Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friday 26th August 2011……9 weeks on the road!!!

Had a good sleep and was on the road by 8.30am and drove about one hour to

aug26 014

There was a few things I wanted to do and I found the Visitors centre, where I will spend the night.  Again the staff are remarkable…I reserved a seat at

aug26 034

and I am looking forward to that. 

The heavens then just opened and it was a solid downpour for over one hour so just had a cup of tea and looked at maps and planned my route for the next few days…I have to be mindful of Hurricane Irene and not be on the cliff edge in Ramona!!!

I walked through this delightful little town after the rains stopped

aug26 012

aug26 015

This one is for sale Kirby!!!!

aug26 011

aug26 008

After getting my fresh water bottle filled and checked out the local bakery I drove a few miles out of town to

aug26 032

aug26 018

The trail was quite muddy in places

aug26 020

aug26 021

Amazing how these trees survive!!

aug26 024

aug26 0253

The falls were quite nice but hard to get a photo that showed their true height!!

aug26 031

aug26 030

It was a good afternoon.

Came back to town and found a car wash for Ramona then came to the visitors centre had supper, a shave and shower and walked along the boardwalk

comcert 001

comcert 002

This town is famous for one of the residents Alexander Bell and here he is with his wife admiring Ramona and the sunset!!

comcert 009

comcert 007

The concert was extremely enjoyable just Father and his 17 year old son!!!

comcert 015

A great evening out…so I am parked up for the night and planning to do a 20 mile hike to the highest waterfall in NS tomorrow.  Sunday is supposed to rain and Monday the are predicted the Hurricane Irene may arrive so that day I will look for an RV park to get safe.

Map picture


The plan is to go from Baddeck and follow the red pins anti clock wise!!!

Will post when i can…have a great weekend!!


Esther said...

That first picture of Baddeck harbour from the boardwalk is beautiful...the lighting is just wonderful.

mexicokid said...

Thanks I love this little point and shoot Canon...hope you are enjoying your day off!!!!L

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