!
Hey in the middle is a chocolate Oreo cow...the belted Galloway!!!

Another 30 minute drive found me here...

Had a wonderful hike around the extensive grounds...

He had everything woods, a pond, fantastic ocean views.....and then the tiny house!!!!!

The ceiling inside I am sure is called a Boveda ceiling which are very prevalent in mexico and takes a Master to build with out use of a scaffold...amazing!!

I like this quirky guy I could have worked for him!!!

Back on the back roads
Stopped in this small town and liked this the line of the famous song Danny Boy!!!!  They had a sign advertising a carvery(buffet) for 6 pounds for seniors so I went in and got one as a take out...turkey, dressing, spuds, veggies and Yorkshire pudding!!!
At 4.00 pm I arrived at my airbnb stay for the night...a little different this one it is a seperate cottage with everything..

I did a small load of laundry, had that delicious dinner, a very hot shower and now relaxing and after this planning my day for tomorrow....

Thanks for checking in!!

Yashi Kochi!!!