Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday 20th August 2011…last day of berg photos and half a moose!!!!!

Had a great sleep and occasionally through the night I would hear the crash and roar of an iceberg breaking up but woke up to pea soup fog!!

aug20 004

Went on a bit of a road trip but as I passed through town I saw the Church group here doing a car wash and I thought why not treat Ramona!!!!

aug20 009

About 30 miles away is this site

aug20 011

Just past this sign a group of motorists had stopped and so did I…. they all had these enormous telephoto lens and there was me with my baby Cannon…anyway I climbed up onto the roof of Ramona and got this shot!!!!

aug20 014Now I do not know to count this as a full moose sighting what do you think??

Anyway the site was very well set up and very Interesting…

aug20 017

aug20 019

aug20 022

aug20 023Sod walls!!

aug20 025

aug20 026

aug20 027


Don’t I like like a fierce invader???????

aug20 029

I should have listened to my new friends Sylvia and Rod they said this place was a snoozer

aug20 030

and it was the only part I enjoyed was seeing this replica

aug20 031

aug20 032

My friend Inga is of Icelandic decent and I often accused her relatives of raping and pillaging my country but I shall never forget the first time I met Inga’s Father, his name was Snorri, he was a giant of a man and I have never seen a man with such huge hands….but he was a gentle and funny man…anyway this boat is called Snorri!!!!

aug20 035

aug20 033


aug20 042

OK these will probalby be my last icebergs photos..but surely you must admit they are spectacular!!!

aug20 044

aug20 045

I thought is was two thirds below the surface!!!

aug20 047

aug20 053


aug20 056

aug20 055

aug20 070

I found a small road and drove down to the end and parked in someone’s driveway with their permission and found this neat path

aug20 080

At the top was another Cemetery

aug20 0635

and then these lovely shots!!

aug20 072


aug20 073

aug20 074

aug20 076

aug20 065

That is it!!!

I have been thrilled to be in this area and share with the locals and you lovely readers these magnificent acts of nature!!!!

Staying in the same place as last night and tomorrow I am on the road again.

I have decided that as I have come all this way across Canada and the USA it would be a shame not to go to Labrador so I am heading to the ferry at St.Barbe tomorrow and depending on time will take the ferry tomorrow or Monday it is only a 100 minute crossing and will cost about 35 dollars one way for Ramona so will spend one night over there…I will post when I can……have a lovely Sunday!!

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