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Tuesday August 9th 2011….welcome to

auu 9 part 2 011

The remainder of the ferry ride was easy I had another nap, listened to some live music, had some cereal and spent well over one hour talking with this neat and lovely local lady,  Natalie,  who was coming back home to the Island.  Her training was in Tourism and she was very proud of her Island and gave me tips, drew me maps of where I should and should not go and also her address and I am sure I may see her again on my travels.  I thought before I arrived that I could see the Island in two weeks but I now know that is not possible and as I am on no time table I shall stay till I am done I already know this is going to be just an awesome trip.  I heard briefly on the news that there is this HUGE iceberg that is coming down to NF so I do hope at some point i will get to see this!!

Some views of and from the ferry

auu 9 part 2 002

auu 9 part 2 004

auu 9 part 2 008

From the terminal I drove about 20 minutes to the first rest area where I pulled over for a power nap!!

auu 9 part 2 012

As you can see it is not raining but quite dull!!

Now a bit of background you have read about my 30 years plus friendship with Gail and Larry who live in Kelowna well Gail has a sister Jude, who lives in NF so when my plans were made Gail contacted Jude and they offered for me to go visit.

They live about 20 minutes outside St.John’s so I had their address and about 5.30pm I was ringing their door bell…this is the truth and the whole truth within 40 seconds I was sitting down at the dinner table eating a delicious my kind of a meal…minced stew, pots and peas and gravy!!!!!!   I knew the island hospitality was going to be good BUT>>>>So I met Jude who tells me we met years ago in Smoky Lake, her husband Rick and their family……everyone was so kind and we had a great evening exchanging stories…again I am blessed with such kind and wonderful friends!!!!

I will stay here a couple of days and go see St.John’s tomorrow and Jude and Rick and a friendly neighbour are going to cook a deep fried turkey for me tomorrow!!!!!

Life is good!!!!!   Now if only I could understand what they are saying!!!!!!  Not only the accent but the half hour time difference too…..gotta love this place!!!

Map picture
Map picture

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