Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday 21st August 2011….another new Province!!

Same as yesterday great sleep and pea soup fog!!!

Did last minute fill up of water tank and gas and off to the ferry terminal..

aug21 002

I arrived about 11am and the ferry wasn’t till 3.30pm so bought my ticket

aug21 005

21 dollars is really an awesome price!!!  Pays to be a senior!!!

aug21 007

aug21 008

The ferry actual goes to Blanc Sablon which is in the Province of Quebec but the border with Labrador is just a couple of km away.

I was first in line

aug21 009

to await the arrival of

aug21 010

aug21 014aug21 016

Here I go!!!

aug21 017

You don’t get all the posh fixtures and seats like you do on the BC ferries but for the price and the trip is over 90 minutes a bargain.  Unfortunately the weather was horrid,  foggy and wet and nothing to see out side…..

Because of the long line I up I decided to make a reservation for the return trip tomorrow afternoon an extra 10 dollars but worth it as I now do have a little bit of a schedule…..I have booked a theatre reservation for Tuesday evening and on Wednesday booked a 2 hour bout tour and Thursday I have a 4.30pm ferry reservation for the return trip to Nova Scotia…this will only be a 6 hour ferry ride.

Just after 5pm arrived yet again in the Province of

Labbbbbbb 004but just for a short time!!

Labbbbbbb 007

It seemed I had brought the fog with me..

Labbbbbbb 008

but after about 30 minutes it did lift and the sun sort of came out!!

Labbbbbbb 009

Labbbbbbb 011

Labbbbbbb 015

Labbbbbbb 022

Labbbbbbb 023

Labbbbbbb 024

Labbbbbbb 026

Labbbbbbb 027

The little bit of Labrador I have seen so far is quite similar to PEI and NL…small little coastal villages!!!

Labbbbbbb 030

I came across this interesting site

Labbbbbbb 031

Labbbbbbb 033

Labbbbbbb 032

Labbbbbbb 037

Labbbbbbb 042

Labbbbbbb 047

I had planned to drive up the coast to Red Bay 80 km away and the end of the paved road…. I arrived here at 8pm

Labbbbbbb 052


Labbbbbbb 061

and I am sure this will be another good place to spend the night!!

Labbbbbbb 060x is tonight’s stopping place!!

So now I have been to the north easterly Province and I am happy I came…tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and warm……


Rod and Sylvia said...

So what is the equivalent cost in BC? I'm guessing it's closer to $100.

mexicokid said...

yes about 90 dollars peak season!!!!

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