Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Monday 29th August 2011…no injuries, no moose but something I haven’t done for years!!!!

Well as my previous short post told you survived the storm that brought quite strong winds but no rain and I left the campground at 10am I could tell that I was feeling a little energy lacking but that is OK!!!

My first stop was Bay St.Lawrence again another very small community…

ahu29 039

ahu29 034

I was heading for Meat Cove

ahu29 043

and I had a decision to make…

ahu29 014

ahu29 015

There is a campground there that I have read about and my friend’s Ruth and Kevin were there a couple of months ago and told me the sites were mainly for tents, no services, quite uneven and 25 dollars….so as Ramona was newly washed and with the above facts I decided against taking her on the road so turned around and tried to find somewhere to stay and go visit Meat Cove on Bonita.

After I turned around and drove just a couple of minutes I saw a man at the end of his long driveway doing some work so I stopped and he came to the window and I told him was going to go to Meat Cove but decided against it and he said why don’t you stay in my yard for the night…so I did!!!!

ahu29 048

ahu29 010

ahu29 011

So here I am safe and tucked away and off I went on Bonita to Meat Cove…..the drive was very scenic and it is so easy to pull off and explore the tiny gravel roads!!

ahu29 006

ahu29 004No idea where this cruise ship was going but it was heading north!!

ahu29 019

the above is the campground…no one there!!

ahu29 020

ahu29 021Great view.

I had lunch on the beach below the campground!!

ahu29 026

Somebody went to a lot of work!!

ahu29 024

Found this neat church close to Bay St Lawrence

ahu29 042

ahu29 041

Driving back to Ramona saw this great beach

ahu29 044Me is where I shall be soon!!

Went back to Ramona and realized that right across from where I was parked was a rough track going down to the above beach…so I grabbed my towel and a drink and off I went…what a great beach!!!

ahu29 050

Rule Britannia!!!!  A free weeks subscription to the blog for the first male reader to spot something else in the photo apart from my towel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There were a few families and little kids enjoying the great beach and I became one of them!!

ahu29 051

So i suppose by now you are wondering what the heading for this post meant..what have I not done for years…..catch the surf in the mighty Atlantic Ocean!!!!

ahu29 053

ahu29 054The hang five or what ever terms surfers use I am a surfer but a couch surfer!!!!

Cannot believe after the storms of last night and the high winds of this morning that at 3pm I would be swimming and sunbathing till 6pm!!!!!

Came back and showered and ate and had a nice chat with my host Lawrence Capstick.  I had to ask him… his name Capstick that is the name on the map and signpost where is the town…he just smiled and told me I was parked right in the middle of town!!!!   His house is the town there is absolutely nothing else!!!

Lawrence was so kind offered me to park behind the barn where I could hook up but told him not necessary and we chatted for over an hour and when I got to my moose story he smiled and said there was a huge moose in the yard last week!!!!

So I think I was a littler extra exerted than I realized from the big hike on Saturday and all the cleaning yesterday afternoon so it was good to kick back and relax today.  I sure enjoyed the swim and how lucky to find such a great host and know I am safe and well for the night!!

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