Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday 18th August 2011….Bergs, more Bergs and the even more Bergs!!

I realize that I have a huge problem with the water pump on Ramona…many of my friends are helping by long distance and three guys from the park looked at it and I do have an appointment at a repair shop tomorrow morning but it is not an RV shop I am about 450km away from the nearest one…if I don’t get it fixed it will change the way I have to be because it is my means of showering and washing dishes etc...I have lots of fresh water for drinking and tea and I move out of the RV park tomorrow but there is an indoor swimming pool where I  can shower each day but when I get on the road it changes BUT this will not get me down I shall deal with it and I will be clean….anyway enough of that!!!

Can you stand lots of berg photos??  Good because here they come!!!!

aug18 001

aug18 003

aug18 017

aug18 010

aug18 021

aug18 024

aug18 027

aug18 028

aug18 029

aug18 030

aug18 096

The above two photos are interesting the top one was taken at 10am and the bottom one about 5 hours later!!!!

aug18 033So who else had lunch today watching icebergs????

aug18 048

aug18 082What are they doing you may ask???


aug18 059

I have my own piece in the freezer now and it did not cost me anything!!!

aug18 097

aug18 060

aug18 065

aug18 074

The above photo is my favourite I was sitting watching all these gulls who were perched on the flat long berg and suddenly a deafening roar and a piece broke off scaring the birds what a sight and sound amazing!!!

aug18 077

aug18 072

aug18 090

What made this day so special was everywhere I went there were local people taking photos and the ones I spoke to were just as amazed as me they had never seen anything like this so many bergs and so late..and they tell me the big ones are grounded on the ocean floor and are not going anywhere and will probably be here for the winter…the only people not happy were the fishermen I spoke to who could not go out and lay their traps.

I met two Dutch ladies yesterday who gave me the name and phone number of a local fisherman who took them out to see the bergs and many whales and only wanted a small donation so I found him this morning in the small town of Goose Cove by asking for Ed the Fisherman and he said much too windy to go out today but I will try again tomorrow if not Saturday looks good and I will go out with him!!!

Sylvia and Rod are from Campbell River and friends with Norma and Croft, yes that Croft who writes nasty comments on my blog and has been banned many times, Rod has a great blog and I have been following him and they arrived in the park today but they are on a tight schedule so I spent a little while with them tonight here is Rod’s blog link’’’’

This day rates right up there…….hope you enjoy blessings!!!!


Croft said...

Great photos Les! I am going to have to make an addition to my Bucket List!

So glad you met Rod and Sylvia! If you ever make it to one of our patio parties, they are always here! This goes to prove that we have at least some "normal" friends!

mexicokid said...

they even said a few nice things about you..icebergs..wonderful!!!L

Rod and Sylvia said...

I don't know about normal, but friends yes!

Rod and Sylvia said...

Thanks Les we had a great time, and I hope we see each other again. Safe Travels to you if we don't.

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