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Saturday 6th August 2011….welcome to Nova Scotia!!!!

I know I am a day late but no Internet last night it is now 4pm Sunday afternoon and I am outside the library…so will post this now then come back here tonight and post about today’s adventure you DO NOT want to miss my morning show this morning!!!!

I said my goodbyes and thanks to Karyn last night and was on the road by 8am I intended to catch the 9.30am ferry over to Pictou, Nova Scotia…I was cutting it tight but arrived at the ferry terminal at 9.15am paid my 92 dollars and almost boarded the ship right away!!

aug6 001

It was a 75 minute crossing that was sunny and warm..

aug6 004

aug6 006

As soon off the ship here I am my very first time in

aug6 008

aug6 023

Had to laugh at all the McDonald’s signs

aug6 009

aug6 010

After a short drive I was on the island of

aug6 011

Some scenes along the way…this lady is popular in Mexico!!!!

aug6 018

aug6 017

aug6 019

I stopped in at a Visitors service centre and the staff were so great took lots of books and went out to Ramona and decided I would have my dinner mid afternoon and make some decisions.

Thanks Aunt Doll for a lovely turkey dinner I told you I would wait till I got to NS before I ate the dinner you so kindly froze for me…it was really good.

The thing I had to decide was my route do I tour NS first then go up to Newfoundland or do the reverse…I took into consideration the time of year and the forecasts and decided I would take the ferry over to NF first so I called the ferry company and made a reservation for this Monday at 10.45pm it is a 14 hour ferry ride!!!!  The cost was 415 dollars which I think is a great rate when I took a similar ferry last year from the Island to Prince Rupert the cost was over 800 dollars.

So now I decided that I had to choose my next destination so I chose to come to visit the historic fort at Fort Louisbourg which is only about 45 minutes from Sydney where the ferry leaves from.

Very beautiful scenery on the peninsular

aug6 040

aug6 029

aug6 033

This is the first sign you come across on the trail head!!!

aug6 034

The second thing you come across

aug6 037

Me and my big stick!!!!

aug6 047

The trail is quite a bit longer  than the sign says and really beautiful!!

aug6 041

aug6 044

aug6 051

aug6 054Guess what X is!!!

It was a great hike and the parking lot looked like a great place for the night!!!

aug6 071I am about 50 feet away from water on three sides perfect!!!

aug6 059Fishing boat going past the fort I will tour in the morning!!

aug6 060I don’t think you would catch me in the fishing boat and definitely not the sail boat!!!!

aug6 061

Just couldn’t get the angle right to have the sun at the top of the lighthouse!!

aug6 066

aug6 067

The route today 250 miles!!!

aug6 072

Well my first impression of NS is a good one I think I have lots of great days ahead!!!

Showered, had some fruits and now time for tea and a movie!!  OK OK and some cookies!!!

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