Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday 10th August 2011…….I am talking Newfie already!!

Cannot believe I slept in till 9.15am this morning!!!!  Jude and Rick and left already for work but the night before they  gave me a key for the house and told me to help myself to anything!!!

So kind….after breakfast I got ready and drove about 30km to Costco where I stocked up on groceries because when I leave here on Friday I shall be in the outback a little so will make sure my freezer is full and a well stocked fridge.

I then went down town St.John's for a while and it is quite a small down town core took a few photos

aug10 002

aug10 006

aug10 003

aug10 009

aug10 008

I then went to

aug10 001

and was just in time for a small military tattoo which you know by now I enjoy..this one was very well performed!!

aug10 013

aug10 016

aug10 019

aug10 023

aug10 025

My only complaint it was cold…but at least dry.

I then went for a hike around the fortifications

aug10 032

aug10 027

aug10 028

Beautiful view of the channel and the harbour entrance!!

aug10 035

aug10 037

I guess i missed!!!!

aug10 038

After I took this photo the fog came in out of no where and this was the result about 2 minutes later!!!

aug10 039

Had a great day!!

Found my way back home and Jude and Rick’s friend Robert came over and cooked supper.  Another first for me…deep fried turkey!!!

Here she goes!!!

august 10 001

august 10 002

One hour later!!!!

august 10 006

Boy did it taste so good!!!!


I call Rick the money man he has a sense of humour like me and he is keeping a tally of everything I use or eat to bill me when I leave he thinks I am leaving on Friday but I will sneak out in the middle of the night to avoid paying!!!

We sat around and talked again and it was just a very pleasant evening…….they are so friendly so kind and I feel so lucky!!!!!

So now I speak English, Zen Spanish and a few words of Newfie!!!!!

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