Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday 14th August 2011…grab a tea or a coffee this is a long one!!!

Sunny morning!!!

On the road at 9am and my first stop was the quaint town of Trinity…

aug14 001

aug14 006aug14 011

From here I went to

aug14 013

  aug14 014

aug14 091

Well check it out and see what you think!!!

aug14 019

aug14 021

aug14 017

aug14 022

aug14 023

aug14 031

aug14 032

aug14 033

aug14 047

aug14 050

aug14 052Croft don’t even think about making a comment!!!!

Well the trail gets my vote it was a great hike!!!!

The next stop was

aug14 054

These next photos are especially for my lovely Janet, My SIL…….Sister in Law!!!

aug14 058

aug14 059

aug14 063

This is not as peaceful as it looks that nasty sea gull was after baby chick puffins!!!

aug14 062

Elliston was the next town!!

aug14 071

aug14 069

aug14 070

aug14 072

aug14 074Lunch stop!!!

aug14 077

Ok here is the story I drive bare feet…always have!!  I am also a little bit of a neat freak so when I get into the driver’s side I stick my right foot in slip off my Croc and do the same with the left foot, then drive…I have done this for years so after my lunch time stop and the next stop this is what I found!!!

aug14 086

I have no idea how but some 30 odd km back is my right Croc!!!!

So plan B get out the emergency pair!!

aug14 087

Certainly not as chic!!!!!/////CROFT be quiet!~!!!!!!

This holds a dear place in my heart as I was raised in the Salvation Army!!

aug14 088

aug14 089

Some evening views

aug14 093

aug14 095

My final stop of the day was planned I just hoped I could find a place to park.

aug14 103

aug14 104

aug14 114

So I drove through the tiny village till I got here just got to love that name!!!

aug14 115

I saw the owner and he said I was welcome to stay and that there would be no fishermen coming by tomorrow because today was the last day of the season…..these shots were taken from the door of Ramona!!!!!

aug14 121

aug14 124

aug14 128

aug14 131

I love these last two!!!!

aug14 132

So here I am resting after a wonderful sunny day and some amazing views….movie time and yes of course tea and jam cookies!!!

aug14 129

Map picture

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