Monday, February 08, 2016

Tuesday 9th February 2016...a hot one!!!

Every day seems to be the same now wonderful mornings and then very hot before cooling down in the evenings.....had another great sleep and just quietly listened to my music and read and had a light breakfast.
Around 10am I went into town to the local library where I connected to the Internet and did about one hour's work especially making all my reservations for my stay in South Africa and booking a car and thankfully it is all done so I can relax a bit and continue doing research on my trip north up to Sydney next week.
I came home and packed up some lunch and lots of drinks and set out for Mount Zero which is to the left of this map!!

This is still in the Grampians but to the north and not so populated I saw no one at all this afternoon.
I found the car park for Hollow Mountain and set out and the track was easy to follow and the effects of the big fire two years ago very evident

...after a couple of km of steady climbing I was into some rock climbing and the arrows I had been following abruptly finished at times I followed what I thought was a path but as close as I got to the base of the mountain I could not find a way through or up

.....I decided to sit and have lunch and think of my options and I chose to do the smart thing and to give up on getting any higher up the summit and to try to find my way back to the car park...I did eventually but I know I did not go back the same way and I also know I was way off track but I did make it back...
I then took another path to here

this was an easy path and the smells along the hike were wonderful and at the end the signs and the rock paintings very interesting!!

Some neat formations on the way down..

I was home by 5pm and thought I should take a nap but then decided not to and instead washed Silver streak and got some of the grime and gravel off her...had a light supper, wrote the blog and then the cool refreshing shower and now going to watch a movie.....when I was in the library this morning I asked if they would give me a short term membership so I could borrow a few movies and the answer was of course “no worries”.
These two words are now a part of my vocabulary everyone says “no worries” and I mean everyone I guess it is equivalent to our no problem...but it is all you hear when someone does something for you!!
Hope you had a great day!!

Yashi kochi!

Monday 8th February 2016.....yes a WATERFALL!!!!

Last night I turned off the ceiling fan and with the windows open had a great nights sleep..the cabin does not have air con but that suits me fine with a ceiling fan in every room it is quite comfortable...the mornings are a bit cooler and nice to have breakfast outside before the heat of the day starts...I just make sure I have sunscreen on and lots to drink when I am out.
The Internet stick works just fine I do a lot of work off line like e mails and writing the blog, editing the photos and then copy and paste when I plug in the stick...I do not know how to check how much space I have used... will be interesting to see how long this works before I have to top off.
I was on the road by 10am and this sign is on the outskirts of town

I had planned a driving day with a couple of short hikes but first I stopped in at the Local Visitors centre to see if they had an update of the young man who fell yesterday..they told me that he had been flown to Melbourne where he was in stable condition with some broken bones so that is good news as it could have been fatal!!!
I first drove to this great look out.....with a different view across to the lake.

Back in the car and another 10 minutes drive to the waterfall!!!!

This waterfall is dam fed so it runs all the time it was quite lovely and refreshing to be at the base of the falls and having lunch with a small and cooling spray from the falls washing over me.

The last stop was another great view and this is the stupid photo of the day!!!
A perfect gentleman with his lady on the outside!!!

I tried to talk to them after they came down I would not normally say anything but with yesterday's events firmly planted in my mind I did and I stopped and walked away after a few seconds as it was totally obvious they were obnoxious and rude and uncaring......

This is the way the photograph should be!!!

It was a good day and I was home by 3pm and I relaxed did some route planning for the next few weeks.....
The plan is to leave here on Thursday and drive about 100km to the town of Ballarat and stay there one night, already have a place booked and Friday drive into Melbourne where I also have a place booked for two nights as on Saturday afternoon I am going to a concert which will I know be fantastic(not telling you what just yet) and in the evening going to a Professional soccer game between the two Melbourne sides, should be a fun evening.....Sunday I leave and I am going to drive the coastal route up to Sydney where I fly out on the 28th February to Brisbane where I have a house sit opportunity for 10 you can see lots to study and research.

Had a nice light supper salad and a fresh meat pie followed by another Mexican shower and after I write this going to watch a movie!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Sunday 7th February 2016...a day I shall not forget!!!

I kept the ceiling fan on low all night and had a good restful sleep till 8am and it was hot already...I took my time over my yogurt and fruit breakfast and then started to pack up my lunch including many drinks....I had bought a map of local hikes and they are all listed in degree of difficulty and as I am Percy's boy I tackled the hardest hike first today

The Pinnacle via the Grand Canyon!!

I drove about 15 minutes to the parking lot for the start of this hike and passed this convey of motor cycles must have been at least 300 of them..

There was a group of young folks at the sign and I asked them the time and I thought as I started to climb there they were with no back packs, no food and just one bottle of water each and there I was loaded down like a pack mule either good to be young or good to be wise and old...more on them later!!!

Yes that is where I am heading!!!
There were a few waterfalls listed on the map but these were well and truly dry although what they call the Roman Baths were being used to cool down by the kids and their parents....

The hike then started to get hard a total gain in elevation of over 1300 feet and I could feel it also it was really hot....

One section is called the Grand Canyon and some neat rock formations here....

still climbing but almost at the top, the Pinnacle......I took these photos and then I went and stood where these people are

and looked back at these rocks

and could not believe my eyes one of the kids that I saw at the base was out on the edge climbing I thought what a total nutter...I leaned down to get my camera out of my back pack and heard this ungodly scream...the kid had fell I saw him go down maybe 50 feet then try to grab a tree and then continued was just sickening...his groups of friends came to where I was because I could see him laying on a ledge..they screamed down to him and fortunately he answered..he told them he was bad his head split open and he could not feel his right side.....they called the ambulance and police and continued to shout down to him to make sure he stayed awake.....I am sorry to say that it took over 90 minutes for the air ambulance arrive and then these rescue workers who climbed up...

They moved us off the peak and I could tell from where he was that the helicopters could not get close enough to him to send down help and that the workers would have to rappel into the gulley and winch him up, which I hope happened......

I did not feel like eating but knew I must and I had company!!

I was back at the base and I could still hear the helicopter.....just hope that the young man will be Ok and what a lesson the choices you make in life can come back to haunt you...for me I look at that rock face and have no idea how anyone would be so foolish as go over the side without any rock climbing gear!!!
It was a hard hike and I was glad to get to base especially as my greeting party was

and in the river this beauty!!!

Came home and drank lots of water while I did a load of wash which I hung out on the line.
Cooked myself some nice, tasty lamb chops.....had a Mexican shower..what is that you may ask?? On the coast in Mexico the weather is so hot the showers only have cold water which feels so refreshing once you get under, well I kept the water tepid while I showered...did the blog and I may stay awake long enough to watch a movie!!

Yashi Kochi!!!