Thursday, August 18, 2011


This is my system…

aug18 098

aug18 099

aug18 100

aug18 101

aug18 102

aug18 103

then when i dis connect and put the level back to normal and turn on the water on this happens

aug18 104

Hope this helps explain the problem thanks…


berg photos later tonight!!!


Croft said...

This is just a wild guess out of nowhere... When you filled the tank with the switch in the "normal" position water pressure in the hose might have been enough to damage any anti-reverse flow valve (or similar) in the line.

Croft said...

Les, do a Google search and see if there is a forum specifically for your motorhome. describe your problem there and provide a link to this post. I bet you will get some help.

mexicokid said...

thanks Croft..L

Greg said...

We had the same problem this summer everytime we turned on the pump water poured out of the city water connection. Found it to be a stuck check valve in the city water connection . look up into where water is pouring out and tap the check valve to snap it back into proper position. Hope this helps

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