Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday 11th August 2011…you know how…

I often started my blog especially in the Winter months with..”Woke up to another sunny warm day”….well PAYBACK TIME!!!!

It is dreary, cool, windy, dull and spitting with rain and the long range forecast is much of the same…but it will not spoil my fun or my travels.

Jude and Rick are at work all day and they insisted I make myself at home and I have…..I bought some chicken, pork chops and steak yesterday so this morning I put them all on the BBQ and now in the freezer I have lots of dinners ready.

I did all my laundry and everything is clean and then I went into Ramona and cleaned her from top to bottom everywhere, vacuumed and now when I leave in the morning all will be spotless my tanks and water jugs are filled…it was nice to have a down time day and catch up on domestic duties and so nice to have a lovely home and friends willing to let me do this…RICK if you read this none of the above is true because I know you will charge me lots extra for all the electricity!!! Too funny…when they come home from work some of the family and I are going down town to a Fish and Chip shop and I am going to sample the local fare of Fish and Chips, with dressing and gravy!!!!!

At least I haven’t succumbed yet to the Newfie BEDLUNCH!!!!  A meal before I go to bed!!!

Must get changed and go for a long walk…will write more tonight!!


Kevin and Ruth said...

I look forward to hearing about your introduction to screech!

mexicokid said...

Had the chance tonight but I turned it down call me chicken!!!

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