Monday, August 08, 2011

Monday 8th August 2011…wet and windy!!

The heading describes the whole day but I am not complaining……..drove the coastal road into Sydney and some of the sights along the way…

aug8 001

aug8 002

Two brave souls!!!

aug8 003

aug8 006

Now this was an interesting of those little places with just a main street that lasts about 3 blocks but every house front yard had some sort of decorations on the front lawn…

aug8 007

aug8 010

aug8 008

Too funny!!!

The  next stop was

aug8 011

The tour underground hosted by an ex miner was very informative, interesting and made me feel lucky not to have been a working class man in this area years ago…it was a hard life!!!

aug8 012

aug8 014

aug8 015

If anybody makes any comment about my pants it will mean a one week instant ban from the blog…I had a reason for wearing them and not sharing why!!!

aug8 017

So it is now 7pm and I am in McD’s doing the blog and then leave here to the ferry terminal for a 10.30pm sailing to Newfoundland…14 hours and I am not allowed to go to Ramona so will find a quiet area and try to sleep….will post again when I can…..order me some sunshine please!!!

Map picture


Croft said...

What sometimes works is to tell them you have a dog in the motorhome that has to be checked on. They will let you below decks and then you quietly climb into bed without turning on the lights or making noise.

Nice pants by the way! Where did you get them? The clown store?

mexicokid said...

you Canuck fans are all the just couldn't resist could you? That is it I don't care if you are 6 feet 4 inches tall a one week ban for you!!!!

Croft said...

It was worth it! I can read over Norma's shoulder anyway!

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